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Avrohom Gottheil

Founder at #AskTheCEO Media

New York, United States


I help businesses get heard over the noise on social media.

There is so much confusion out there, with everyone peddling their wares, and claiming to be #1.

Whom do you believe?

I started #AskTheCEO to help you cut through the noise by authentically addressing the concerns of your customers. We educate them and build trust, which gets you noticed and accepted, not as a vendor, but as an industry leader! They feel safe and secure doing business with you, over the other players.

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7 Article/Blogs
Hybrid Cloud and IBM Z
Avrohom Gottheil
September 03, 2019
I invited the director of IBM Z to share with me some of the challenges businesses encounter when deploying their mission-critical workloads between off-premises and on-premises hybrid cloud environments. We discuss the resiliency and security on IBM Z, scalability and multicloud trends.

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Tags: Cloud, Customer Experience, Design Thinking

Cognitive IoT
November 29, 2018
What will shape the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2019? Cognitive IoT. On my #AskTheCEO show, I recently interviewed guest Sudha Jamthe, CEO of IoT Disruptions and Professor at Stanford University in Palo Alto. I asked Sudha how she defines Cognitive IoT and her answer was “the strategic combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with IoT.”

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Tags: IoT

Cybersecurity Solutions for Telecom Providers
July 30, 2018
In a recent Cybersecurity briefing for the Telecom Industry, Deloitte published an article ( that discussed three case studies illustrating how and why cybercriminals target Telecom Providers. Deloitte states "Telecom companies are a big target for cyber-attacks because they build, control, and operate critical infrastructure that is widely used to communicate and store large amounts of sensitive data." It's important to note that the specific threats facing Telecom companies are not only referring to the Telecom providers themselves. Instead, they include every organization that provides Telecom services, such as Contact Centers, which include functions such as Customer Support, Sales Hotlines, and Help desks.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

Amazon Prime Day, Self-Driving Cars, and IoT
July 25, 2018
The date was July 16, 2018. Amazon Prime Day, which was touted as a day of epic deals, suffered from an embarrassing technological snafu, where Amazon's website content was replaced by a picture of a cute, white puppy dog, and the message "SORRY, something went wrong on our end." It goes without saying that people were extremely upset.

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Tags: IoT, Marketing

TEX2018 and The Evolution of Telecom
July 15, 2018
If you work in the Telecom Industry, or if your business operates in the Telecom ecosystem, then one event that is a must to attend is Telecom Exchange - TEX2018. This event spans both coasts of the United States, taking place yearly in New York City in June, and in Los Angeles in November. For those unfamiliar with Telecom, it is usually thought of as a legacy industry from a bygone era; a dinosaur of sorts, taking its place alongside mainframes and gramophones, in the annals of history.

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Tags: AI, Cybersecurity, Innovation, IoT

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality
January 21, 2018
Three of the hottest technologies currently on the market are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR). Each one, individually, is worth mentioning. However, putting all three of them together creates a solution of epic proportions, of which one must take note.

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Tags: AI, AR/VR

Smart Cities Around The World
Avrohom Gottheil
October 27, 2017
“Smart” technology is only as good as the value it provides. Let’s look at how a few cities around the world are deploying smart technology in order to bring greater value to their residents and visitors.

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Tags: AI, IoT

2 Media Interviews
EPISODE 013 - Avrohom Gottheil - TalkWithTman
Tony Flath
September 07, 2018
Discussion about Cybersecurity in IoT

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Tags: AI, Cybersecurity, IoT

What keeps #AskTheCEO podcaster, Avrohom Gottheil up at night?
Scott Schober
August 01, 2018
Each week from his Zero Day Studios, cybersecurity expert Scott Schober discusses the most terrifying and apocalyptic cyber scenarios including ransomware, breaches, identity theft, IoT device security and more with fellow experts to find out what keeps us up at night. This week, Avrohom Gottheil weighs in.

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Tags: AI, Cybersecurity, IoT

2 Podcasts
Industrial IoT Cybersecurity with Mirko Ross
Avrohom Gottheil
August 15, 2019
Mirko is Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Worx, a mobile Software Development Company.

He is also the co-founder of, a new venture that provides a secure, open source-based update and patch delivery for the Internet of Things.
Mirko is a well-practiced international speaker and coach on the field of Open Innovation, Internet of Things, IoT Security, and disruptive business modeling.

Contact Mirko:
Twitter: @mirko_ross

Contact Avrohom:
Twitter: @avrohomg
Instagram: @avrohomg

00:30 –Mirko, as we know, you’re a Cybersecurity expert, not a day goes by where we don’t hear about some data breach or ransomware attack. What concerns me greatly about all this, is that with the prevalence of IoT and Industrial IoT, we’re putting all these connected devices all over the place, and some of these devices were not manufactured with security in mind. Tell us about some of the challenges that the industry faces.

