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Alina Tudorache

Iasi, Romania

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Holochain, Web 3.0/Blockchain and Crypto Business Strategist
B2B B2C P2P Consultant

Blockchain Business Strategist, EdTech and FinTech Advisor, Content Creator and Crypto Analyst since 2011

NLP Business Coach / Life Coach
International Trainer
Gamification UX Conceptual Designer
Authentic Happiness Coach
Gerson Lehrman Group Council Member
Online Course Creator
Instructional Designer
International Coaching News Contributor
SEOsiri contributor
Light Miracle Workers Founding Member
Content Designer and Social Media Strategist

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Rarely
Speaking Topics: Blockchain, Gamification, EdTech in Web 3

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1 Advisory Board Membership
Udemy Life Book Udemy Instructor Dennis Smith Interview Udemy Instructor Alina Tudorache
April 19, 2016
Are you an entrepreneur? Or an online instructor?

Check out this video / read here for shortcuts!

Insights about Udemy experience as a Top Instructor, winning quality course-making challenges and more!

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Tags: EdTech, Entrepreneurship, Sales

1 Analyst Advisory
Empowering Sovereignty: The Synergy of DAOs and User-Centric Design in the Blockchain and Holochain Era
Copyright © 2024 by Alina Tudorache
May 05, 2024
1 simple article about the transformative potential of decentralized technologies, focusing particularly on the synergy between DAOs and user-centric design within the Blockchain and Holochain framework. I explore how these innovations empower individuals and communities, fostering a sense of sovereignty, co-creation, and collaboration in digital ecosystems. From the gamification of DAOs to the principles of cosmolocalism, I examine how these concepts shape the future of decentralized governance and collective empowerment.
#DecentralizedTechnologies #DAOs #Holochain #Sovereignty #CoCreation #UserCentricDesign #Gamification #Cosmolocalism #Empowerment #Collaboration

This article aims to shed light on the intersection of technology and empowerment, illustrating how decentralized systems can redefine traditional power structures and enable inclusive decision-making processes. By understanding the principles of sovereignty and co-creation within DAOs, individuals can actively participate in shaping the digital landscapes they inhabit, fostering resilience, innovation, and community cohesion.
#TechnologyEmpowerment #InclusiveGovernance #DigitalTransformation #Resilience #Innovation #CommunityCohesion #blockchain

Through practical examples and insights, I demonstrate how DAO designers, including myself, can leverage these principles to create user-centric ecosystems that prioritize individual agency and collective well-being. By embracing the ethos of cosmolocalism and designing for inclusivity, we can build sustainable and adaptable frameworks that empower users to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.
#UserCentricEcosystems #InclusiveDesign #Sustainability #Adaptability #DigitalEmpowerment #FutureOfTech

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Tags: Blockchain, Design Thinking, Ecosystems

1 Analyst Report
VR, geolocation in 3D Earth metaverses upend gaming, education, commerce
The Yuan
May 24, 2024
Designed for updating your curiosity - Here is your golden ticket to unwrap the secrets of AI and geolocation in our digital world!
It's all in my latest article on The Yuan, ready for you to uncover a treasure trove of insights into how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping our virtual experiences.
What Awaits You:
Discover the groundbreaking platforms and, alongside the immersive game Our World The Game. Together, they're leading the charge in revolutionizing how we interact with virtual landscapes. From hyper-realistic environments to AI-driven innovations, prepare to be dazzled by what's possible.
️ Key Takeaways:
I've had the privilege of interviewing key figures in the industry, giving you an exclusive peek behind the curtain of these groundbreaking platforms. Learn how AI chatbots are customizing virtual adventures, how blockchain is transforming virtual land ownership, and how AI companions are enhancing gaming experiences in real-time.
Why You Can't Miss This:
This is a journey into the future of immersive digital experiences. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a gaming aficionado, or simply curious about the next frontier of digital innovation, this article promises to ignite your imagination and expand your horizons.
Ready to Dive In?
Your ticket to this extraordinary adventure awaits! Click the link below to start reading now and join me on a thrilling exploration into the realms of AI and geolocation magic.
Read the full article:

SPECIAL THANKS TO Max Gershfield and MyLand Metaverse for giving me enough input and insight since January this year!

