a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) Step #5 - Communicate the Change


5th Critical Organisational Change Implementation Step - Execute Phase

This step is about Change Communication, the missing link between management and employees, and the drumbeat of successful change. Effective change communication is at the heart of successful change, it acts like the blood in our bodies, without it we would not be kept alive. Change is similar, without communication the change will fail.

“Effective change communication is at the heart of successful change, it acts like the blood in our bodies, but instead of supplying vital oxygen and nutrients, communication supplies information and motivation to the impacted stakeholders”

Business Benefits:
Without consistent and effective communication, change transition will not take place. A good communication strategy and plan will align the workforce, speed up adoption and support benefits delivery. It will support employee transition by building awareness and understanding, minimising resistance, and reducing rumours and fear.

Business Objective:
To develop and execute a good communication strategy and plan with a feedback loop that will minimise resistance, speed up adoption and support benefits delivery.

a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF)
The a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) is a structured and disciplined approach to support organisations, leadership teams and individuals going through a change, the transition from the current ‘a’ state to the improved future ‘B’ state. The a2BCMF has three phases and ten key process steps. Each phase provides change strategies, principles, analysis and tactics to move from one phase to the next.
The framework is based on over thirty years of international change experience and brings together leading practice in change, people and programme management. The structured programme approach, processes, techniques and tools focus on overcoming the failures of previous change by incorporating ten key steps and success elements for achieving organisational change. It supports strategic change implementation in terms of context, content and process. The framework is a comprehensive management model that allows executives, managers and change practitioners to successfully deliver and achieve organisational change. It requires a holistic approach and some steps can be performed simultaneously.


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By Peter F Gallagher

Keywords: Leadership, Change Management, Business Strategy

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