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Susana Núria Guerrero López - Visionary Designer

Founder & CEO at ALDStone

London, United Kingdom

Susana is the Founder & CEO at ALDStone Multi Award-winner of ground-breaking Circular Solutions for the Built Environment.

ALDStone is a leader in innovative flooring underlay and wall cladding solutions.

Offering a range of underlay products that enable reusability and circularity of tiles made of stone, carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate flooring among other materials. We serve customers from Europe to Japan and many other countries across the globe.

ALDStone mission is to efficiently provide its novel underlay solutions to as many stakeholders as possible to work on new developments as well as renovations of hotels, stores, offices, housing, hospitals, schools and other spaces, so that we together can build back with a positive impact our economy, social and environmental ecosystem.

At ALDStone we are committed to transforming the built environment sector by enabling other business to become fully circular and so we all together can meet mutual benefits whiles closing the loop for the tiles sector. We work towards building long lasting relationships with business and government. The Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle principles are aligned with ours, we embrace our contribution with ethical design and services adaptation to benefit the economy, the planet and people’s safety, health, and wellbeing.

ALDStone has been awarded and selected for most value within the Advance Materials industry and Smart Building industry by Welp Magazine, Sustainable Build Innovators 2020, Connected Places Catapult Supporting the best SMEs innovating their way through COVID-19, 2020 ADEX, BUILD 2020 Home Builder, Circular Economy Project of the Year 2019 by BusinessGreen Leaders, Best of 2019 Products by Design Journal Recognizing Architecture & Design Excellence, LWARB & Advance London Supporting Circular Business, 1st award EUtop50 Founder for Circular Economy product & service enabler at 10th EIS (European Innovation Summit), Newable Supporting Innovation Business and the 1st ever DIF x CE100 Startup Day 2018 organized by Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Supporting SDGs 3/9/11/12/15/17

Available For: Advising, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: VIRTUAL
Speaking Topics: Novel circular solutions for the built environment and its users, Building material systems enabling tile reuse, Circular Economy in the construction

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2 Industry Awards
Europe is a global leader in foresight, science, technology and innovation
Foresight & Innovation Futures Blog / Rafael Popper (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
November 28, 2018
EUTop50 Founders and Tech Festival
The Summit created the opportunity to engage with Europe’s Future Innovation Leaders at the EUTOP50 Founders and Tech Festival in the heart of Europe.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Startups

Impact Innovators Magazine EUTOP50 FOUNDERS Tech Festival - ALDStone 1st Award winner
Impact Innovators - EUTOP50 edition / Innovators Magazine (OnePoint5Media)
November 22, 2018
Impact Innovators Magazine recent publication and latest edition (click on the link) – this is where you can find stories on the pioneers and innovations transforming our world – highlighting their impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each upcoming quarterly edition will also signpost readers to the key initiatives, programmes and accelerators that businesses/startups/individuals can join to contribute to the delivery of the SDGs.

Communicating cross-sector + societal innovations + ideas impacting the #SDGs - to inspire transformational change at all levels.

Produced in collaboration with Knowledge4Innovation and distributed at EUTOP50 Founders and Tech Festival and European Innovation Summit, European Parliament, Brussels.

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Tags: Innovation, Sustainability, Leadership



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Susana Núria Guerrero López - Visionary Designer