02:00 –To drive this message home, some of these IoT devices were hacked to mine Bitcoins, or to form a Botnet to carry out malicious attacks. If these devices are so easy to hack, what can we do about it? We can’t just bring them all back and fix them?

03:00 – California passed a security bill in 2018 banning default passwords in connected devices, removing a major attack vector for connected devices.

04:00 – What’s the big deal if my smart toaster gets hacked?

04:15 – What dangers can a smart toaster pose to FinTech executives?

05:00 – Just because devices are secure today doesn’t mean they are protected against the threats of tomorrow. How do you go about securing devices that are already deployed in the field, and possibly in hard to reach places?

06:20 – You need a good patch management strategy for all connected devices.

06:25 – There should be NO single connected device out there that does not have the ability to be updated.

07:00 – The Law of Economics will drive IoT Security

07:10 – Liabilities will drive Cyber Security of Consumer Devices

08:50 – Implementing an Over The Air Cyber Security Patch Management Strategy will yield more favorable Cyber Security insurance rates.

10:13 – What’s the challenge with patching IoT devices? Why can’t you just connect to them remotely and update them?

10:35 – Many IoT devices reside at the Edge with no direct IP connection, making it challenging to patch them.

11:10 – The large scale of deployed Industrial IoT devices makes it difficult, if not impossible, to apply patches manually.

11:30 – A big challenge with IoT devices is Lifecycle management – After a period of time you can’t get replacement parts for it anymore! To address this issue, you need a support contract with your vendor to maintain the hardware and software for a set period of time.

14:00 – To maintain a secure infrastructure we need to move to a Hardware as a Service model – HaaS.

14:45 – What are some of the risks with allowing people to patch their own Industrial IoT Devices?

18:00 – A patch downloaded from the Internet might actually be Malware in disguise!

18:25 – We need a chain of trust from the publisher of the patch all the way down to the application of the patch onto the device.

19:00 – How did you get started in this?

21:15 – How do people connect with you?

22:05 – Do you have any parting words of wisdom to share with the audience?

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Tags: Cybersecurity, IoT, Supply Chain

The AI in our lives, with Tamara McCleary
Avrohom Gottheil
November 13, 2017
Tamara is an International branding expert, technology futurist, marketing/digital strategy consultant, and Thulium CEO. She is ranked by Klear in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers and listed as one of the Top 50 Social Influencers of 2015, 2016, and 2017 by Onalytica.
She ranks Top 5 in AI, Robotics, & IoT. Top 50 inn Big Data as well as Top 15 Machine to Machine (M2M), Top 50 Blockchain & Top 50 Digital Transformation influencer 2016.
She was named #1 Most Influential Woman in MarTech by B2B Marketing and ranked by LeadTail as the 2nd most mentioned person on Twitter by Chief Marketing Officers. She is also an IBM Futurist & creator of the trademarked RelationShift method.
She is a frequent keynote speaker, and was ranked as the #1 social influencer at numerous recent conferences in 2016 & 2017 including: IBM Amplify, DistribuTECH, Enterprise Connect, Channel Partners, RSA, NAB Show, Gartner Security, and IBM Interconnect.

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Tags: AI, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation

25 Videos
FinTech and Digital Transformation With Xavier Gomez
Avrohom Gottheil
September 12, 2019
Xavier Gomez is founder & COO of INVYO, a SaaS company that uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help financial institutions see tomorrow’s opportunities in Fintech. He is also Co-Editor-in-Chief at Invyo Insights powered by INVYO, a global provider of Fintech insights and analysis. As a banker, Xavier has been sharing his vision of the sector with industry pioneers over the past 18+ years.

He holds a certification from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) specialization Fintech (2016) and is a graduate of HEC Paris in Private Equity (Leadership Executive program in Private Equity in partnership with AFIC – French Association of Investors for Growth) in 2017.

In 2000, he started his career at Credit Suisse (private banking) in Paris as a portfolio management consultant (2000-2004), selling structured products in Zurich, Switzerland (2005-2007), assistant vice president in charge Investment Consulting in Paris (2007 – 2008), Vice President in charge of Investment Consulting (2009 – 2013) in Paris, Director in charge of investment and trading in Paris and Treasurer of Credit Suisse France. From 2016 to 2018, he became Global Senior Portfolio Manager and Asset Allocator at Pictet & Cie.

He is an expert in banking, finance, and economics as well as banking and digital transformation.

He is interested in the digital economy and especially in innovations in the field of finance (Fintech), an area in which he sometimes writes some articles in the specialized media. Moreover, he is a speaker in various global FinTech conferences around the world.

Contact Xavier:
Twitter: @Xbond49

Contact Avrohom:
Twitter: @avrohomg
Instagram: @avrohomg


[01:23] From what you’ve seen, what are some of the challenges FinTechs face when doing a Digital Transformation?

[04:40] Cybersecurity and Trust are extremely important factors in FinTech.

[06:30] What are the opportunities for FinTech in Africa?

[07:00] FinTech firms need to have a good Cybersecurity solution.

