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Aditya Patro

Hyderabad, India

Corporate Innovation specialist with 15 years of experience which comprises of startup evangelism, community &
ecosystem building, running incubator, sealing strategic alliance, Advising & mentoring startups.
Aditya also expert startup interventions such as:
• GTM, Market Access
• Market Validation
• Business Model Canvas
• Design Thinking
Digital Transformation Specialist with 15 years in the world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) & have helped large
companies and SMEs increase operational efficiency with technology.
Aditya has spearheaded large ERP implementation projects for several Fortune 500 companies. It helped them in
reducing their IT costs while bringing visibility in the process, better insight in reporting & planning & data security &
Aditya has won several awards during his stint in Africa, Australia, and Europe.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: India

Speaking Fee $200

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AI 30.03
Autonomous Vehicles
Big Data
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Business Continuity
Business Strategy
Change Management
Climate Change
Customer Experience
Customer Loyalty
Data Center
Design Thinking
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation 30.01
Digital Twins
Diversity and Inclusion
Ecosystems 30.16
Emerging Technology 30.05
Entrepreneurship 30.09
Future of Work
Health and Safety
Health and Wellness
Healthtech 30.19
HR 30.13
Innovation 30.18
IoT 30.12
Leadership 30.06
Lean Startup
Legal and IP
Management 30.10
Mental Health
Mergers and Acquisitions
Open Innovation
Project Management
Public Relations
Quantum Computing 30.27
Renewable Energy
Smart Cities
Startups 30.22
Supply Chain

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10 Article/Blogs
T-Hub and HT Media's Arcade Program To Help Startups in their growth Through Rapid Scaling Up Process !
October 31, 2020
Perhaps this decade has seen the most technology intervention so far. Technology has become part of our daily lives, starting from smartphones, smart homes, smart appliances, Smart Manufacturing, and what not? Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence is making everything smarter.

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Tags: Management, HR

The SE7EN Wonders Of Deep Tech
July 30, 2020
DeepTech has evolved over recent years, and there has been substantial impact across sectors through these deep emerging technologies. It would not be wrong to say that Deep Tech has been sacrosanct for the companies in their innovation journey.

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Tags: AI, Blockchain, Quantum Computing

The Rise of Healthtech in the Innovation Ecosystem!
June 05, 2020
Today as I pen down this article, The world is going through perhaps the deadliest pandemic of the 20th century. Who would have thought that the entire earth would come to a standstill in a span of a few months?

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Tags: Innovation, Healthtech, Ecosystems

Mother: Nature’s Architect!
May 10, 2020
From the day a baby takes shape in the mother’s womb until the day of birth nature takes care of both the mother and the baby in every phase. The process which is the moment of exhilaration for the mother as well as for the baby, starting from the way they interact and communicates with each other & how she takes care of her baby without touching even & moreover every species on this earth has this fantastic creation.

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Tags: Management, HR

T-Hub's United Technologies Innovation Challenge - Smart Aerospace - Machine Vision & Predictive Analytics !
October 28, 2019
When computer vision started to take shape as a field in the 1960s, its aim was to try and mimic human vision systems and ask computers to tell us what they see, automating the process of image analysis. This kind of technology is the precursor to artificially intelligent image recognition. Before, any kind of image analysis had to be done manually, from x-rays to MRIs to hi-res space photography.

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Tags: Innovation, Startups

The Best Is About To Begin - With "You"​ !!
March 28, 2019
"You," Errr, please do not take it as an offense. It is perhaps the word which makes people bewildering, but most people don't or failed to realize the real potential of the word?

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Tags: Leadership, HR

Connected Buildings - The Next Disruption
March 13, 2019
These days technology is engrossed in our lives to such an extent that without it we feel helpless. Smart technologies have infested human interventions. Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain / Smart Contracts, AR / VR, UAV / Drones, Agri-tech, Nanotechnology are disrupting the entire world. Technology is driving our daily lives.

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Tags: AI, IoT

30 & Still Young - World Wide Web
March 13, 2019
The birth of world wide web was not an innovation but was an invention.Though today the world is in digital era but I still believe millennials have no idea when,how and who invented this beautiful technology due to which the entire world is connected today.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology, Innovation

Foot Ball to FIFA World Cup — Oneness,Passion & Pride
July 15, 2018
As we’re heading towards the finale of the sporting extravaganza which is “Football,” there are many takeaways we could take it from this magnificent piece of the game. Yes, its nonother than Fifa World Cup 2018.

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Tags: Leadership

Hyderabad — Towards a Paradigm Shift
October 31, 2015

Often we all must have noticed that Hyderabad is being compared to other cities across India in terms of investment and now a day’s startup. Facebook is getting flooded with the status message of T-Hub Foundation​

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Tags: Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship




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