#AI #virtualreality #blockchain #holochain #p2p #metaverse #gamefi #geolocation #AR #FutureTech #TechInnovation #SpatialComputing #DigitalLandscapes #ImmersiveTech #AIChatbots #virtualworlds #ARgame #ourworldthegame #oasis #mylandmetaverse #nextearth

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Tags: AI, AR/VR, Blockchain

6 Article/Blogs
From Gamified EdTech in Web 3.0 to The Need of Warm Data
Copyright © 2024 by Alina Tudorache
February 11, 2024

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Tags: Blockchain, Design Thinking, EdTech

Life Coaching dot Wealth in a Digital Marketplace
International Coaching News
January 06, 2021

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Tags: Future of Work, Innovation, Management

Latest Trends on Business Coaching: Organisational Entities – NLP Strategy for Knowledge and Visionary Companies
International Coaching News
January 01, 2021

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Tags: Business Continuity, Business Strategy, Change Management

Latest Trends on Business Coaching – Gamification Merging with Coaching
International Coaching News
July 09, 2020

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Tags: Design Thinking, EdTech, Coaching

Dynamics and Mechanics in NLP Coaching
International Coaching News
December 19, 2019

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Tags: Business Strategy, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship

Coaching Entrepreneurial Couples with NLP A Premium NLP Program
International Coaching News
May 09, 2019

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Management, Startups

3 Coursewares
NLP for Entrepreneurs and Managers - NLP Certification 2021
January 01, 2021
PREMIUM #NLP Idea Toolkit to Generate Profit! Unofficial 2021 NLP Udemy Blueprint for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

What to shift to a powerful Business, entrepreneurial and Neuro-linguistic Programming mindset

The EXACT formula for lightning speed recovery from any of the challenges and obstacles life throws your way. Test the quickest way to rewire and reprogram your brain to manifest great success and wealth (anyone can do this!)

Steps you can take to incorporate NLP into your work or passions to boost and launch your ideas

What the core drivers of generating visionary ideas are, and how they relate to NLP - Build your dreams

How to thoughtfully implement the strategies in this NLP Udemy course into your entrepreneurial practices - Practice

How Managers, Business designers, change agents, use visionary thinking strategies.

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Tags: Change Management, Entrepreneurship, Management

Strategic Wealth Generator - NLP Program Level 1*****
October 22, 2015
Start Building Wealth using Sensational Strategies! Unofficial NLP Udemy Generator For Highly Motivated People

What you'll learn
Take Actionable Steps Which Will Lead You To Your Powerful Prosperity Mindset
Boost Your Motivation To Generate Wealth So That You Can Start Immediately With Concrete Ideas And Planning Strategies
Spot Your Major Behavioral Changes And Use Them To Build Your Wealth
Master All The Hacks That Will Help You Take Immediate Financial Action And Generate A Life-Style Change
Build Your Wealth Advantages As You Will Instantly Coordinate Your Excellence In The Right Environment, With A Winner Behavior, Using The Proper Resources
Break Free. Become Financially Independent With This Step-By-Step NLP Program Within Six Months From Now!

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Tags: Business Strategy, Innovation, Management

NLP for Entrepreneurial Couples - Monetize Your Passion Now!
June 17, 2015
Unofficial Udemy NLP Guide for Entrepreneurial Couples! PREMIUM NLP Strategies for relationship and wealth growth!

What you'll learn
Choose the right environment, attitude, skills and persons to work towards you and your life partner’s money project
Shift between different ideas of making money and choose what works for both you and your life partner
Boost your motivation to overcome your limiting beliefs
Spot major behavioral changes to start your money project
Readapt relationships and your daily routine to a new practical way to generate money
Enhance your activities into a coordinated planning regarding investitions of time, energy, work, personal relationship, leisure
Be able to have a strong, proactive and practical, but fun, intimate relationship focused on your money project
Opt-in for a new lifestyle close to your life partner

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Social, Startups

1 eBook
Mastering the Social Media Shift: Your Guide to Web 3.0 Influence
Copyright © 2023 by Alina Tudorache
October 17, 2023
A Premium unique book, first of its kind - about using decentralization to immerse yourself into a disruptive digital experience, using tribes/communities/front-ends, Decentralized Finance and Social Finance to emerge into the new era of Web3.
"Mastering the Social Media Shift: Your Guide to Web 3.0 Influence" is your essential companion for navigating the decentralized era of social media and finance. This ebook unlocks the potential of Web 3.0, exploring the transformative power of blockchain, decentralized influencers, crypto communities, and the rise of cryptopreneurs.

Web 3.0 is reshaping online interactions, and this book is your roadmap to understanding and thriving in this new paradigm. Discover the secrets to cultivating an authentic online presence and building trust within decentralized communities. Learn how to leverage blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and digital currencies to become a true influencer in the Web 3.0 landscape.