[07:20] Can you provide some examples of companies that are doing Digital Transformation correctly? Who’s doing it right?

[07:36] What lessons can we learn from FinTech leaders such as JP Morgan, Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs regarding Digital Transformation?

[11:00] eCommerce providers such as Amazon and Alibaba will disrupt FinTech by commoditizing banking as a service.

[13:00] FinTech incumbents can’t afford to be complacent, as major disruption is taking place by startups.

[15:00] The biggest challenge for FinTech startups is earning Consumer Trust in B2C.

[16:20] I understand that you work with FinTechs. Can you share with us the ways you help them through the Digital Transformation process?

[21:27] How big is the Business Intelligence Market?

[21:27] The Business Intelligence Market will be $340bn by 2023 with an annual growth of 15% beyond that.

[21:57] AI is critical for Business Intelligence because more data isn’t better – you need the RIGHT data!

[23:36] Data is the new oil of the 21st Century, and Analytics is the combustion engine.

[25:00] You don’t need more data. You need the right data!

[25:15] How do people connect with you?

[25:42] Do you have any parting words of wisdom to share with the audience?

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Fintech

How Science Fiction Influences Technology With J. Dianne Dotson
Avrohom Gottheil
August 01, 2019
[00:30] Give us a short synopsis of The Questrison Saga.

[07:13] As you know, #AskTheCEO is a technology show, where we talk about technologies, such as IoT, Cybersecurity, AI, and the tie-in to Science Fiction is that science fiction influences technology. As a Sci-Fi writer, and a research scientist, what technology trends are you seeing, that might have been influenced by Science Fiction?

[07:13] Star Trek influenced technology!

[08:07] The movie Gattaca influenced AI in HealthCare, such as

[08:07] What is the future of healthcare?

[10:15] Sci-Fi influences AI to deliver mental health care.

[12:00] The future of AI is Fairness – it will eliminate bias, such as racial, gender, and color.

[13:48] I’m truly amazed by the constant and rapid innovation in technology, such as AI, The Internet of Things, and 5G. Just imagine, within a few short years (if not sooner), there will be billions of these connected devices connecting our cities, homes, and businesses. We’re literally living in science fiction!

[14:28] What will the future be like?

[14:50] We have replicators!

[16:24] Virtual Reality will help deliver better mental health care by connecting people around the world.

[17:24] Question from Tamara McCleary, CEO Thulium: As a novelist and someone who has a visionary mind, what would the Singularity look like?

[19:25] Question from Tamara McCleary, CEO Thulium: They say real life is stranger than fiction. How does real life fuel your science fiction writing?

[22:30] Question from Jola Burnett, VP GfK Consumer Life: What are some of the sources of inspiration for the Sci-Fi world - and the technology/tools that exist in this universe?

[25:00] We live in a time of powerful technology, but it’s our connection to each other that forms our happiness and well being. The technology is just the icing on the cake.

[25:14] I understand that when you’re not writing spellbinding novels, you’re working with clients on projects, such as writing about technology, the environment, and other interesting topics. What kinds of topics do you love to write about, and how do people connect with you to engage you on a project? Connect with Dianne here:

[28:43] Do you have any parting words of wisdom to share with the audience?

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Tags: AI, Future of Work, Healthtech

The Charter of Trust With Kai Hermsen
Avrohom Gottheil
March 21, 2019
Kai Hermsen is the Global Coordinator for the Charter of Trust with Siemens, where together with his team in the Central Technology department, he is driving the Siemens Cybersecurity Strategy, Initiatives, and Innovation.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, IoT

Hackers and Consumer Trust with Scott Schober
Avrohom Gottheil
February 21, 2019

[00:54] The Japanese cryptocurrency firm Tech Bureau Corp said about $60 million in digital currencies were stolen from its exchange, highlighting the industry’s vulnerability despite recent efforts by authorities to make it more secure. What exactly transpired?

[01:52] Why do Cryptocurrency exchanges keep on getting hacked?

[02:34] How can we, as consumers, protect our cryptocurrency investments?

[05:47] Blocksafe Technologies developed products that can protect your digital wallet.

[08:12] How can the Cryptocurrency industry restore consumer trust?

[11:05] A recent report came out regarding some guy who drove off with a brand new Tesla Model 3, which he stole from Mall of America, by using only his cellphone! I'm not sure which thing to be more concerned about - that he hacked into a car & stole it, or that it was done using a smartphone! What's going on here?

[17:20] We need secure OTA Patching for cars!

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity

Navigating Digital Disruption With Paul Colmer
Avrohom Gottheil
January 24, 2019

[02:46] There is massive disruption taking place in every industry, thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, and so on. As someone who works in, and mentors people on, the forefront of cutting edge technology, what kinds of trends are you seeing regarding Digital Disruption?

[03:15] How do you define Digital Disruption?

[04:20] How do you define Digital Transformation?

