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Timothy Snow

Founder at Digital PR Solutions

Los Angeles, United States

Timothy Snow is a LinkedIn Top 3 Brand Ambassador/Influencer two years 2015-16, hailing from Rhode Island who currently calls Hollywood home. He has his eyes set on moving into the talent management industry, his theory being that existing agencies have become increasingly ineffective soon to be tested as he attempts to provide his personal brand towards services that cover multiple roles, including but not limited to, promotional and managerial.

An Insider into the world of Influencer Marketing, his secret to obtaining his own influence is that he’s kept it secretive without all the pomp and pageantry. Solving problems you don’t know you have in ways that you can’t understand by way of strategic predictability. His total estimated 125,000+ network’s strength is second to none built from the ground up organically and patiently at a time where many others succumbed to turning the industry into a popularity contest, winner was the one with the bigger number, however obtained.

Analytics have finally caught up to the digital age, with more accurate measurement of Digital Marketing and the Key Performance Indicators used within. He's one of the few who has both quantity in reach and quality in creativity. It's called contextual influence.

As real an influencer you’ll ever meet statistically, and is more than happy to help brands regain back some of that which they’ve lost throughout the years to less than transparent advertising agencies and the social influencers they represent.

His message delivered in a quote by Ismael Haniyeh: "Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away."

Air Force veteran who’s returning to Okinawa in January to reunite with his daughter recently reconnected with after more than 20 yrs.

Working closely with singer-songwriter Rei Kennex for the release of her debut E.P. titled, "Mind Game"

I know digital, live digital, and would eat digital if I could. In our industry, I've seen an unfulfilled need that clients weren’t getting working with traditional PR agencies. Search engine results, social media and a strong web presence matter now more than ever. 

SNOW SOLUTIONS’s sole purpose for existing is to provide proven, full-service digital marketing for anyone looking to reclaim their piece of the digital landscape.


Today’s consumers are heavily influenced by information presented on Digital Media. More purchase decisions start online now than ever before.

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4 Article/Blogs
Social Media and The Art of War
December 31, 2020
If ancient military strategist Sun Tzu had worked in social media, he would’ve owned it

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Tags: Business Strategy, Marketing, Social

Portrait of an INFJ
March 08, 2019
I thought I was so weird, so strange…and now it all makes sense. People who have felt like outcasts or oddballs their whole lives discover their personality type and suddenly years of confusion and frustration start to melt away.

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness, Innovation

Under the Influence Marketing part 2
April 28, 2017
Introducing *Strength of Network #SON a proposed KPI capable of measuring an Influencer’s network and their network’s network.

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Tags: Analytics, Marketing, Social

Under the Influence Marketing
November 03, 2016

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Tags: Analytics, Marketing, Public Relations

1 Media Interview
An interview with top influencer marketing influencer, Timothy Snow - Founder of Snow Solutions.
August 08, 2018

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Tags: Marketing

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