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Maria Katsarou-Makin Psy.D. CPsychol, HCPC Registered, PCC

Director at Leadership Psychology Institute

Frodsham, United Kingdom

Maria grew up in Lagos Nigeria, has lived and worked in various countries, and while operating globally is based in the UK, where she is the founder of The Leadership Psychology Institute. She has more than 20 years of experience in partnering with senior teams (Middle-level Managers, Management Teams, Boards and CEOs) for several multi-national organizations.
As a Professional in the field of Organizational Development she specializes in providing Organizational Solutions that answer to today’s ever increasing business needs around leadership, managing change and increasing both individuals’ and teams’ effectiveness through the implementation of bespoke Leadership Programmes, Group Dynamics workshops, Executive Coaching. Coming from a multi-cultural background herself and having to negotiate her own path in the corporate world for 13 years in organizations like SCA Hygiene, Johnson & Johnson, Henkel-Ecolab and Diageo, allows her to provide an insight into an organization that is practical, pragmatic and challenging. Her achievements include the effective leading of various HR initiatives, the successful introduction of various HR & organisational initiatives and action as a catalyst for organizational change, as well as leading multi-cultural leadership programs in Greece, Germany, South Africa, Eastern Europe and Turkey.
She has a BA in Management and Organizational Behaviour, MA in Human Resources Management and an MSc in Psychology. Her Doctorate in Leadership Psychology at William James College (former Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) in Boston gave her the opportunity to specialize further into Leadership Teams and to break new grounds in measuring trust. She holds the Henley Certificate in Coaching, is a member of the Henley Register of Coaches (UK), and is an accredited (PCC) Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF – USA). At the same time she is accredited by The Kantor Institute (MA, USA). She is certified in various psychometric instruments (e.g. MBTI, FIRO-B, CPI, 16PF, etc.) by the British Psychology Society and has also been a tutor in Management courses at The American College of Greece and other Academic Institutions, and delivering workshops, seminars and training programmes to Executives since 2002. Her professional affiliations include the British Psychology Society (BPS) Chartered Psychologist, the International Coaching Federation (ICF, USA) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK) – Fellow Member and the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC – UK) – Registered Member.
Maria has co-authored the book ‘Under Pressure – understanding and managing pressure and stress at the workplace’, published by Marshall Cavendish International (UK). The book has been released in English, Portuguese and Chinese. ‘Factions of A Mind - Understanding the physical and psychological effects of caring’ and ‘Group Dyna-Mix - Investigating team dynamics, from leaders to corporate gatekeepers’.

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3 Books
Group Dyna-Mix: Investigating team dynamics, from leaders to corporate gatekeepers
April 08, 2021
Since the 2008 financial crisis, existing methods of executive leadership have experienced in-depth scrutiny beyond their control. In reference to Patrick Lencioni, to understand teams is to comprehend an "inattention to results, an avoidance of accountability, and a lack of commitment." Executive leaders have been operating through silent, lucrative and confidential team dynamics that are difficult to access, and subsequently difficult to challenge and understand. Dr Katsarou-Makin explores the team-to-trust and trust-to-team relations between executives and their associates - pertaining to the familial relations between these members and their unconventional codes of conduct. Under this umbrella of governance, directors, leaders and corporate gatekeepers operate in teams that are selected and trusted through unorthodox relations which must now come to light. Upon entry, Maria seeks to explore how these teams operate through a collective consensus of trust, the values this trust demands, the actions it produces and the failures it can cause.

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Tags: Leadership, Management

Factions of a mind
September 10, 2020
In suffering the unexpected loss of her husband in the space of three months, Maria has navigated this passing into an honest awakening to the stages of grief. Exploring the changes to one's character, its effects on those around them and the difficulties we face as carers when confronted with the responsibility to manage and comfort our loved one in this process.

In Factions of a Mind, Maria examines our role as the carer. Learning how to manage the responsibilities to this role and the suffering it extends. To thoughtfully and honestly discuss our duty to care. As carers, our obligation to 'care' for the other has inexplicably meant that we do not equip ourselves with the tools and resources to 'care' for ourselves after their passing. Our inability to comprehend their loss and the stages of grief we are experiencing leave us vulnerable and open to further pain.

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Mental Health

Under Pressure - Understanding & Managing the Pressure & Stress at Work
Marshall Cavendish International
January 30, 2011
Everyone needs a certain level of pressure in order to achieve things at work. But when we go beyond pressure, we start to experience stress which is negative, counter-productive and potentially disastrous. Yet stress, especially at work, is a subject that is often ignored because to recognise it can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. This book looks at the challenges facing people in today s fast-moving world where the issues encountered by people at all levels in organisations are unprecedented. It provides practical techniques to help people cope with a much misunderstood but potentially devastating and naturally occurring state: stress. It gives readers a clear understanding of one the most difficult subjects to define and ways to deal with a topic that is usually only recognised when the results are dramatic and potentially damaging.

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Leadership, Mental Health



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Maria Katsarou-Makin Psy.D. CPsychol, HCPC Registered, PCC