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The Interconnected Network reaches a international audience and is available 24 hours a day. It's a network system that connects millions of web servers. Yet it seems that people are hiding behind an avatar.

And offline there are still plenty of people who don't dare to make
contact with their fellow man.
I am grateful that so many people want to inspire their fellow man.However, leadership starts with an open mindset. Years ago after surviving a week-long coma, I started my own foundation. It took a very long time to wake me up. For years I have been laughed at by so-called business professionals.

You have to understand that if you survive a coma, you will not wake up the same. Not just because of the ND experience. That is enlightening and traumatic at the same time. Also the inner knowing that everything is connected. And the memories of the light. Whether that's really the light I've seen. Or that it was a hospital lamp on my face. That does not matter. I have certainly seen the light. It's relief the moment you realize that the ending isn't so scary. And that the beginning is always a miracle.

Years ago I registered my foundation as a good citizen.

When I signed up, I immediately said "world peace". 
The man started staring at me and repeated. "world peace" that should be in the contract?

I used to be the good girl at school who listened to the teachers, my parents and anyone who instructs me. Apparently everyone has the instruction booklet! But when I woke up from the coma, no one was there. Since my father passed away, I suddenly had to conquer the world alone. Now you will think! Do you want to conquer the outside world? That's an interesting question. As a loa coach I know of course that everything starts from our inner world.

Then the biggest rollercoaster started. We are brainwashed from an early age. Instructions are given by adults who still need healing themselves. And I think every human being on this planet needs healing. Is there anyone who does not grieve? A past with pain , fear and looking after love. And the many people who search after money to buy water.

Our body consists largely of water. It is a basic need for the human body.

So who are the leaders we listen to? And what do we, as thought leaders, do about it?

Take it literally! Thought Leader.

My question to anyone who reads this blog. Choose the heart. And in any case, be open to every fellow human being on your path.

If the so-called leaders really want the best for the public. Then they choose to work together. You are not going to judge someone who is only your sister or brother on earth.

How many people have signed up on thinkers360? And how many intelligent people are there on linkedin?

Indeed, there are plenty of people who spend hours on the internet. People who hide behind an avatar.

I am a real person. With a story, with a mission, with ups and downs just like every human being.

To motivate and inspire a good audience. Be real.

But what are those people doing on the internet? Watch Tiktok videos? People who leave positive or negative comments. So many content creators who asked me. What should I do?

You don't respond to negative energy. Where attention goes, energy flows

You create a positive atmosphere as a content creator. Valuable content or you provide passionate entertainment. The same goes for thought leaders. Make it a thought of love for the many other thought leaders.
Together you are stronger.
What are your goals and how can we all work together on this platform?

The answer is so simple.
Every thought leader on this planet can have a growth within 24 hours. But the question is whether everyone wants this.

Let us know if you're open to my ideas for collaborating on a large scale!

Of course I already have the plan. But I respect the opinion of many fellow thought leaders. I'm waiting for the responses.

yvonne padmos


By yvonne Padmos

Keywords: Future of Work, Innovation, Leadership

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