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Nitin Uchil

Founder & CEO at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems

CHICAGO, United States

Nitin is a Strategic Thinker, Product Engineer, Enterprise Architect, Technical Evangelist and Digital Transformer with 20+ years of experience in advanced technologies (aerospace & defense),
product lifecycle management and knowledge-based engineering (automotive),
business process redesign (manufacturing, telecom, compliance),
ecommerce, analytics, data mining, front-end experience-driven design and digital architecture (retail, CPG, high-tech electronics, finance, insurance, food, media & entertainment and hospitality).
More recently he has been creating a framework to enable the articulation of Big Data and Analytics using a themed, pragmatic and structured methodology.

Currently as founder, CEO and Technical Evangelist at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems, he is involved in theming the meld between the Physical and the Digital Realms and formulating the architecture for Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0 and creating smart and connected products and services.

Nitin has founded several successful companies, in past lives worked as a Principal Director in a large Consulting Company and in the Aerospace and Automotive domains. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi.


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42 Article/Blogs
A case for Actionable Intelligence
October 01, 2022
Tesla’s FSD has just been released to a larger population and we need to understand the implications of such AI driven constructs to ascertain its consequences

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Tags: AI, Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles

What Kind of World do you want?
Nitin Uchil's Blog
September 30, 2022
As a prelude to building a development ecosystem at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO) to enable composition of the dynamic needs for the future of digital, innovation, process automation for Industry 4.0/5.0 and the Metaverse, here is a view to presenting it in a consumable framework that asks "What Kind of World do you want?"

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Tags: Innovation, Digital Twins, Metaverse

How to build the Metaverse using NVIdia's Omniverse platform
September 28, 2022
This article summaries the components needed to build the elements for dynamic digital environments.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, Metaverse

Cybersecurity in automobiles
September 28, 2022
A summary on a read of an article on cars and cybersecurity concerns

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Emerging Technology, Autonomous Vehicles

We are Hiring
September 28, 2022
A summary of what we are looking for as we progress as a company that plans to build the next generation platform, products and services.

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Tags: Emerging Technology, HR, Future of Work

Making AI Work
September 20, 2022
Expanding on NVidia's theme (I am AI), we at Numorpho Cybernetics plan to create a robust ecosystem to manage Metaverse compositions using Web 3 and what we call actionable intelligence - a multi-modal orchestration of inference engine outcomes.

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Tags: AI, Innovation, Metaverse

NVidia's Omniverse Platform
September 19, 2022
The Omniverse Platform enables composing 3D workflows and helps combining synthetic artifacts with IoT and the Digital Twine. Here is an article that show how we plan to use it as a composing layer at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems

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Tags: AI, IoT, Metaverse

Make No Little Plans, Think Big
September 16, 2022
Storytelling is key to the process of innovation. We at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems have devised a themed process to step thru the Imagine-Design-Create process of solutioning to manage all artifacts in the process.

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Emerging Technology, Innovation

Understanding transaction systems in the ancient world
September 05, 2022
Quipus were used by the ancient Incans to manage the +s and -s to balance transactions. Here is a preview of how we plan to use it to visually depict digital treads and their consequence digital twins to enable to future of process automation

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Digital Twins

Biomimicry to AI
Linked In
September 04, 2022
Here is one of our proposals for the future of AI. Using Allometric scaling principles to evolve intelligence in future constructs of cybernetic creations.

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Digital Twins

Innovation and the future of Product development
August 19, 2022
Adding to Andrew Sparrow’s view on PLM 4.0, we reiterate the needs for themed process for innovation and new product development

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Tags: Innovation, Ecosystems, Project Management

How Matters - The Basis for Adaptive Engineering
July 26, 2022
In this latest article (#30) in our Everything Connected Book of Business at Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), we step through the elements of circumstances (the Why, Who, What, Where, When and How) to define a new concept called Adaptive Engineering, an iterative process of analysis and synthesis in concurrence with design for robustness and manufacturability where we posit that How Matters!

Expanding on Systems Engineering and including ideation and Axiomatic Design principles, we break engineering into the domains of Customer, Functional, Physical and Process and use matrix methods to systematically analyze the transformation of customer needs into functional requirements, design parameters, and process variables.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Ecosystems

Digital Twine Demystified
May 06, 2022
An enterprise is an aggregation of people, processes and platforms that come together to provide for the basis for the company.

Knitting the cybernetic fabric entails creating an end-to-end ecosystem of coordinating processes to facilitate the product pipeline. Part of the interaction takes place through physical production (the operational domain), and the other part of it is in the digital world (the information processing domain) wherein data and information related to the operational activities need to be stored, secured, represented, and utilized. It is this mélange between OT and IT that needs to be correctly ascertained for optimization and harmonization of processes, and to enable the creation of truly disruptive products and services.

Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO)'s Digital Twine is a new way of managing the product’s genesis. It is a strategy of thinking about and treating the end-to-end production process as a singular entity - an ecosystem of cooperating, self-organizing entities that are secure and make the systems work in coordination. It is an endeavor to design a platform for the ecosystem of production, linking people, organizations, data, processes, and machines in the new paradigm utilizing cloud provisionings in the same way the Internet was a new way of thinking about the exchange of information.

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Ecosystems, Digital Twins

Digital Transformation: The Present
March 12, 2022
The success story of Amazon to create a singular market for all types of products is a testament to how digital has forever changed the way commerce would be conducted. To syndicate, compete and/or contrast with Amazon, businesses had to redefine the paradigm of being online and this brought about a host of new capabilities to the digital domain that will be detailed out in this article with specific case studies to enumerate these features.

Digital is a judicious mélange of Art and Technology, and the right blend is needed from both fields to define, design, build, govern and implement the metamorphosis that enterprises undergo in their progression. Digital Transformation is not just about technology – it is the coordinated aggregation of people, process and platform interacting to provide a cohesive whole, wherein strategy, planning, governance, change management, agile delivery and operations needed to be synchronized.

How Digital Architecture became a predominant force in this juncture will also be explained. The needs of Context, Capability Assessment, Gap Analysis, a Reference Architecture and a Solution Blueprint will be detailed for the progression of the Enterprise Architect to become a Technical Evangelist of sorts. This entailed planning with the Strategists, orchestrating the middleware interconnects (plumbing) and articulating with the Creative Designers to assemble together a User Experience that would be seamless and frictionless whether in a B2B, B2C or its variants like B2B2C, or even more involved Omni-channel and multi-channel experiences that were desired by the Customer. Integration morphed into more decoupled services with APIs and Microservices to provide real time and value added constructs to transactions.

Customer Centricity became the focus in this phase note only with Rich Customer Experiences being the goal for vendors like Adobe and Sitecore but also a whole new breed of companies formed to do what is termed as Customer Data Platform (CDP) to store master customer data, their interactions and derive actionable insights from aggregated “Big Data” using AI and ML.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Business Strategy, Business Continuity

Balanced Supplychain
February 25, 2022
Supply chain management is a balancing act that aims to achieve the best combination of elements to support the overall business strategy and meet customer expectations. The key to unlocking efficiency in the supply chain is leveraging technology appropriately to create solutions that remove these barriers by bringing carriers, shippers, and warehouses together so we can move freight in the most efficient, transparent, and automated way. The goal is to find an equilibrium and avoid costly vicious cycles.

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Tags: Risk Management, Supply Chain, Sustainability

The Digital Melange
February 19, 2022
In this article we set the basis for creating a platform to articulate Metaverse compositions that needs a blend of cyber-physical interactions.

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Digital Twins, Metaverse

DARQ Matters
February 15, 2022
As we explore the large and the small, the universe and its constituent sub-atomic particles, we are also beginning to realize that all is not as it seems to be. The amount of visible matter is only a fraction of the total content of matter. Here’s a sobering fact: The matter we know and that makes up all stars and galaxies only accounts for 5% of the content of the universe! Dark matter seems to outweigh visible matter roughly six to one, making up about 27% of the universe.

In this paper, we will talk about a different type of darkness that needs light to be shed on, a set of emerging technologies that will form the underpinnings for change to be brought about by Industry 5.0.

These will form the essential ingredients for defining the future. For Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO), these emerging technologies will create the foundation for the different types of schemas that we have defined in our computational fabric for cybernetics. These will be the basis for providing actionable intelligence for all our solutions, products and services.

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Tags: AI, Emerging Technology, Innovation

The Hard Problem of Automation
February 11, 2022
Automation is the hard merger of technology, engineering and digital, and the people, processes and platforms needed to enable and manage them. It’s not just about seeing robots in action as they manufacture stuff. Laying out the process right from its inception to smart manufacturing and coordinating it with procurement and supply chain logistics, maintenance, support, and service, and what happens to the product after it leaves the assembly line is a complex problem. Parallel activities of marketing, sales and customer support also needs to be considered with all the safety and certification standards that need to be adhered to both inside the domain of the enterprise and outside.

In a prior article on Hyper Automation, we had laid the basis for enabling connected systems and products using Make, Manage, Move, Market and Maintain. In this 24th article we will pitch our case on solving the hard issue of automation. Herewith we present our perspective on how we plan to build an all-encompassing ecosystem consisting of Digital Threads and Digital Twins to enable the mélange of the physical and digital realms by automating the new and helping create unique smart and connected products and services.

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Tags: AI, Autonomous Vehicles, RPA

Digital Transformation: The Past
February 09, 2022
Whilst some believe that you should never look back, others content that our past experiences can be a great fuel for our desired futures – to take what we need from the experiences, the mistakes and the memories and then to move forward. I firmly believe in the second opinion. We are products of our past. But we don’t have to be prisoners of it.