[05:14] Prediction: Every industry will be disrupted, including governments!

[06:50] GDPR in EU is a form of disruption.

[07:44] There are forms of GDPR that have been adopted as law all around the world.

[10:52] A Digital Transformation project is not complete without a robust Cybersecurity strategy. What are you seeing out there, with regards to the ways companies employ Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Protection?

[11:02] What are the top 5 Cloud Security Threats?

[11:02] The #1 Cloud Security Threat is a Data Breach.

[13:20] How to get through a data breach.

[13:20] A data breach is inevitable. The key is how you will react when it happens.

[14:09] Another buzz word that people hear over, and over again, is BigData. What is that?

[14:38] A few thousand records is called “Little Data” (up to 100k rows).

[15:07] BigData is about making good business decisions around very large sets of data.

[16:20] Our personal habits are contributing to the huge volumes of data.

[19:42] What is Machine Learning?

[21:01] The Tesla Driverless Car

[22:33] Blockchain: Beyond the hype

[23:28] McKinsey: It will take many years for Blockchain to go into production.

[23:28] The challenge with Blockchain is scalability

[24:05] Will Quantum Computers solve the challenges with Blockchain?

[26:22] Quantum Computers raise Cybersecurity fears

[27:08] Another component to Digital Transformation is migrating to The Cloud. In an article published by ZDNet in November 2018, they wrote about Guinness World Records and stated that Cloud Computing is the key to their digital transformation. What do businesses need to know as they contemplate migrating to The Cloud?

[30:30] Can you tell us about some of the technical courses you teach, and what kinds of businesses would benefit the most from these classes?

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Tags: AI, Cryptocurrency, Digital Disruption

The Importance of Digital Ethics With Bill Mew
Avrohom Gottheil
December 27, 2018

[ 01:48] Can you explain to the lay-person, what is digital ethics all about, and why is it so important?

[01:48] Facebook data breach

[04:04] A decade ago, people expected companies to take action for issues such as, Diversity, Sustainability, and Global Warming. Nowadays, it’s Privacy & Data Security.

[05:20] If there is a perception of a lack of trust, people won’t do business with you.

[07:58] Companies need to have some form of privacy assessment.

[09:03] To protect your brand, companies need to be prepared for a data breach.

[13:00] Companies are potentially liable for the criminal actions of their employees, such as a data breach.

[13:50] Class action lawsuits are starting to emerge in response to companies’ behavior during a data breach.

[14:57] How do you define Digital Ethics?

[15:15] Digital Ethics is defined as having a cultural approach across an organization that is as responsible for data, as anything else of equal value.

[16:40] Will GDPR be coming to the US?

[18:00] Why companies need a Digital Ethics consultant.

[22:20] A small Cloud provider in the UK beat Amazon & Google by differentiating themselves with Data Privacy & Data Sovereignty.

[26:33] France is giving up the Google browser in favor of local Qwant, citing concerns about US Tech domination.

[27:30] Under the Cloud act, any company that operates in the US is subject to seizure by the US Government.

[30:00] Every kind of business, from every industry, is impacted by Digital Ethics.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Disruption, Privacy

Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity with Tony Flath
Avrohom Gottheil
November 29, 2018

[01:28] There is a term that you hear a lot when speaking about education called STEM. As a supporter of young people, what is STEM and why is it important?

[02:42] One of the challenges we hear about all the time is that there aren't enough qualified candidates for high tech jobs, such as in the field of Cybersecurity. What's your opinion on what should be done to address this challenge?

[05:21] Rob May, Human Firewall - All users need to be trained, as they are all considered perpetrators and vulnerabilities, with regards to Cybersecurity.

[09:00] Hacks and data breaches are happening at an alarming rate. According to Statista, as of mid-2018, there were 668 data breaches, exposing 22.41 million records of data! How can we leverage emerging technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud in order to bolster our data security?

[09:45] Traditional Cybersecurity is about perimeter and endpoint control. We need next-generation tools that have application visibility.

[11:40] SIM - Security Information Module - provides event monitoring.

[20:17] Cybersecurity - it's a war of machines!

[23:00] Blockchain & AI will help us better identify and control threats and security.

[23:29] It seems like everyone is into Digital Transformation these days. What do CIOs need to know in order to implement a successful digital transformation project?

[25:54] Cloud or on Prem?

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Tags: AI, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

AI and Blockchain for Healthcare Provider Credentialing
Avrohom Gottheil
October 04, 2018
[01:19] Your company, Professional Credentials Exchange, has come up with an innovative idea on leveraging Blockchain for Healthcare. Can you tell us about it?

[01:19] Healthcare provider credentialing is a 4-6 month process.

[06:10] How will you incentivize practitioners and insurance companies to join the collective on the Blockchain?

[06:37] Every day that a hospital practitioner doesn't bill, the hospital forfeits $7,500. That's $150k / month, and $900k / 6 months!

[09:38] Credentialing is a perpetual process.

