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Gregorio Uglioni

CX Goalkeeper at CX Goalkeeper

Zurich, Switzerland

Gregorio Uglioni is an expert in Business Transformation, Innovation and Customer Experience.

Thanks to his strong leadership skills, Gregorio has successfully led several transformation programs achieving great results, creating a positive customer impact while relentlessly nurturing a positive innovation culture. His cross-industry engagement for the development of the customer experience science (e.g., with his podcast “CX Goalkeeper”, as a Judge at several international events, as a co-author of the global best-seller “Customer Experience 3”) and his in-depth know-how allowed him to be recognized as an expert in Customer Experience. He is one of the few CCXP’s in Switzerland and the world’s first certified ACXSPlus.

Gregorio holds two masters from the University of Zurich. He started his career at Accenture and is now the Head of Business Excellence and Customer Experience at a leading credit card company in Switzerland.

Gregorio’s battery charger is his family

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1 Book
Customer Experience 3
Writing Matters
March 01, 2021

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Tags: Customer Experience

1 Industry Certification
Certified Customer Experience Professional
October 01, 2021

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Tags: Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty

1 Podcast
CX Goalkeeper Podcast
Gregorio Uglioni
November 01, 2021
The CX Goalkeeper podcast shares SMART discussions on Customer Experience, Innovation, Transformation and Leadership. On a weekly basis, your host, Gregorio Uglioni selects thought leaders to share cutting edge insights, actionable knowledge and tangible learnings to bring YOU and YOUR business one step ahead.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Leadership

1 Webinar
CX Goalkeeper Breakfast / Apéritif
Gregorio Uglioni
September 21, 2021
In addition to the CX Goalkeeper podcast, I am organizing on a quarterly basis a deep dive on one specific topic. It's a discussion with thought leaders in a specific topic related to Customer Experience.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Leadership



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