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Leading Through Change & Crisis


For Immediate Release – Leading Through Change & Crisis

When adversity strikes, leaders must know how to lead their people with courage, conviction, and compassion.

Crisis reveals character. With John Baldoni's newest online course, Leading Through Change & Crisis, leaders can learn how to improve their leadership abilities. Baldoni is a globally-recognized leadership educator, executive coach, and author of many leadership books.

Leading Through Change & Crisis,” says Baldoni, “will prepare a leader for what comes next by enabling them to lead with courage and resilience and more heart and soul."

The course contains four modules:

Part 1: Take Care of Your People. Discover how to meet the needs and wants of your team so you can put them into position to succeed.

Part 2: Take Care of Yourself. Learn how to care for yourself to be your best for your team and yourself.

Part 3: Prepare for the Future. Learn how to think and act strategically with actions that will enable you to achieve the future you and your team deserve.

Part 4: Grace under Pressure Handbook. Discover tips and tools that will help you become the leader your team needs you to be.

"Leaders today," says Baldoni, "will be expected to deliver solace and hope. Solace in remembrance of what has been lost. Hope in the faith that we will learn from our past and make decisions that create a better, more prosperous, and equitable future."

The course is interactive and self-paced. It features innovative learning tools as well as an online leadership assessment.

Participants have the option of taking the entire course, or signing up for individual modules. Discounts are available to organizations who enroll three or more participants per quarter.




About John Baldoni

John Baldoni is a globally recognized leadership educator, certified Master Corporate Executive Coach, and author of 16 books translated into ten languages.

John’s books include GRACE: A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us, MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership, Lead with Purpose, and the forthcoming Grace under Pressure: Leading Through Change and Crisis (upon which this course is based).

In 2021, the International Federation of Learning and Development named John, a World-Class Mentor, named him to its Hall of Fame. In 2022, Global Gurus ranked John a Top 20 global leadership expert, a list he has been on since 2007. In 2018 named John a Top 100 speaker, and Trust Across America honored John with its Lifetime Achievement Award for Trust. In 2014 listed John as a Top 50 leadership expert.

John is also a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 coaches, a group of executive coaches and thought leaders from the worlds of business, academia, and social service.

John established a career as a highly sought-after executive coach. He has had the privilege of working with senior leaders in every industry, from pharmaceutical to real estate, packaged goods to automobiles, and finance to health care.

John has authored over 800 leadership columns for various online publications, including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and John also produces and appears in a video coaching series for SmartBrief, a news channel with over 4 million readers. John is also the host of LinkedIn Live's Grace under pressure interview series. John’s leadership resource website is