[13:33] What are the major components of the exchange infrastructure? Why use Blockchain?

[17:53] According to an article posted by Forbes, we have an epidemic of health data breaches across the country, and 40% of those breaches come from people who already have access to health records in some form or another -- what we call insiders. How do you address the governance of the data inside the Blockchain?

[23:46] How does something like this scale effectively in such a large market?

[26:31] What, in your opinion, are the keys to building a successful application leveraging blockchain technology?

[27:49] Why can't you store large amounts of data on a blockchain?

[27:49] Blockchain is not a database. It's a distributed transactional ledger.

Questions from the Audience:

[29:10] Ken Herron - CMO Intelligent IoT Messaging Company, Unified Inbox, Orlando, FL - Hi Anthony! If you were to ask three smart people what Blockchain is, you'd likely get three (if not more) different answers. As patients are one of healthcare's key stakeholders, how do you suggest Blockchain, how it is being used, and why, be explained (preferably proactively) to patients?

[31:37] Bennet Bayer - Former Global CMO @ Huawei and long-time Microsoft distributor and channel champion, Seattle, WA- How do you separate Blockchain from the cryptocurrency discussion?

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Healthtech

AI and Blockchain in Online Retail and Fashion with Nova Lorraine
Avrohom Gottheil
September 27, 2018
[01:32] Tell me a little bit about Raine Magazine and the work that you do?
[04:25] What are some of the challenges facing the Fashion Industry, which is being solved by high tech?
[08:23] How can technology assist people with shopping for clothes online?
[08:23] Augmented Reality can help people try on clothes virtually.
[09:14] Digital Mirrors will allow consumers to try on clothing in real time, via the use of Augmented Reality.
[09:14] Digital Mirrors and AR brings the fashion show experience to the online world.
[09:41] AR enables virtual concierge service for online retail.
[10:34] Design your own shoes with augmented reality!
[11:25] A frequent topic on this show, AI is front and center in every single industry. What AI applications are you seeing in Fashion?
[12:08] BigData is processed into small bytes if enriched information, which enables online retailers to create a personalized profile for each individual user.
[13:49] How will AI answer the age-old question, "Does this dress make me look fat?"
[16:24] Why, sometimes, good technology isn't adopted by the masses.
[16:57] What kinds of vulnerabilities are you seeing in Fashion, with regards to Cybersecurity?
[19:06] What kinds of Blockchain applications are you seeing in Fashion?
[21:22] What's next for Fashion?

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Retail

Digital Transformation, AI, and Cybersecurity With Kai Grunwitz
Avrohom Gottheil
September 24, 2018
[01:30] AI is seen quite often as an important component for a cyber-security strategy. What is your opinion on AI in Cyber?
[03:31] We're finding more and more, nowadays, that there is a battle between good & evil with AI.
[03:30] With AI, it's machines fighting machines!
[06:05] Cybercriminals are not only as sophisticated as we are, they are professionals.
[06:27] Cybercriminals are building new technologies that other cybercriminals can use as well.
[06:27] Cybercriminals are not just attacking your company, they're also selling the technology to other companies! Cybercrime as a service!
[06:48] Whatever technology we have, cybercriminals have as well.
[08:15] I noticed, in my research, that at your company, NTT Security, you're using a framework to secure digital transformation. What kind of framework you are using? Can you tell me about it?
[11:10] You need to protect your data, because hackers are trying to steal your data.
[14:00] Cybersecurity solutions can't be one size fits all.
[15:10] Digital transformation is a hot topic. Why do we still see a lot of transformation projects focusing on functions without involving Cyber Security early on? Is it still the case?
[15:41] Digital transformation is not optional, nowadays. It's a do or die question.
[16:00] According to IMD in Switzerland (, 4 out of 10 companies, currently leading in their sector, will disappear in the next 5 years!
[17:50] Security by design approach - Cybersecurity must be a part of the development of new products, as trust is needed to win buy-in of consumers.
[20:27] Companies are ready to pay ransom, but they're reluctant to increase Security budgets. What is the challenge for digital transformation in this context?
[24:07] In the future, hacks and ransomware will become much more targeted, targeting critical infrastructure, such as airports, power plants, etc.
[25:06] Companies today are not well prepared for data loss.
[26:26] We talk a lot about AI and how it is changing society, business and work. In cyber security AI is one of the hottest topics, while at the same time, we also talk about skill shortages. Do you think in 10 years from now we will have hordes of security experts without jobs? What will be the role of AI in Cybersecurity?
[27:25] AI will not take away jobs. AI will change the types of jobs available.
[29:09] We need our education system to prepare our children for the workplace of the future.
[31:10] With the discussion around smart cities, a lot of IoT, Data, and Energy discussions have started. What do we need to do, to prepare ourselves, to truly leverage the advantages of living in a digital society?
[32:10] The focus of a Smart City should be to improve the lives of its residents.
[34:32] Is a Managed Services Provider a solution for all the CyberSecurity challenges?
[36:55] Johannas Drooghaag - CEO Spearhead Management, Germany: What is your advice and best practice experience to engage employees in proactive cyber resilience?
[38:33] Johannas Drooghaag - CEO Spearhead Management, Germany: Do you believe that a cyber security insurance is important for SME's?
[40:25] Johannas Drooghaag - CEO Spearhead Management, Germany: Appsec or infosec?