One of the key highlights is the exploration of decentralized Social Finance, empowering you to take control of your earnings and eliminate middlemen. Whether you're a content creator, entrepreneur, or simply navigating the Web 3.0 terrain, this ebook provides practical strategies for creating content that resonates with the evolving audience.

The ebook's chapters delve into the impact of Web 3.0 on the digital landscape, the challenges of centralized control in Web 2.0, and the promises of decentralization in Web 3.0. It uncovers the opportunities and advantages of Web 3.0, emphasizing user control, data privacy, and fair compensation for content creators, cryptopreneurs Web3 Marketing positioning, advocacy, building their Web 3 business from scratch and much more.

This comprehensive guide goes beyond theory, offering practical tips and top secrets for success in the Web 3.0 #SocialFi revolution. From embracing transparency and authenticity to mastering decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), the ebook equips you to become a global blockchain force.

The ebook is not just a guide; it's a gateway to empowerment in the user-centric environment of Web 3.0. Uncover the world's most sought-after secrets, from blockchain-powered platforms to thought leadership in the realm of Social Finance.
Are you ready to embark on the transformative journey to becoming a global influencer or one of the strongest decentralized businesses in the dynamic world of Web 3.0?
Join the next chapter of your life, unlock the secrets, and master the art of Social Finance and Web 3.0 marketing with this indispensable ebook.
Your digital influence awaits!

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Tags: Blockchain, Business Strategy, Digital Disruption

2 Keynotes
GamiCon 2023 - Gamification Conference Intro
Copyright © 2024 by Alina Tudorache
January 16, 2024
German edit

I am a designer of opportunities and infinite assets. Everything I create is based on the core belief that the energy of consumers/players/end-users needs to be supported by a fair system of rewards. Energy is the new currency. Just like Data is the new Gold. Therefore, the Gamified designs that I create for the #FinTech, #EdTech, anything in Web 2 and #Web3 relies on a highly rewarding system for those that engage. We live in a time of building communities and tribes, in a digitalized momentum of personal ownership. Gamification culture has to offer the right energy narrative in this context.

#data #gold #energy #gamification #decentralization #digitalization

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Tags: Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Metaverse

Entrepreneurial Couples - NLP Mind Hacks. Tanya Stewart, Esq & Alina Tudorache Interview
January 31, 2016
Alina Tudorache @ The Self-Love Blueprint Summit Interview taken by Tanya Stewart, Esq, life coach, speaker and author.

An interesting approach towards couples building their wealth and dreams together. Prepare to be AMAZED!

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Social, Startups

1 Miscellaneous
Gamification 2021 Integration Design Ideatization - Alina Tudorache Gamification Behavioral Designer
January 14, 2021
Episode #14 How to increase user engagement

A podcast interview by Felipe Tambasco.
Listen to more of Felipe's amazingly transdisciplinary podcast and find out more here: and here:

Alina Tudorache Podcast Interview

1. What is gamification?
2. Tell us some concrete examples of how is gamification used.
3. In case I have a process I want to 'gamificate', how do I do it? What are the steps?
4. What is the psychology behind gamification? How does it work?

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Transformation, EdTech

4 Miscellaneouss
How Warm Data in Web3 SocialFi Can Start Shaping Decentralized Learning Communities
February 11, 2024
How we can use #warmdata in #blockchain and how #decentralization can leverage on that for #SocialFi/#SoFi/#SocialFinance front-ends and #dApps or #hApps on any #Education path.

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Tags: Blockchain, Ecosystems, EdTech

Exploring the Significance of Data as an Asset in Blockchain with Full Ownership Rights
Copyright © 2023 by Alina Tudorache
December 16, 2023
#collectibles #IoB #gold
A short video about:

Unlocking the Power of Data: Why It's an Asset in Blockchain with Full Ownership Rights"


Explore the significance of data in the blockchain ecosystem.
Introduce the concept of data as a valuable asset with full ownership rights.
Highlight how blockchain ensures secure and transparent data ownership.

Section 1: Data as a Valuable Asset in Blockchain

Discuss the value of data in the blockchain, emphasizing its secure storage and sharing capabilities.
Full ownership rights provide individuals control, preventing unauthorized access and manipulation.
Address the importance of data ownership in enhancing privacy and security, especially in the face of increasing data breaches.
Section 2: Monetizing Data through Trading, Selling, and Renting

Illustrate how full ownership rights enable individuals to monetize their data through various avenues.
Explore the benefits and features of treating data as an asset in the blockchain.
Discuss the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in providing full ownership rights for data, allowing secure control and monetization.

