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Mohammad Anwer

Information Technology Project and Program Manager at Accenture

Bangaluru, India

Mohammad Anwer has 17 years of experience (4 years in North America, Europe, ASIA-Pacific and 13 years in various IT Cities in India) in diverse domains which helping him to drive, manage, build products, platforms, applications, conceptualizing and delivering various enterprise level software engineering solutions. Versatile technology experience helping him to create organizational capabilities, processes, technologies, accelerate transformations, Agile & DevOps adoptions to help organizations accomplish their strategic vision and objectives. Anwer is visionary leader focused on developing high performance teams and fostering culture of excellence.

He has successfully delivered multi-million dollar projects/programs from various global locations, and, he is experienced Leader, lead various engagements across domains including Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), E-commerce, Retail, Telecom, Government, Educational and Media Entertainment industries.

Specialties & Skills:
Agile and DevOps Adoptions and Coaching
Cloud Migrations, Cloud Modernization, Cloud DevOps adoptions
Project management, Program/projects Delivery,
Governance, Mobilization, Process engineering,
Technology Architecture, Application Architecture, Cloud DevOps Architecture
IT Service Management (Strategy, Design, Operations, Transition, Continuous Improvement)
Modern Engineering practices in Agile, Lean, Scaled Agile, Spotify, and, Agile Health Facilitation,
Applications modernization and Migrations
Digital Transformation, DevSecOps, SRE enablement
Solutioning, Planning, Estimations, Staffing

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Technology
Theatre: Global India

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Change Management 30.88
Cloud 33.08
DevOps 61.94
Business Strategy 30.12
Emerging Technology 31.04
Digital Disruption
Innovation 30.13
Leadership 30.08
Coaching 30.64

Industry Experience


1 Article/Blog
Information Technology Future Trends
Information Technology Future Trends
July 18, 2022
Leading people through a Digital transformation, Cloud, DevOps evolution requires new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership in order to be successful.
IT Future Trends

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Tags: Cloud, DevOps, Emerging Technology

2 Instructors
DevOps Institute Platform DevOps Leader program
Mohammad Anwer
June 13, 2022
Leading people through a DevOps evolution requires new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership in order to be successful.

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Tags: Cloud, DevOps, Emerging Technology

DevOps Foundations
DevOps Foundations
March 15, 2022
Understand the principles and practices of infrastructure automation and infrastructure as code. Recognize and explain the core roles and responsibilities of a DevOps practice.

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Tags: Change Management, Cloud, DevOps

1 Media Interview
Executive Coaching Formulating transformational Strategy
Mohammad Anwer
August 22, 2022
you will hear Coaching executives for formulating transformational strategy insights that you can bring in your professional and personal life. How you will leverage "Formulating transformation strategy coaching framework" and enable in your organization or individual practice. More insights on Global coaching executive mindsets, and coaching in practice accelerate strategic transformation...
1. Formulating transformation strategy coaching framework
2. Shift from coaching executives to building coaching culture
3. Coaching executives is everywhere
4. Coaching in practice
5. Coaching executives for formulating transformational strategy summary

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, Coaching

1 Miscellaneous
Information Technology Future Trends 2022 - 2025
Mohammad Anwer
July 25, 2022
Sharing my point of view on global technology trends are changing, and organization are embrace adoptions of Cloud, DevOps new ways of working, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and many more. 0:00 Technology future trends Introduction 0:25 Emerging and Leading Cloud transformation – Modernization, Migrations, Upskilling 1:05 Global Standardization – Processes, Personalization 1:29 DevOps and Automation 1:45 Design Thinking, User Experience 2:04 IOT, AR, ML, Metaverse, Intelligence system 2:20 Blockchain 2:47 Web 3.0, 5G

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Emerging Technology, Innovation

1 Training
DevOps Leader
DevOps Leader
January 03, 2022
DevOps Leader for Accenture Participants 3 days program delivered.

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Tags: Change Management, Cloud, DevOps

1 Whitepaper
Enabling Business Agility with Cloud DevOps
Enabling Business Agility with Cloud DevOps
May 06, 2022
ost of the enterprises business are working in traditional approach and legacy system, in the current era every growing business enabling agility, however, responding to rapid market change requires you change so much more than just your way of working. Short or long run businesses with cloud DevOps will help your organization to achieve all six enablers required for success - 1. Ways of leading, 2. Organization culture, 3. Organization structure, 4. Organizational engagement, 5. Organizational governance, and 6. Ways of working together...

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Tags: Business Strategy, Cloud, DevOps

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