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Tags: AI, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

Cloud Computing and Data Security With Kevin Jackson
Avrohom Gottheil
September 20, 2018

[01:23] Tell us a little bit about yourself and the work that you do.
[02:04] Cloud Computing enables new business models that attract global revenue streams.
[02:55] Thanks to The Cloud, you no longer need capital to build infrastructure for a business, because businesses are information based.
[03:28] What are some of the challenges businesses face with regards to data security, when migrating to the Cloud?
[03:28] The biggest challenges when migrating to The Cloud is managing the deluge of data.
[03:45] The typical information worker will create 1MB of data/sec.
[04:35] How is the classification of data managed at such a large scale?
[05:03] Nowadays, the creation of data has exploded!
[05:15] Due to the large volume of data, organizations can no longer afford to store all the data they use in everyday business.
[07:30] According to a report published by AT&T, 25% of companies planned to spend their Cybersecurity budgets on Cybersecurity insurance, which means they're "covered" financially in the event of a breach. As a consumer, that does not give me a comfort feeling that my data is protected. What do you think is the solution to this?
[08:00] Financial risk is only one of the issues associated with data breaches. Reputational risk and business ecosystem risk can be much more damaging.
[10:11]We hear about data breaches happening all the time. Once a business moves their data to the Cloud, if a breach occurs, who is responsible? The company, the Cloud vendor, or both? Are there any special considerations for GDPR?
[10:11] Data Protection is always the responsibility of the entity that collects the data (the data controller).
[11:42] Wonder upon wonder! The Russian Federation has a law that all personal data of Russian citizens are to remain within the physical boundaries of Russia.
[12:28] The executive of Putin shut down LinkedIn across all of Russia!
[13:00] There is no national general data protection law in the United States.
[13:30] The difference in data collection between US and EU, is that in the US it's opt in, VS opt out for EU.
[15:29] What's next for data security?
[15:45] In EU, Data Protection is a basic Human Right.
[15:56] in EU you have the right to be forgotten.
[18:25] Change is constant and accelerating.

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Tags: Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Disruption

AI, Chatbots, and Customer Experience With Ken Herron
Avrohom Gottheil
September 17, 2018
[01:27] Before we jump into some exciting news about your company's accomplishments with AI, can you just give our audience a quick overview on what Intelligent IoT Messaging is?

[03:40] AI learns over time.
[04:10] What kinds of businesses would be a good fit for Intelligent IoT Messaging?
[05:36] An app is a fixed interface. What you see is what you get.
[05:36] With an app, you have to change consumer behavior when making an update.
[07:47] An app i great for multiple choice questions.
[09:40] Your company, UIB, recently announced a major accomplishment called Ask William. Can you tell me about it?
[10:15] Giving art a voice.
[11:30] Take a photo and get a response.
[12:00] UIB's Ask William is a virtual tour guide.
[13:38] The AI industry is headed towards personalization and personality - the customization of experience.
[15:50] AI makes every business global!
[18:39] How did Ask William get its name?
[20:07] I imagine that Ask William is becoming somewhat of a celebrity in Singapore, sort of like Siri. Are there any "hidden" features like jokes or witty lines that people can trigger?
[22:00] What's next for Ask William?
[23:10] What next for UIB?

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Information Security, AI, and Blockchain With Will LaSalle
Avrohom Gottheil
September 13, 2018
[01:25] AT&T recently published a Cybersecurity report stating that "The C-suite still has a significant lack of understanding of cybersecurity basics—the hygiene and the threats, the bad actors. And it's after the fact, after they've been breached, that the board actually does something about it—and that's true in even some of the largest companies." Furthermore, they go on to state that 25% of companies plan to spend their cybersecurity budgets on Insurance! Where is this disconnect coming from?

[04:15] Equifax Breach
[07:15] Elon Musk says he's going off of Facebook because we can't trust them.
[14:35] Tell us a little bit about JLS Technology USA & what kinds of solutions do you provide to the marketplace?
[14:35] Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Governance, Compliance.
[18:40] Telecos & Contact Centers are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks, due to the wealth of personal information in their databases. How can they protect themseves from the daily barrage of cyberattacks, such as phishing, ransomware, and other social engineering based attacks?
[22:30] How is Blockchain being leveraged for data security?
[22:30] IAM Platform & Background check verification in Blockchain.
[22:30] Combat Healthcare Fraud by Verifying the person in the Blockchain.
[25:49] What kind of AI tools are being introduced for Cybersecurity?
[25:49] AI is needed because there aren't enough people to fill Cybersecurity jobs!
[31:29] What's going to be the next disruptor in data security?
[32:30] When calling into a contact center, you can't tell anymore if you're speaking to a human or a chatbot!

