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Elise Quevedo

Author, Speaker, Digital Media Storyteller, Advisor at Elise Quevedo

London, United Kingdom

Author, Global Thought Leader, speaker, advisor, and social/digital media storyteller. Ranked among the Top 2% most viewed profiles on Linked In and Top 25 Global sHero Award Winner 2020. Top 100 Piktale Award 2021. Member of Della Leader's Club, Global Tech & Leadership Committee.

Known as "The Digital Ghost Queen" for her behind the scenes work, Elise has inspired audiences around the globe at events such as Codefest in Macedonia, Pioneers in Vienna, Thrillionaire Revolution Global Tour in Australia, Asia, Switzerland, Russia, UK, Cyprus, and Greece, AV Alliance in Budapest, Social Media SuperHero Summit in the USA, DES(Digital Business World Congress) in Madrid where she also serves as Ambassador, Singapore University of Social Sciences and Huawei Connect Europe to name a few. She spends most of her time helping businesses and individuals from C-Level executives to Hollywood stars thrive in cyberspace.

Elise often writes for various digital magazines and as a global thought leader has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Huawei, eBay, and Paypal.

Interests include AI, Digital Transformation, Disruptive technologies, Enterprise & Digital Innovation, the impact of digital learning in the younger generation, Tech 4 Good, IoT, Influencer Marketing, Start-Ups, business, and personal growth and leadership.

She loves storytelling when presenting and writing, and has fused her personal development and entertainment industry backgrounds within the tech world, making sure people understand the importance of keeping their online activities interactive and with a human feel. She created the SMEQ (Social Media Emotional Quotient), which is the art and influence of creating, attracting, and building better business relationships through digital media.

She has been honored in the Top 100 Women of E-Commerce Awards and has been featured in the Entrepreneurs 4 Schools campaign during Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK.

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: London, UK & Spain
Speaking Topics: Social/Digital Media, Motivation, Leadership

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3 Article/Blogs
The importance of on-site website search in customer experience
Elise Quevedo
October 29, 2021
We live in an age where e-commerce websites have evolved from a one pager or just a few categories, to hundreds and thousands of products and services within one domain, so if your on-site website search is not done right, you will lose customers!

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Tags: Customer Experience, Leadership

Using humor during branding campaigns. Who did it best? Spain’s Schweppes or UK’s Burger King?
Linked In Pulse
November 11, 2020
An insight into how some brands kept lockdowns with some humour and fun

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Tags: Culture, Customer Experience, Innovation

Will China lead the Artificial Intelligence game by 2030?
November 10, 2020
2020 was a challenging year, but it has not stopped China from investing in artificial intelligence R&D to achieve this goal.

Did you know the Chinese government wants to overcome its technological rivals and build a national AI industry worth over US$150 billion?

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Tags: AI, Emerging Technology, Innovation

1 Book
Creating a Kick Ass Attitude
March 09, 2011
Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude was created to help you change the way you look at what is important in life. By changing your attitude, your outlook on what matters will be clearer, helping you create the success you deserve. If you are looking for a fun, uplifting and kick-ass way of coaching, look no further! Her leadership and motivational skills are groundbreaking, so get ready to expand your mind. This book is a fun way to start realizing anyone can become successful. Let this book be the start of your success. The start of changing the way you think toward a better future. The start of "Creating a Kick-Ass Attitude" in business and in life.

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Tags: Culture, Health and Wellness, Leadership

3 Media Interviews
Interview With Elise Quevedo, Tech Global Thought Leader, Speaker, Advisor - Building Social/Digital Media Storytelling
January 06, 2021
Elise Quevedo is an author, tech Global Thought Leader, speaker, advisor, and social/digital media storyteller. She has been voted 'Top 100 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter' and is ranked among the Top 2% most viewed profiles on Linked In. Top 25 Global sHero Award Winner 2020. Elise is known as "The Digital Ghost Queen" for her behind the scenes work.

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Tags: Social, Leadership, Marketing

Understanding The Human Side Of Customer Experience In Your Digital Transformation With Elise Quevedo
Yanique Grant
July 21, 2020
Understanding The Human Side Of Customer Experience In Your Digital Transformation

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Tags: Culture, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation

Irish Tech News
December 14, 2016
Tips and insights on social media

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Entrepreneurship, Social

1 Miscellaneous
[Traveltrends] Welcome to the SMEQ with Elise Quevedo
September 03, 2018
The SMEQ (Social Media Emotional Quotient) is the art and influence of creating, attracting and building better business relationships through digital media. We need to understand the importance of keeping our online activities interactive and with a human feel.

In this #travelcast episode, I was pleased to receive Elise Quevedo, Author, Global Key Opinion Leader, Keynote Speaker.

We live in a world where peer to peer recommendation is more important than brand promotion and Elise Quevedo will talk how although we are moving into a world of automation, bots and AI, there are some aspects we still need to keep more personal. Remember that there is still a human being behind pretty much everything we create in the cyber world and by keeping some of those areas more emotional and real, we can make our business grow.

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Tags: Innovation, Marketing, Social

2 Miscellaneouss
Huawei 2020 Annual Report: Challenges & Growth
Huawei Corporate Guest Blog
April 02, 2021
Author and thought leader Elise Quevedo gives her take on the Huawei 2020 Annual Report.

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Tags: 5G, Digital Transformation

The Art of Providing Value to Customers
April 17, 2020
According to Elise, technology needs to focus less on being fancy, it needs to focus more on the value that users gain from it. Even our social media needs to be less about us selling, but more about us providing value to our consumers.

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Tags: AI, Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty

1 Miscellaneous
The Reading Lists
June 01, 2018
A few book recommendations and getting to know Elise a bit more.

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Tags: Culture, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

2 Panels
Panel Intro Paris for young generation
November 05, 2019
Intro of DigitALL Panel Paris

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology, Innovation

Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes an impact in multiple industries
Huawei China
September 19, 2019
Global Thought Leader Elise Quevedo joins Former U.S. City Mayor Glen Gilmore and Huawei’s Chief of Digital Transformation Edwin Diender to discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform lives. Applications range from smart cities, digital inclusion, and improvements in connectivity among others.
What if an AI enabled networked camera is able to save a little girl’s life? This is a great example of how technology can deliver good and positively impact society as a whole. Ken Hu described it best in his opening keynote at `Huawei `Connect 2019, stating one of `company’s ambitious goals is to bring connectivity and its transformative power to 500 million people over the next 5 years.
Learn how everything Huawei offers from a portfolio perspective is interconnected in this informative panel discussion.

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Tags: 5G, AI, Innovation

1 Training
Everything You Need to Know About Achieving 2021 Social Media Dominance in Under an Hour
The Expert Academy
January 01, 2021
In this rapid-fire introductory course she will explain:
- The Social Media Revolution and what it means for you
- The Dos and Dont's of popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube
- The Golden Rules of Social Media and how to Optimise for Success

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Tags: Innovation, Marketing, Social

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