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Bree Goldstein

President at Bree Goldstein

Oviedo, florida, United States

Bree has "boots on the ground" experience. She has represented the government, large organizations (such as United Way), small companies and public figures. Her current client roster includes non-profits, start-up, small and medium-sized companies, professional speakers and athletes, and professional sports teams.

Available For: Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Orlando, FL
Speaking Topics: Accomplish Anything: SMARTER Goal Setting and the SALT Method of Achievement, Social Media for Businesses: Strategies and ROI, Use Media Exposure to A

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Academic 0
Author 180
Influencer 83
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Entrepreneur 60
Total 323

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Company Information

Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Consulting
Media Experience: 16 years
Last Media Interview: 07/26/2019

Areas of Expertise

Entrepreneurship 38.70
Lean Startup 43.13
Marketing 35.60
Social 43.91
Startups 37.26
FinTech 31.47
Public Relations 41.60
Sales 33.71

Industry Experience

Federal & Public Sector
Higher Education & Research
Professional Services


3 Books
Sex, Lies and Your Reputation
Publicly Related
April 02, 2018
Your online reputation may be holding you back from achieving your goals. It may keep people from contacting you and it may inform their opinions about you before you ever meet. Alternately, your reputation may be so strong that it attracts new people and opportunities.

Society places a premium on digital content. It is crucial that your content is aligned with your brand. Your online reputation is more critical than ever. Whether your personal or company's reputation is at risk, you need a plan.

This book will teach you about your own online reputation. You will learn how to create and manage an online reputation. You will gain the knowledge to be able to remove mugshots from search results, and repair damaged online reputations.

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Tags: HR, Marketing, Social

Accomplish Anything: Through SMARTER Goal Setting And The SALT Method For Achievement
Publicly Related
December 28, 2017
Why set goals in life? If you’ve picked up this book then you probably understand extraordinary lives aren’t stumbled through, but lived intentionally.

As the world becomes more complicated and there are more distractions, systems are the best way to simplify and focus your energy. Learn two of these systems that will become building blocks for goal setting and accomplishment of those goals.

What you'll learn in this book:

- How to determine if a goal is worthwhile to pursue.

- How to effectively set goals that will make a difference.

- How to use the SMARTER Goal Setting system to ensure your goal accomplishes what you really want.

- How to pair the SMARTER Goal Setting system with the SALT Method for Achievement to increase your propensity to accomplish your goals and reach new levels of success.

- How to stay on track when working toward a challenging or long-term goal.

- The one thing everyone needs to achieve their dreams and how to develop and capitalize on it.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup, Startups

I Love You More Than...
Publicly Related
February 02, 2017
This was written for you to express your love in an easy-to-understand book filled with colorful pictures. Read the book as is, or personalize it by adding your loved one's photo at the end.

Great for children, as well as adults.

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Tags: Social

3 Founders
SEC Regulations Whitepaper - Public Relations / Social Media / Marketing: Understand the SEC regulations as it pertains to Public Relations, Social Media & Marketing
Publicly Related
January 31, 2014
This whitepaper by Bree Goldstein (an expert in the marketing and public relations of financial planners asset managers and wealth managers) will give you the understanding of the SEC regulations as it pertains to Public Relations, Social Media & Marketing and how you can use strategies that are successfully being used by financial firms today.

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Tags: FinTech, Marketing, Public Relations

The PR Blueprint
Publicly Related
June 19, 2013
Public Relations have changed drastically in the last 10 years. Press releases no longer have the effect that they used to and if you do not structure your information in the right way reporters will not take the time to read your email. We show you the proven system that we have learned from our experience in Public Relations.

The PR Blueprint takes you through the 5 day PR launch plan in language any business professional can understand. We show you our strategic and measurable approach to PR and Media Relations that uses online tools to track and measure the return on your time and money.

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Tags: Startups, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Public Relations

A PR Girl's Guide to Maximizing Your Networking Efforts
Publicly Related
May 12, 2013
If you’re not an entrepreneur or in a sales position,
is networking worth your time?

That answer depends on your personal goals, although my guess is that networking will prove beneficial.

Here are a few facts about networking:

•On average, 60-80% of all job and internship offers come from networking
•By going to the right events, you are likely to hear about new opportunities, find mentors, and meet people who otherwise may not be able to access
•Networking is a great way to increase your professional visibility

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Tags: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Public Relations

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