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity, AI, and Industry 4.0 With Johannes Drooghaag
Avrohom Gottheil
September 03, 2018
[01:23] As an accomplished Cybersecurity industry expert, what keeps you up at night?
[01:23] What keeps Johannes Drooghaag up at night is people using technology (i.e. connected kids' toys) without being aware of the associated risks.
[01:23] Industrial automation was built last century without security considerations.
[05:36] Trump's Soccer ball
[07:22] How will GDPR play a role in how smart device data is collected?
[11:30] Wherever we go we leave electronic fingerprints.
[14:13] What are some practical ways that people can protect themselves from cybercriminals?
[22:59] What types of innovation are you seeing in Industry 40?
[22:59] Industry 40 is about creating flexible industries.
[22:59] How Industry 40 enables efficient manufacturing of cars.
[25:30] What are some of the innovate ways AI is being applied to HealthCare?
[25:30] AI is helping physicians better diagnose and treat patients.
[31:48] What are some practical applications for Blockchain?
[31:48] Blockchain is minimizing waste for automotive recalls by enabling us to select only the vehicles that have the actual defect.
[38:37] Quantum Computers and their impact on Cybersecurity.
[42:50] Siemens Charter of Trust - we're obligated to provide updates and patches during a product's lifetime. This will become the gold standard.
[44:55] We, as consumers, must educate ourselves on our security options.
[45:50] What's next for Industry 4.0? More Transparency. Cleanup of older industries that pollute the environment.
[45:50] Can we retrofit older devices or replace them?
[45:50] AI will be bigger than BigData because it gives us capabilities to make complex decisions in realtime.
[45:50] Blockchain adds a fingerprint of everything we do online.
[47:45] Fight child slavery with Blockchain.

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Digital Health, Health Tech, and AI With Irma Rastegayeva
Avrohom Gottheil
August 23, 2018
[10:00] 5G Technology enables billions of sensors.
[10:00] IoMT - Internet of Medical Things - Connected Health
[10:00] What are Future Trends in HealthCare?
[14:10] Where is TeleHealth being Adopted?
[16:55] What are the challenges when it comes to Digital Health?
[21:58] Will AI take away jobs in healthcare?
[24:37] What are your thoughts on nanotechnology?
[31:22] What will be the next disruptor in Healthcare?
[33:42] How has technology changed dentistry?
[35:42] Where do Entrepreneurs go wrong?

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Tags: AI, Digital Disruption, Healthtech

IoT, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain With Mirko Ross
Avrohom Gottheil
August 20, 2018

[02:10] I've seen statistics, where researchers estimate that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. We've all heard about recent hacks, such as connected printers mining bitcoins, or gas pumps dispensing unlimited gasoline. As connected devices become more prevalent and numerous in our homes and businesses, how can we ensure that they stay up to date, in terms of security?

[17:52] Blockchain has been touted as the digital Fort Knox, impervious to hacks, and virtually unalterable. But is that really true?

[20:50] Over The Air patching of IoT devices may be an attack in

[23:27] Many companies are just now understanding the impact that “doing IoT” will have on their businesses (it’s called “business transformation” for a reason!). For companies who feel like they’re a "little behind" in getting started, what is your advice to help them to get the most out of their IoT investments?

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Tags: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, IoT

Cybersecurity Briefing for Senior Executives With Kayne McGladrey
Avrohom Gottheil
August 16, 2018
[01:23] What are the most pressing Cyber threats to businesses?

[03:30] Why is diversity, and hiring more women, so important for Cybersecurity?

[07:54] Why do cybercriminals go after our data?

[24:11] With cybercriminals spoofing GPS signals, how concerned should we be about them redirecting self-driving cars?

[25:21] What's next in Cybersecurity and Cybercrime?

[31:40] Where do Entrepreneurs go wrong?

[37:19] Social Media today is essential in business. Is there any danger in being "too social" on social media, and sharing too much private information, that cyber thieves might use against us?

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity, Encryption, and Blockchain With Ken Morris
Avrohom Gottheil
August 13, 2018
[01:32] Given your experience in Cybersecurity, what keeps senior executives up at night?
[02:53] How do you resolve the question of securing medical devices?

[14:05] What role will Blockchain play in Cybersecurity in the coming years?

[16:55] What is the root cause of data breaches in corporations?

[24:17] Where do Entrepreneurs go wrong?

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Tags: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity Strategies for Corporations With Arthur Price
Avrohom Gottheil
August 06, 2018
[3:29] It's troubling that there isn't enough expertise out there right now.

[5:00] Why are there not enough women in cybersecurity, and how to get women and young people into cyber careers?

[7:00] What is the problem with Corporate Strategy for Cybersecurity? We don't look at Cybersecurity from a holistic perspective.

