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Thinkers360 - Jax S.
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Jax S.

Washington, D.C, United States

As a tenured Special Operations Warrant Officer, tech blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur, and senior analyst in global intelligence, Jaclyn “Jax” Scott has sought to expand her skills within cybersecurity. Jax has held positions on boards of nonprofits providing tactical advice to reduce injury to women and children affected by sex trafficking and held executive leadership roles providing cybersecurity guidance to foreign leaders. She is an expert in military cyber policy and has led global development operations in cyber countermeasures to mitigate near-peer attacks.

Jax has over 17 years’ experience working in military operations where she worked on a special unit that offered gender-specific intelligence and security solutions. She is committed to her growth as a leader and is currently co-authoring a cybersecurity book and finishing her Master’s in Cybersecurity Risk Management at Georgetown University.

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2 Podcasts
Breaking Barriers And Paving The Way For Other Women In Tech | A Conversation With Delia Drumm | 2 Cyber Chicks Podcast With Erika McDuffie And Jax Scott
ITSP Magazine
September 01, 2022
We chat through the benefits of working “on call”, community involvement, masters programs, and how you can pave your own way. Delia shares some tips on landing your first internship, securing a full-time position after your internship, and seeking out mentorship.

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Tags: Cybersecurity

2 Cyber Chicks
ITSP Magazine
February 01, 2022
2 Cyber Chicks Podcast With Erika McDuffie And Jax Scott is an inclusive cybersecurity podcast designed to educate and break the stereotypes of cybersecurity professionals. We will be discussing the “tough” topics that come along with being a woman in this field while providing life hacks on how to handle burnout, networking, and goal-setting. Our mission is to cast a net to an inclusive audience and provide a safe place for discussion. Guests will include leading professionals in the field, providing real-life insight and demystifyingsome of the assumptions of the cyber world. We understand that cybersecurity is a journey and there are other aspects to entering into this field and pivoting once in the field. We want to cover it all! Our primary focus will be students, transitioning professionals, or cyber security professionals that are eager to level up in their career, however, the content we put out is great for anyone eager to learn more about the cybersecurity industry.

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Tags: Cybersecurity



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Jax S.