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If you have products or services that you sell. Linkedin business page is perfectly to grow your online business. It's the perfect place to attract more customers, automate your business through interaction with linkedin guru's. But what if you are in showbusiness?

If you are looking for a great start in your showbusines career start your linkedin businesspage. linkedin is perfect to start networking with professionals.

I have received many interesting messages. also from people who have been following me on LinkedIn for years. Your resume and your online presence are essential. It will be one of the thousands of profiles that employers and casting directors will see.

I started my business page Yvonne Padmos. ???!!!! Yeah that's my name. I am basically selling myself. Too many actors end up quessing what to do on linkedin. Well paid working actors in the Netherlands with 100 plus IMDB credits have less followers than me? That's too weird!

Wheter you are complete beginner in the showbusiness or have been the winner of the oscar. And you wonder why the NEWBIES get more followers? That's simple strategy!


The newbies , or and the WANNEBE's got nothing to lose! We only can WIN on the internet. Behind the scenes I ask fellow actors "you are actor, prove it! ACT! Play the roles!" and the funny part about the NEWBIES! We write our own scripts. Content creators is not just a sidehusttle. It's a fulltime income!

Through training and coaching anyone can become the X factor in their profession.

I am grateful to all my followers on my LinkedIn business page. Especially because there are a lot of people who work in show business. Networking is an important part of your career. And why not shine the spotlight on your LinkedIn page? Our friends and family unconsciously affect our choice of work.

You have to be seen as an actor. You can't listen to your own negative self-talk or that of the other person. How often do you read? Artists who eat dry bread? It's not because of a lack of talent. It is because many of us think that we have to ask permission in our outer world to be seen and heard. But we all have the right to be seen and heard. And as an artist, you don't have to eat dry bread.


By yvonne Padmos

Keywords: Business Continuity, Business Strategy, Marketing

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