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Maurice Dubey

Executive Director at Q4 Associates Limited

Auckland, New Zealand

I am a believer that the vast majority or people don’t like their job, so something needed to be done about this. I therefore focus on two main things:

- Promoting the need for organisations understand they need to help their people figure out what they really want to do – and that they then need to help their people do what they really want to be doing. Imagine an organisation full of people who love what they do, imagine not having to motivate people, imagine the level of service they would provide to your customers.

- Secondly, I help organisations adopt a digital workforce, this is what takes the mundane work away from people in your business so they can do more of what they love, but also so these organisations can be far more operationally efficient, provide a far superior customer service and gain great insights of their customers and the market.

In summary – I help truly transform organisations, rather than the transformational hype that most vendors focus on. To achieve this we have established Q4 Associates, “the people who really understand the establishment of the digital workforce / RPA” in your organisation. And we also launched a book focussed on helping senior executives and boards understand Transformation and what is involved in implementing a digital workforce in their organisation. “Adopting a Digital Workforce”

I love adding value to businesses – helping them find alignment, become more sustainable and agile, and ensure that change happens as smoothly as possible. Businesses need focused experts to act as a trusted set of hands – experts who can think strategically about the business, while understanding both the technology and human elements.

In my role as Executive Director of Q4 Associates, I’m part of an incredible team of pioneers leading the way in robotic process automation and helping businesses achieve the greatest positive impact from their digital workforces.

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Speaking Topics: Adopting a Digital Workforce, Delivery Frameworks

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2 Article/Blogs
Scale your RPA
Q4 / Maurice Dubey
July 21, 2021
Despite popular opinion, a digital workforce is not a technology project that’s happening separately or in parallel to your human workforce. Instead, it’s an integral element of your workforce operating model. Similar to your decision to outsource of offshore part of your business, or to centralise a particular business function, a digital workforce also changes the make-up of your labour force and the model of how your workforce operates. In this way, it’s part of your overall workforce strategy.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, HR, RPA

Digital workforce delivery is not a software (or IT) project
Q4 / Maurice Dubey
April 28, 2020
I propose that a digital workforce is a key element of your overall workforce operating model. It’s part of your workforce strategy, similar to the decision to outsource or offshore part of your business, or to centralise a particular business function. These things change the make up of your labour force, the model of how your workforce operates – and adding a digital workforce does too. The first part to get your head around is that it’s not a technology project that’s taking place separately or in parallel to your human workforce.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Management, RPA

1 Book
Adopting a Digital Workforce
Point Publishing Limited
November 01, 2020
“This book answers some of those tricky questions you didn’t know you had.”
— Craig Richardson, Chief Information Officer, MMC

Adopting a Digital Workforce is essential reading for anyone wanting to revolutionize work for continued sustainability, relevance, and impact. It will bring value to those senior executives starting out on their RPA journey towards a digital workforce, and those responsible for automation programs that are encountering challenges or struggling to scale. The book is for those that want to lead the charge and transform the way their organizations achieve their strategic goals while delivering more impact, meaning and value.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Transformation, RPA

1 Miscellaneous
Why the DCLC is a Lifecycle
Q4 / Maurice Dubey
July 28, 2020
The DCLC (digital colleague lifecycle) is a framework for the discovery, delivery and running of an organisations RPA / Digital Workforce program.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, RPA

1 Podcast
Creating Freedom - Do what you love doing, with people you love working with
Debra Chantry-Taylor
March 16, 2021
An interview with EOS, Debra Chantry-Taylor, an overview of what's important in our daily life at work. So many people are focused on the wrong thing

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, RPA



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