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Malcolm Reid

Managing Director at Brison LLC

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Business Continuity 33.50
Cybersecurity 30.55
Leadership 30.19
Risk Management 31.11

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking
Oil & Gas
Professional Services


1 Influencer Award
IFSEC Global- Most Influential in Security & Fire: Thought Leadership Category
IFSEC Global
June 15, 2018
The IFSEC Global rankings are among the most prestigious for the security industry. IFSEC defines ‘influence’ in the following ways:

*Someone who has played a key role in driving technological innovation
*Someone who has been a driving force in changing regulation, standards/guidance or best practice
*Someone whose insights/opinions are widely respected and which are influential in shaping debate around industry issues
*Someone who has been instrumental in the success of the organization or business they lead or are employed by
*Someone who has helped to raise the industry’s profile or been an influential voice in the national media

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Tags: Cybersecurity, Leadership

1 Keynote
The Leading Risks to Museums and Enterprise Security Risk Management for Cultural Properties
June 20, 2019
Enterprise Risk Management or ERM offers a logical approach to identifying, assessing, monitoring and response planning for both natural and anthropogenic threats to an organization. In the museum environment this is oriented toward the protection of cultural properties. Risks may not always arise within the core functional areas of a cultural property (exhibitions, loans, collection management, visitor services, etc.) but rather most often are issues having to do with the ancillary functions of operating a large, publicly-accessible facility. This presentation will address the application of best practices in an ERM framework for a museum environment, including a discussion on Business Continuity Planning/ Contingency Planning and thereafter exploring some of the top vulnerabilities encountered during museum risk assessments.

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Tags: Business Continuity, Risk Management



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