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Wayne Butterfield

Head of AI & Automation at ISG Automation

Southlake Texas, United States

Wayne is a global lead of Intelligent Automation solutions at ISG, and International thought leader on RPA, Intelligent Automation and AI. He works with a number of the Fortune 100, including Western Union, McKesson, US Bank and more, helping them to take advantage of digital technologies and transformation their manual operations

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Dallas, Texas - USA
Speaking Topics: Intelligent Automation, AI Automation, Future of Work

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Company Information

Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: Automation & AI
Theatre: Europe & North America
Minimum Project Size: N/A
Average Hourly Rate: N/A
Number of Employees: 51-250
Company Founded Date: 2023
Media Experience: 13 Years
Last Media Training: 02/10/2020
Last Media Interview: 05/26/2021

Areas of Expertise

AI 30.19
Digital Transformation 30.04
Emerging Technology 30.20
Future of Work 30.19
RPA 35.32
Change Management 30.11
Customer Experience 30.07
Generative AI 30.71

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking
Professional Services


5 Article/Blogs
RPA, Bringing People Together.
Linked In
August 17, 2023
On the face of it, RPA is a simple technology, but it currently serves an important purpose. Linking systems and data together, to complete manual processes in the Enterprise is a pretty valuable skill. You may think this is enough on its own but it's also incredible at bringing people and teams together to

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Tags: Future of Work, RPA, Generative AI

AI Advances that Transform the Contact Center by 2025
February 02, 2023

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Tags: AI, RPA, Generative AI

Why Your Work From Home Plan Is Only Partway There
January 26, 2023
For many, the daily commute to the office was as integral to their work routine as the proverbial water cooler chat or grabbing lunch with a colleague. However, in March 2020, COVID-19 redefined the workplace within the blink of an eye. The rapid adjustment from being in-office to working at home wasn't an easy shift. But in spite of most organizations being unprepared for mass migration to a home office, those early teething problems soon became a thing of the past.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Future of Work, RPA

Top 5 Intelligent Automation Predictions for 2023
December 05, 2022
My 2023 predictions come on the back of many hours of reading the latest collection of Automation Technology related articles, 9 different conference attendances in the last quarter and a year of working with clients and technology partners to understand the head and tail winds facing our industry

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Tags: AI, Customer Experience, RPA

How to Understand what is really going on in your Contact Center
August 01, 2022
Would it provide value to microscopically review every contact made to your contact center? Imagine knowing not only why the contact was made, but also the steps taken by the agent to respond, and the keystrokes taken to complete any system actions. This would be transformational, this article discusses this and more

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Tags: AI, Emerging Technology, RPA

1 Media Interview
Industries leading in Conversational AI
Tech Target
September 26, 2022

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Tags: AI, Future of Work, RPA

3 Podcasts
Bots and Beyond Episode 41: Connect Your Automation Tech with Process Orchestration
February 01, 2023
In this episode of Bots & Beyond, we deep dive into the topic of process orchestration with Enate CEO James Hall. Listen in to the discussion to find out what it is and the business case for why it’s something you should consider as part of your broader automation journey.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Future of Work, RPA

Bots and Beyond Episode 40: Conversational AI: Past, Present & Future
January 05, 2023
Conversational AI is a rapidly evolving artificial intelligence technology that is transforming not only the way we interact with computers and machines but also our ability to be productive. The tech allows computers to interact with humans in a natural and intuitive way using language. Whether it's providing fast and efficient customer service or personalizing the customer experience, chatbots are revolutionizing the way we communicate and get things done. In this episode of Bots & Beyond, host Wayne Butterfield speaks to conversational AI industry veteran and Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Uniphore, Patrick Ehlen. Together they acknowledge how far this tech has come from its earliest iterations, investigate the current capabilities of the tech and forecast the future of conversational AI

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Tags: AI, Future of Work, RPA

Bots and Beyond Episode 36: How AI and Data are Transforming Manufacturing
September 08, 2022
The manufacturing industry is a hot spot for innovation and transformation. One of the key technologies revolutionizing the industry is artificial intelligence (AI). How are manufacturers implementing and driving value from AI? And how are they able to prove that value? To answer these questions and more, Bots and Beyond host Wayne Butterfield speaks to Kate Arndt, Senior Sales Executive, Vanti Analytics.

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Tags: AI, Emerging Technology, RPA

1 Quote
How ChatGPT will, and won't change the face of Business
Silicon Angle
February 08, 2023

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Tags: Generative AI

1 Webinar
Bots and Beyond Episode 39: Why You Need to Address Culture to Unlock Automation Success
December 02, 2022
In this week’s episode of Bots & Beyond, host Wayne Butterfield speaks to Joe Bechtel, Principal of Enterprise Technology Strategy Advancement at Humana. Together, they discuss how successfully managing cultural change can drive innovation and technological enhancement.

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Tags: AI, Change Management, RPA

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