Just Released: Leveraging Digital Transformation


Beyond the buzzwords, there is a misconception about digital transformation, what it is, why organizations should do it, and how to do it.

Many small businesses perceive digital marketing as digital transformation. In many organizations medium to large, the common perception of digital transformation is the partial digitalization of some business units of their choice. As a result, the meaning of digital transformation varies depending on the business.

According to several studies, especially from MIT, close to half of today’s existing businesses are at risk of digital death in the next 2 to 5 years due to their partial approach to digital transformation. They are at risk of being disrupted by the innovative and visionary businesses that are implementing complete and adequate digital transformation. It is urgent now for every business to adapt, create their full digital strategy, implement it rapidly as they help their people self-transform in the process.

Leveraging Digital Transformation brings answers to the six smartest questions for solutions and success: why, how, when, what, who and where of digital transformation. It is a reference book for every business leader, every executive and digital leader. Every organization should offer a copy of Leveraging Digital Transformation to their leader so that they can self-transform, focus on building the transformation and support their colleagues and team effectively in creating sustainable transformation for success in the 2nd machine age. Only by implementing wholesome digital transformation can we achieve sustainable business today.

Leveraging Digital Transformation comes with international professional praise reviews from an MIT professor, senior executives and, technology management consultants.

Leveraging Digital Transformation is available in bookstores in three formats, Electronic (Kindle), paperback, and hardback. Bulk orders can be made directly from the author, M. Nadia Vincent, an MIT Certified Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Executive Advisor, Senior Business & Technology Management Consultant, and Founder of, a platform for digital transformation leadership and executive coaching. Leveraging Digital Transformation: Proven Leadership and Innovation Strategies to Engage and Grow Your Organization.

By M. Nadia Vincent, MBA

Keywords: Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption

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