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Alain Beland

Ottawa, Canada

I left a 19 year career in law enforcement in 2019 to pursue my dreams. During my career I’ve seen atrocious decisions made by leaders due to a lack of understanding, knowledge, training and education in the field of Leadership. Throughout the years bad leadership cost millions of dollars, reduced performance, created unnecessary conflicts in the workplace, created a “collecting a pay cheque” culture, low employee retention driving up costs in training new employees, low morale and sick leave which lowered productivity, lower productivity translated in loss of profits, mental health issue at all level of the organization.

That’s when I realized that all great things come from great leadership. I’ve found a way that I can truly help people thrive and make a positive impact on the world by creating incredible leaders and an unstoppable work culture that increases profit, productivity, morale, employee retention while decreasing conflict and health issues in the workplace.

I’ve been studying Leadership for the past 24 years and had the opportunity to test what I’ve learned through my studies and my work in law enforcement. I’ve come up with an all inclusive program that is proven to work in some of the most extreme and stressful situations and for any type of leadership positions. The program is made of training, coaching and consulting components. It includes concepts, habits, tools, strategies and tactical approaches. No more paying for three different services looking for one result: Absolute Leadership.

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Alain Beland