50 Business and Technology Books to Read 2021 from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders


50 Business and Technology Books to Read 2021 from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders

It is great to have my book Change Management Handbook - Leadership of Change Volume 3 featured in the top 50 Business and Technology Books from Thinkers360 Thought Leaders - Dec 2020.

A special thank you to #Thinkers360 for listing my book

Change Management Handbook:
This change management handbook contains over fifty concepts, models, figures, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap and glossary, structured on the ten step a2B Change Management Framework each with a practical case study.

"If more employees were better leaders of change, the organisational benefits would be endless. We enable the Leadership of Change"

About the Book:
This handbook is for growth mindset leaders, senior managers, students, HR professionals and change management practitioners who want to deliver organisational change while their organisation continues with day-to-day operations. Leadership of Change Volume 3 is based on over thirty years of experience implementing change, transformation and improvements into some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations across many countries and cultures. It provides deep insights into change programme delivery using the a2B Change Management Framework. It starts by aligning the change with the organisation’s strategy and vision, moving through to successfully closing and sustaining the change. It covers ten key change management implementation concepts in detail, which include sponsorship, change history, communication, change planning, readiness, resistance, developing the new skills and behaviours, as well as adoption. It also includes the AUILM Employee Change Adoption Model and the a2B5R Employee Behaviour Change Model.

"Congratulations to my fellow authors, thought leaders and influencers. It is a great privilege to be mentioned on this list of talent"

Leadership of Change
The Leadership of Change encompasses change management concepts, models, depictions, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap and glossary structured around the ten-step a2B Change Management Framework. The delivery vehicles are change management books, change management gamification manuals, change management gamification workshops (face-to-face/virtual), leadership alignment workshops and masterclasses.

Available: Amazon and Google Play

#a2BConsulting offering: C-Suite Change Consulting, Change Leadership Alignment and Change Management Gamification

By Peter F Gallagher

Keywords: Leadership, Change Management, Business Strategy

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