30 Ways How AI Will Change Your Business


Artificial intelligence has the power to change our society dramatically. Within the coming years, AI is likely taking over many of the jobs currently done by humans. Not only repetitive work can be taken over by AI, but also more difficult jobs such as customer service representative, journalist, chef, driver or team leader. It seems that many of the functions of existing organisations can be taken over by artificial intelligence, thereby of course, also creating many, yet unforeseen, jobs. As a result, organisations will look completely different in the future. Therefore, let’s see how AI will change your business. AI will:

  1. Accelerate administrative processes — administrative processes are often mundane tasks such as coordinating meeting requests, booking travel or making notes during meetings. A virtual assistant can do many of these tasks. The more advanced AI will become, the more tasks these virtual assistants can perform.

  2. Drive innovation — AI can help advance your R&D activities by providing insights into your customers’ (latent) needs, combined with how they use your products. That information can help to speed-up innovation

  3. Augment your employees to make them more effective and efficient — AI can provide your employees with the right information at the right moment to make them more efficient and effective, but also exoskeletons can augment your employees to make repetitive hard work easier. Ford has been rolling out exoskeletal technology globally to help employees who perform repetitive overhead tasks. Such AI skeletons can help employees accomplish accuracy and precision even when faced with immense complexity.

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    By Dr Mark van Rijmenam

    Keywords: AI, Analytics, Big Data

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