Section 3: Benefits and Features of Data as an Asset

Examine the revolutionary impact of NFTs on the data market, empowering users with control over their information.
Highlight the transparency and immutability provided by blockchain in ensuring data integrity.
Acknowledge the potential drawbacks, including privacy concerns and challenges in managing data ownership rights.

Section 4: Real-World Examples and Implications

Explore real-world examples of data as an asset, such as medical records, supply chain information, and financial transactions.
Emphasize how blockchain technology allows individuals to have complete control over their data and selectively grant access.
Discuss the regulatory challenges and ethical considerations surrounding data ownership.

Key points discussed in the video:
The immense potential of data as an asset in the blockchain with full ownership rights.
Recognizing data as an asset not only increases privacy and security but also opens up new opportunities for data monetization.
How blockchain technology enables a transparent and trustworthy system that benefits both individuals and businesses in the digital age.

#data #blockchain #digitalization #smartcontracts #nft #IoT #IoB #web3 #gold #assets #collectibles #privacy #ownership #decentralization

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Tags: Big Data, Blockchain, Digital Disruption

Why Data is The New Blockchain Gold
Copyright © 2023 by Alina Tudorache
December 15, 2023
#collectibles #IoB #gold
Data is often referred to as the "new gold" in the context of blockchain for several reasons, and the idea that it should belong privately to each user is rooted in principles of privacy, security, and user empowerment. Let's explore these concepts:

Value of Data in Blockchain:

Blockchain technology relies on decentralized, distributed ledgers that record transactions across a network of computers. This ledger is often public and transparent, ensuring trust and security.
Data, in the form of transactions, smart contract executions, and other relevant information, is fundamental to the functioning of blockchain networks. It provides the basis for consensus and immutability, making the blockchain a reliable and tamper-resistant system.
Monetization and Control:

In the traditional internet landscape, large tech companies have been criticized for exploiting user data for financial gain. The analogy of data being the "new gold" suggests that, like gold, data has inherent value. In the blockchain context, users should have more control over how their data is used and potentially monetized.
Privacy Concerns:

Blockchain advocates for enhanced privacy and security. As blockchain networks become more prevalent in various industries, there is a growing awareness of the need to protect users' sensitive information.
By owning and controlling access to their data, users can mitigate privacy concerns. Blockchain's cryptographic techniques enable users to selectively share data while maintaining a high level of security.
User Empowerment:

Giving users control over their data aligns with the principles of decentralization, a key tenet of blockchain technology. Users become owners of their information, reducing the dependence on centralized entities that traditionally control and exploit user data.
Through the use of private and public keys, users can authenticate themselves and control who has access to their data, ensuring that they are the ultimate custodians of their personal information.
Security and Trust:

Blockchain's consensus mechanisms and cryptographic features provide a secure environment for managing data. When users have ownership of their data, they can trust the integrity of the information and transactions recorded on the blockchain.
In summary, the notion of data being the "new gold" in blockchain emphasizes the intrinsic value of information in the digital age. Ensuring that data belongs privately to each user aligns with the principles of decentralization, privacy, and user empowerment that underpin blockchain technology. It aims to shift the control and monetization of data from centralized entities to individual users, fostering a more secure, transparent, and equitable digital ecosystem.

#data #blockchain #digitalization #smartcontracts #nft #IoT #IoB #web3 #gold #assets #collectibles #privacy #ownership #decentralization

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Tags: Big Data, Blockchain, Business Continuity

Kred Card
January 02, 2021
Kred Influence Score Card

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Social

2 Panels
Secure Your Future: Investing in Energy and Data to Safeguard Your Financial Assets
October 19, 2023
Alina Tudorache, the main speaker at the Swiss Investors Summit, is a Member of the Investment Committee of Actalize Digital Assets, Geneva, Switzerland.

"I'm Alina Tudorache, one of the Top Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Business Coaching and EdTech 2023.
Over the last 20 years, I've been designing and launching blockchain businesses, gamified FinTech decentralized and centralized applications, Neuro-linguistic premium programs for entrepreneurs and companies, and metaverse systems.
Today, I would like to discuss why data has become the new gold and energy has become the new currency, particularly with respect to utilizing your assets effectively for financial gain.
#AI #blockchain #web3 #decentralization #data #crypto

REMEMBER: You are the economy, you are the energy.

