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Joven Jader

Partner - Supply Chain Practice Lead at Prosults Consulting LLP (

Singapore, Singapore

Supply Chain Advisor|Management Consultant|Book Author|Speaker |2021 Top Filipinos on LinkedIn.

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2 Books
101 Supply Chain Failures to Avoid
Joven J. Jader
January 01, 2023
Supply chain failures could be small, causing companies almost nothing, or significant, which could cause the entire company to file for bankruptcy. Between these two extremes, supply chain failures could mean a customer not being served as promised, materials not being available, operations being delayed, people not following procedures, costs being over budget, and so on. Changes in weather patterns, political instability, government regulations, trade sanctions, and changes in customer buying preferences make managing the supply chain more complex, which makes companies more susceptible to making supply chain mistakes and failures. These factors are becoming more frequent and intense. The book brings awareness to readers about the potential areas where their supply chain could go wrong. The 101 illustrations cover supply chain functions from sourcing and procurement to manufacturing and production operations, down to warehousing and distribution. Presented in an easy-to-understand picture format, industry practitioners can quickly grasp and identify areas of risk in their supply chains. The book provides readers with the breadth of issues in managing the supply chain as they go through each illustration and shows the potential risks and vulnerabilities of their operation. This book is a good investment, as one supply chain failure avoided could more than pay for the cost of the book.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Risk Management, Supply Chain

Speed Kills ... your competition: Driving Growth Thru Supply Chain
High Impact
April 01, 2012
Speed Kills presents sixty (60) unabridged Supply Chain Management articles previously published in BusinessWorld. The articles present ides and insights very much applicable to firms in the Asia/Pacific region who buy, make, sell, and distribute products. An e-book version is available at Amazon.

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Tags: Supply Chain

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Joven Jader