Companies need help to transform – this has been a boon for the revenues of consulting companies like McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte and others to quickly enter into the Digital arena either by acquiring companies or developing capabilities in-house. It has also spawned off several companies that research and help assist CXOs with platforms and tools research so that they have the right understanding of the rapidly changing landscape of Digital enablement.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Change Management, Digital Transformation

Industry 5.0, Hyperstate and the Video Metaverse
February 09, 2022

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Tags: AR/VR, IoT, Metaverse

AM before pm
February 06, 2022
AM before pm (the day ends) is an introduction to the world of new engineering called hardtech utilizing CAD, Simulations and 3D printing in conjunction with other technologies for making. The core of the article is how making products is morphing to a “born philosophy” vs a build culture. In this new world customers, creators, products, and materials are conjoint in the creation of the solution.

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Future of Work, Open Innovation

Future Engineering
February 05, 2022
In this article, we will set the basis for engineering the future based on our tenets and approach for the new. We will utilize MVP based agile iterations coupled with the tried and tested waterfall approach that was the bane of systems engineering of the past. We will also incorporate concepts from the Gestalt philosophy where the premise is that the whole is greater and different from the sum of its parts to design, build, evolve and harmonize the development of products and solutions in the new construct of Industry 5.0.

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Tags: Agile, Innovation, Sustainability

Everything Connected - Onward and Upward
Nitin Uchil
February 03, 2022
This is a preface to a series of papers that are being published on LinkedIn as our Book of Business. It summarize the intentions, basis and motivation of Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO). NUMO's premise is to solve the hard problem of automation using a blend of people, process and technology that merge together to provide the basis for innovation, optimization and harmonization

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Tags: Digital Twins, Innovation, Metaverse

Digital Transformations: Beginnings
February 03, 2022
Beginnings are hard and challenging. But they can also be exciting and rewarding. In this article I will summarize the genesis (wait not again!) of the internet era. I was then part of what is called high-tech engineering working on designing aerospace and automotive parts using computer simulations, mathematics and analytics to ensure that products can be built by first visualizing them using computer models, were safe and served their purpose prior to prototyping and actual manufacturing. Although we used supercomputers and the like, digital was a far cry from what we did, the goal being to fulfill the design of the product and what it was meant to do.

Digital is a judicious mélange of Art and Technology, and the right blend is needed from both fields to define, design, build, govern and implement the metamorphosis that enterprises undergo in their progression. Digital Transformation is not just about technology – it is the coordinated aggregation of people, process and platform interacting to provide a cohesive whole, wherein strategy, planning, governance, change management, agile delivery and operations needed to be synchronized.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation

January 29, 2022
Make, Manage, Move, Market and Maintain will be the basis for enabling hyper automation for our connected systems and technologies. It will utilize our four tenets of a design philosophy for innovation, blueprint for smart manufacturing and to enable IoT, a robust integration protocol, and actionable intelligence to pivot to Industry 5.0. It will also facilitate the seamless composition for commercialization - for marketing, selling, supporting and servicing our solutions. It will use our reference architecture called Digital Twine to coordinate adaptive engineering using digital threads and digital twins.

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Tags: Digital Twins, Ecosystems, IoT

1 Founder
Numorpho Cybernetic Systems (NUMO)
March 01, 2021
Building smart, connected and sustainable products and services for a better tomorrow using state of the art and emergent technologies to automate processes utilizing digital threads and digital twins to harmonize and optimize activities.

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Tags: Ecosystems, Digital Twins, Metaverse

What is the difference between a Prototype and an MVP
September 16, 2022
As we progress through the product development process, it is important for us to be mindful of the difference between a prototype and an MVP.

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Tags: Innovation

On the importance of use cases
September 16, 2022
Use cases are key to define and detail a solution. It is important to construct a holistic use case before proceeding on the design and development of a project. It helps assess the form and function of the outcome, what forces constrain and enable it, what focus elements you need to ascertain the gaps to fulfill the requirements, and what type of futuring elements are needed for long term reliability and sustainability.

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Tags: Project Management

Building for the 2030s
September 13, 2022
Adding to McKinsey's portrayal of our future in the 2030s, here is our visionings that includes how we are prepping for future technologies like the Metaverse

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Tags: Future of Work

1 Whitepaper
What is a Digital Twin?
Numorpho Cybernetic Systems
October 11, 2022
Utilizing the definitions of Digital Twin’s based on our partner companies forays in Industry 4.0, we define our premise for a Digital Twin. This encompasses our basis to enable the activities for Make, Manage, Move, Market and Maintain (the 5ms) to optimize and harmonize processes using a digital framework. This whitepaper expands on the definition of the Digital Twine, our reference architecture and is our semnal publication in this field. It also alludes to the different twin models we are building.

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Tags: Digital Twins, Ecosystems, IoT

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