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Aaron Hendon

Vashon, Washington, United States

You're always paying someone's mortgage - it might as well be yours. If you, or anyone you know, is looking at making the leap into home ownership, but they can't see a path for themselves, call me.

I believe people have the right to expect that the purchase and/or sale of the single most expensive, emotionally impactful, and legally complex possession of their life be handled by someone who not only operates as a fiduciary but as a guide, someone committed to their education and to their financial success.

To this end, I practice Slow Real Estate. In a world that constantly pushes for quicker transactions, more face to screen time, less personalized interactions, I believe a purchase/sale of this magnitude deserves the opposite. More preparation. More face to face interactions. Custom solutions to fit your exact situation and needs - things you will never get from an app or website.

My public speaking, teaching, and trainings are all designed to shine a light on what would otherwise remain hidden from view. When left hidden I've seen these blind spots and shortcuts all conspire to cost people time, money and peace of mind.

I put everything I know about how and why we're able to sell homes for 5% more than average Seattle real estate agents into my Amazon #1 best selling book, Shortchanged by Shortcuts? 44 Surprising Ways People Rip Themselves Off When Buying or Selling Their Home.

A quick Google search shows there's a ton of information out there for people looking to invest in real estate but virtually nothing to educate the average consumer on the best ways to buy or sell their own home. That's insane!

Most people buy or sell their home once every 7-10 years. For there to be no thoughtful education on how to do this, for people to walk around like they are either supposed to know how to do this or already know how to do this, is totally unworkable.

To learn more message me here or on my cell: 206-280-3312

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Sell Your Home Like a Boss: Secrets of a Five Star Managing Broker
Independently published
February 03, 2022
We all know that selling your home involves more than just finding a buyer and negotiating the price. But when it comes to actually doing it, most people are unprepared for what lies ahead. And that's where this book comes in.

Selling your home is the most expensive, most complex, least performed transaction of one's life. Why does anyone expect to handle it rationally? This book will not only guide you through the predictable pitfalls, that regularly rob people of time, money, and peace of mind, but will give you the step-by-step actions my team and I use every day to sell houses for the most money in the least time.

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Aaron Hendon