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Serrah Linares

Vice President, Partnerships at Change Healthcare

Seattle, United States


Health tech, innovation, digital transformation, startups, investing, mergers and acquisitions

Available For: Authoring, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Seattle,WA
Speaking Topics: Healthcare, innovation, artificial intelligence

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Company Type: Company
Last Media Interview: 09/29/2021

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5G 30.13
AI 30.37
Big Data
Business Strategy 30.23
Cloud 30.32
COVID19 34.05
Customer Experience
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation 30.13
Emerging Technology
Future of Work
Health and Wellness 31.72
Healthtech 43.87
Innovation 31.20
Leadership 30.77
Startups 30.78

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High Tech & Electronics
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1 Academic Fellow / Scholar
Nashville Health Care Council Fellows Program
Nashville Health Care Council
December 03, 2021

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Tags: Healthtech, Innovation, Leadership

1 Analyst Advisory
Forbes Business Development Council
December 16, 2021
Invited to join the Forbes Business Development Council to author content and provide advisory.

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Tags: Healthtech, Leadership, Business Strategy

1 Article/Blog
Structural Shifts Underway in this Peri-pandemic Period
November 16, 2021
Interested in structural shifts underway in healthcare? Please join the conversation as we unpack insights from Change Healthcare's Global Sales Conference and our keynote with The Advisory Board. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

What else can we do to support the changes now and to come?

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Healthtech, Health and Wellness

3 Media Interviews
AWS & Change Healthcare: Reimagining the Industry
Amazon Partner Network TV
September 02, 2021
At Change Healthcare, we focus on five pillars of innovation we believe can dramatically affect healthcare for everyone. Serrah Linares, our vice president of partnerships, explains what these pillars are in this video with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Hear from industry leader Change Healthcare how they are driving innovation in Healthcare and partnering with startups like b.well on AWS.

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Tags: Cloud, Innovation, Healthtech

Fox Business - Get Medical Advice from Alexa
Fox Business
February 22, 2017
Live demo on the HIMSS floor while CEO on set

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Tags: AI, Health and Wellness, Healthtech

KPMG - The Great Rewrite
KPMG and Forbes Present the Great Rewrite
December 20, 2016

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Tags: AI, Health and Wellness, Healthtech

4 Panels
Future of Home Care
MedCity News
September 20, 2021

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Healthtech, Innovation

AI for Digital Patient Experience
August 14, 2019

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Healthtech

Privacy & Federated Cloud Learning in Healthcare
August 14, 2019

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Tags: 5G, AI, Healthtech

Matter Pitch Competition
Change Healthcare
December 31, 1969
judge, panel member

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Tags: AI, COVID19, Healthtech

1 Patent Pending
Integrated Patient Acquisition for Virtual Care
Change Healthcare
June 29, 2021

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Tags: AI, Health and Wellness, Healthtech

1 Quote
Consumption is driving a bold new vision for home nursing
MedCity News
September 21, 2021
Since we’re moving very quickly, it’s easy to bypass some of the things that you do in one [healthcare technology] Data science or engineering team, ”said Serrah Linares, vice president of partnerships for Change Healthcare based in Nashville, Tennessee, during the panel. “And if you are in one of having an expert who is the clinician, or someone who is an expert in the field, you gain the knowledge for [is] a really important part of the development. “

It is up to industry stakeholders to build trust and consumer confidence in the technologies and apps used in the home health field, she said.

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Tags: Healthtech

2 Speaking Engagements
Podcast: Electronic Data Interchange in the COVID-19 Era
Change Healthcare
September 07, 2020

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Tags: COVID19, Digital Transformation, Healthtech

Women in Business & Technology Podcast - Microsoft
February 28, 2018
Becoming CEO of your Dreams

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Tags: AI, Digital Transformation, Healthtech

2 Webinars
Fireside Chat: Clinical Interoperabilitt
Change Healthcare
September 22, 2021

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Tags: COVID19, Healthtech, Startups

Podcast: One App to Manage all of your Medical Bills
Change Healthcare Podcasts
January 15, 2020

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Tags: Healthtech, Innovation, Startups



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