DATA and Energy:
These investments are an investment in the future, requiring foresight, commitment, and patience to cultivate and generate substantial benefits for investors and society as a whole."

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech

Blockchain Gamification Design - Gamifying The Expandability of Human Behavior at GamiCon 2023
Copyright © 2023 by Alina Tudorache
August 21, 2023
Sententia GamiCon48V International Gamification Conference 2023

Alina Tudorache - Designer of opportunities and infinite assets

Named Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on EdTech (2021-2023) and Coaching 2023
International Gamification Designer since 2013
Blockchain and Holochain Business Architect
Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Head of Development
Tokenomics Designer and Consultant

This session encompasses gamification techniques that have been developed since early 2013. Experience tools that are premium and unique in the world, and that have been applied successfully as ideation, design, and implementation in different Tech matrixes, online and offline.

How Gamification functions in Web 3.0 and why with Gamification "Data is the new gold and energy is the new currency."

Deep-dive into gamification design without borders, understand the importance of NLP in Gamification, and depict the most valuable assets in gamification design.

- applications of Gamification design in Web 2.0
- NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in Gamification Design
- Digitalization + blockchain and Gamification Mechanics and Dynamics with neat purposes
- Gamification in the blockchain is both data-centric and agent-centric.
- Tokenize with your communities - Strategies for Gamification Design in decentralized front-ends: How can Gamification design for SocialFi front ends of any blockchain can be done?
- Web 3.0 dapping: Blockchain Gamification design for dapps.
- IMPORTANT: How my Gamified designs are Enacting Ecosystemic Consciousness
- etc.

#NLP #gamification #blockchain #digitalization #tokenization #metaverse #SocialFi #humanbehavior #designthinking #businessstrategy


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Tags: Blockchain, Business Strategy, Design Thinking

1 Profile
The Pros and Cons of Speech Analytics and Sentiment Analysis
Copyright © 2024 by Alina Tudorache
February 28, 2024
This article explores the impact of #AI-driven sentiment analysis and speech analytics on businesses. With advancements in #cognitiveservices, natural language processing (#NLP), and #deeplearningalgorithms , companies can now decode consumer sentiments more effectively. By leveraging #sentimentanalysis and #sentimentanalysis , businesses gain insights into customer behaviors, enhance brand performance, and drive strategic growth. Alongside the benefits, the article mentions potential privacy concerns, biases, lack of transparency, manipulation, overreliance on technology, amplification of negative sentiments, and impact on mental health.
#privacy #data #manipulation #tech #mentalhealth

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Tags: AI, Analytics, Customer Experience

1 Video
Exploring the Intersection of Design Thinking, Gamification, Blockchain and Holochain in Reshaping Behaviors and Internet Cultures
Copyright © 2024 by Alina Tudorache
May 02, 2024
LinkedIn Article with Free Conference Link to my GAMICON 2024 Gamification Conference Session!

Exciting News from GAMICONV48 Gamification Conference 2024!
SPEAKER: Alina Tudorache

Discover groundbreaking insights into adult education at the intersection of blockchain, holochain and gamification! My presentation at GAMICONV48 delves into the fusion of Web 3.0 technology and gamified platforms, revolutionizing how adults engage with learning experiences. From BitDegree to metaverses and Web 3.0 gaming platforms to Giveth's ReFi initiative, explore how these innovations empower lifelong learning, personal growth, and participation in circular economies.

#BlockchainEducation #Web3 #holochain #blockchain #Gamification #LifelongLearning #CircularEconomies #GAMICONV48 #alinatudorache

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Tags: Blockchain, Design Thinking, Metaverse

2 Webinars
Gamification 2021 Integration Design Ideatization - Alina Tudorache Gamification Behavioral Designer
January 10, 2021
Alina Tudorache Podcast Interview

1. What is gamification?
2. Tell us some concrete examples of how is gamification used.
3. In case I have a process I want to 'gamificate', how do I do it? What are the steps?
4. What is the psychology behind gamification? How does it work?

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Tags: Customer Experience, Design Thinking, Innovation

Entrepreneurial Couples - NLP Mind Hacks. Alina Tudorache Interview
May 09, 2016
The Self-Love Blueprint Summit

Alina Tudorache speaking at The Self-Love Blueprint Summit Interview taken by Tanya Stewart, Esq, life coach, speaker, and author.

An Entrepreneurial session for couples based on micro and macro strategies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. An interesting approach to couples building their wealth and dreams together. Prepare to be AMAZED!

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

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