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Dan Keldsen

Co-founder at PlexiCam, Inc.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


Co-author of new book:
The Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business

Highlighted research:
Collaborative Innovation - The State of Engagement:

Companion Webinar:

Enterprise 2.0 - From the Horses' Mouths: (video & whitepaper)
(past) Paper on Security Event/Information Management: (2003)

Business/Technology Evangelist with hands-on Consulting and Operational experience in innovation management, unstructured and semi-structured content systems and high-tech marketing (e-mail, bid-based search, blogging, podcasting, social media and networks).

Can your company explain what it does in language your prospects can understand? Do you measure and adapt what you've learned from past experiences to improve the future? Does your business understand the strategic use of IT? Does your technology team understand it's role in strengthening business strategy? Do you need a bridge-builder between business and IT? Struggling to startup or maintain an innovation-capable business? Contact me and let’s talk.

And in the spirit of realizing the power of networks - What's your angle? What can we work on to mutual benefit? Let's connect for a purpose, and see what we can do to ripple the network!

TopLinked, LION.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Cambridge, Massachusetts

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5 Article/Blogs
The Virus that Punched Work in the Face
February 27, 2020
COVID-19 ( the #coronavirus ) has caught everyone's attention and up-ended our basic daily assumptions about work and life in 2020.

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Tags: Leadership, HR

Tiny Jobs To Be Done (maybe you're thinking too big)
January 31, 2020
Today’s article is a #keepitsimple example.

Designing great products and services is about meeting far more than the basic table stakes (the Minimum Viable Product or MVP in Lean Startup circles) to solve any given problem.

Take web conferencing for example.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Learning can be... (a mix of emotions)
January 30, 2020
We all have our strengths and weaknesses, our natural curiosity into some topics, and absolute dread of others. And everyone finds some topics much easier to learn than others.

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Tags: Future of Work

Lessons in Action from Newton & Hamilton
January 29, 2020
You CANNOT get the changes, the transformation, or whatever you may be calling it, without putting in some effort to start moving towards your desired outcome. And you certainly can’t transform simply knowing what should work if you don’t try it.

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Tags: Innovation

Mini-Customer Journey (Begin with the End in Mind)
January 23, 2020
I was recently in the hospital for a follow-up doctor visit.

Like most hospitals, this hospital is relatively large and spread out over a mini-campus of multiple buildings and many floors.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Healthtech

1 Podcast
Dan Keldsen and Daniel Pink discussing To Sell is Human
September 10, 2014
Comment, tweet or post with the hashtag #TSIHgiveaway - and be eligible to win one of five signed copies of To Sell Is Human, and a special bonus (you'll have to get it to find out!).

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Tags: Management, Leadership, HR

3 Videos
How does it compare to the Logitech Brio? An iPhone 12 Pro?
August 22, 2021
Last week, I did a "Quick Take" on the Elgato Facecam. Now it's comparison time.

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Tags: Innovation, Management, Leadership

The Drive for Efficiency & Impact In Healthcare Processes
November 01, 2019
Much ado about process, and healthcare, and insurance claims... and the incredible variety of rules, processes, hand-offs, exceptions and more in the world of health insurance claims.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, HR

What Can Spotify Teach Mobile Designers about "Smart" User eXperience Design (UXD)?
August 24, 2019
User eXperience Design, particularly on the consumer side, has gotten far more sophisticated over the years, but some companies add an extra level of detail that can change the variety of experiences a user may have with that app or system, in surprisingly deep ways. And in this example, it's done automatically, depending on the CONTEXT the user is using the app in...

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Tags: Design Thinking, Management, Leadership




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