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Frank Mattes

CEO at Lean Scaleup

Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Area, Germany

Generate business impact from innovation I Advisor (up to Fortune 10) I Author I Thought Leader I Speaker I Founder

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Open Innovation
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Aerospace & Defense
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Building Materials, Clay & Glass
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High Tech & Electronics
Metal Products
Oil & Gas
Professional Services
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2 Books
Lean Scaleup: A proven framework for building new businesses from innovation.
innovation-3 UG
May 10, 2021
Companies struggle dramatically in building new businesses from innovation. 85-90 percent of corporate startups die after the "Minimum Viable Product" stage.

Why is this so? What is the solution? How can companies improve?
This book provides the answers.

It is written by Frank Mattes, who has decades of experience in corporate innovation. It has been co-written with more than 20 practitioners and 2 business schools as a practical guide for practitioners – corporate innovation, Digital Innovation, heads of incubators and accelerators, leaders of corporate startups and senior managers.

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Tags: Innovation, Lean Startup, Entrepreneurship

Scaling-Up Corporate Startups
December 21, 2018
This book focuses on one question: How can large companies generate business impact from non-incremental innovation?

We think that the root cause – and hence the Archimedean point for solving the problem –lies in one part of the end-to-end innovation process. Corporates need to think one step further, beyond their explorative innovation units. They need to actively shape the phase that comes after a promising innovation concept has been found and validated.

This book draws on our extensive consulting experience in this space and is co-written with our clients. We assembled a cross-industry ‘Peer Group’ of well-known, large European companies – all of them widely seen as good innovators or even innovation leaders. In the process, the group members analyzed relevant research, shared their Good Practices, developed and validated methodological frameworks and helped each other in Peer Coaching.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Lean Startup



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