[8:00] Can CISOs sell security to CEOs?

[8:15] What is the root cause of data breaches in corporations?

[8:50] How to fund cybersecurity in corporations?

[11:00] How does a board of directors invest in IT?

[11:30] How do you advise a board of directors on how important Cybersecurity is, and why it is critical to businesses?

[11:30] How do you prepare the board of directors to make business decisions in case of a data breach?

[16:00] Blockchain & IAM will change the way we look at data protection.

[16:50] What keeps Arthur motivated?

[18:53] Where do Entrepreneurs go wrong?

[25:09] What role will Blockchain play in Cyber in the next 5 years?

[29:00] IT & Cyber are business decisions.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

Hackers, Botnets, and Cybersecurity with Scott Schober
Avrohom Gottheil
August 02, 2018
Mr. Scott N. Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a 45 year-old New Jersey-based privately held company and leading provider of advanced, world-class wireless test and security solutions. Since the beginning of Mr. Schober’s BVS tenure in 1989, the company’s product line of wireless test and security instruments has increased to over 100 products with a core focus on Wi-Fi, Cellular, WiMAX, LTE, IoT and advanced radio devices. As an experienced software engineer, Schober has developed cellular test instruments used for measuring, optimizing and plotting signal coverage, primarily for the initial cellular build-out throughout the United States. Scott’s recent focus has been development (patent pending) of BVS’ cell phone detection tools, used to enforce a ‘no cell phone policy’ in various markets including government, corporate, military, educational, correctional and law enforcement. Thousands of these security tools have been deployed throughout every state in the U.S. and around the world.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology

Cognitive IoT With Sudha Jamthe
Avrohom Gottheil
August 01, 2018
[01:25] What is Cognitive IoT? IoT + AI.
[05:22] Cognitive IoT applications in Smart Cities.
[06:00] Facial recognition will become our ID.
[07:22] Medical applications for Cognitive IoT.
[11:03] Cognitive IoT focus is to save lives. Example: Stop treadmill based on multiple data sources which indicate the person is having heart problems.
[16:48] Topics covered in Sudha's course.
[21:38] Intelligent toasters & refrigerators!
[22:38] Pivoting your career to IoT & student success stories.
[29:21] Discussion on some of the guest speakers.
[30:00] Connected doorbells.
[32:20] Blockchain for supply chain - smart refrigerator.

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Tags: AI, Digital Disruption, IoT

Data Security with Elizabeth Zalman
Avrohom Gottheil
September 24, 2017
Elizabeth Zalman is the Co-founder & CEO of strongDM, the definitive data security product. Previously she was Co-Founder and CEO of the cross-device profile company Media Armor. After its acquisition, she served as VP of Analytics at the acquirer, Nomi. Prior to Media Armor, she led the client analytics and media optimization team at Dotomi (now Conversant), generating an annual $500M in incremental revenue for 50 of the IR Top 100. With over 15 years' experience leading data-driven organizations, she is an expert in analytics, data privacy, and security.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity & Hacking with Scott Schober
Avrohom Gottheil
July 04, 2017

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation

Soft Skills are Key in Cyber and Technology Careers! With Deidre Diamond
Avrohom Gottheil
June 06, 2017
At only 26 years old Deidre Diamond was the Vice President of Sales for the national technical staffing agency Motion Recruitment, in charge of leading the hiring, training and development of hundreds of technical recruiters from an entry-level college graduate hiring model.

Diamond took this almost 15 years of technical staffing experience to Rapid7 (NYSE:RPD) as their first Vice President of Sales. Diamond’s leadership resulted in Rapid7’s new sales revenue increasing from $800,000 to $20M in under four years—consequently creating $45M in new revenue generation. Diamond then became the CEO of Percussion Software, where she led the new content marketing software releases and learned the operations and execution of digital marketing, content marketing and web development.

Diamond is now the Founder and CEO of national cyber security staffing company CyberSN and the not-for-profit organization #brainbabe ( Because Diamond herself was hired as an entry-level college graduate and trained to lead technology service and cybersecurity organizations, she believes the tech community needs to expand its awareness of what it means “to be in tech” and “to be in cybersecurity.” In 2016, Deidre joined ICMCP as a Strategic Board member, working to include more diversity hires in the cyber security community.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Future of Work, HR

Intelligent IoT Messaging With Ken Herron
Avrohom Gottheil
April 28, 2016
Ken is a top influencer on IoT and 4th most followed CMO on Twitter. He is the Chief Marketing Officer for Singapore based intelligent IoT Messaging Company, Unified Inbox. He's also a popular author and frequent speaker on Leveraging technology for marketing.

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Tags: AI, Customer Experience, IoT

1 Whitepaper
Industrial IoT Cybersecurity
Avrohom Gottheil
August 14, 2019
The large scale of deployed #IndustrialIoT devices makes it difficult, if not impossible, to apply patches manually.

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Digital Disruption, IoT



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