Press Release

PlexiCam joins Carbon Negative Alliance to Make Virtual Video Sustainable


PlexiCam is a simple, elegant, and portable solution for anyone creating livestreams, recorded video or running virtual meetings. You can position your webcam, mirrorless, or DSLR camera anywhere on your screen for professional looking video. With PlexiCam, professional speakers, thought leaders and executives are making better connections with customers, coworkers, audiences, even patients by seeing eye-to-eye. It was created by a group of event and broadcast industry professionals who got tired of webinars and online events that lacked the critical human connection, and the dreaded combination of “Screen Stare” and “Zoom® Neck.”

The company recently joined the Carbon Negative Alliance as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility and to go a step beyond carbon neutrality across all of its operations.

According to Dan Keldsen, Co-Founder, PlexiCam, “Our mission is to help people connect more effectively online. In the fast-evolving ‘work from anywhere’ environment, we joined the Carbon Negative Alliance to neutralize our corporate carbon footprint by purchasing verified and validated carbon offsets.”

“We choose the Carbon Negative Alliance as a partner because they specialize in carbon offsetting for small and mid-size businesses and have relationships with major voluntary carbon markets such as Gold Standard and Verra. Their online calculator made it easy for us to determine our carbon footprint and then purchase the offsets we needed to become carbon negative.”

The Virtual Social Disconnect

What does PlexiCam solve?

Have you ever wondered why everyone always seems to be looking down during video calls?

People intuitively believe that by looking at the person they’re talking to on the screen, they are making eye contact. But most cameras are mounted above or behind the screen. Even if you do remember to look at the camera, the video call will be pointless because you can’t see and use your screen while also looking at your camera unless you purchase a $1000+ camera setup with a traditional teleprompter, higher-end camera and tripod!

​To solve this problem, PlexiCam lets users position their webcam anywhere on their screen so they can look at the camera and the person they’re talking to at the same time.

With PlexiCam, there’s no need for expensive, bulky, and confusing teleprompters. PlexiCam’s sleek, portable design lets you take it with you anywhere, so you always look like a pro.

To learn more about PlexiCam, visit PlexiCam customers can receive 5% off their purchases using discount code “CNA21” valid through March 31st, 2021, during the online checkout process.

To learn more about the Carbon Negative Alliance, visit PlexiCam customers can ask about carbon offsetting for their upcoming virtual or physical events and receive 5% off using discount code “PLX21” valid during the same timeframe.