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Michelle Carvill

Director / Founder Digital Marketing Agency at Carvill Creative

Berkshire, United Kingdom


Michelle Carvill MA, FCIM, is a strategic marketer, digital agency founder, consultant, trainer, speaker and five times published author in the marketing, digital and social media space. In 2002 she founded digital agency, Carvill Creative, and over the past 20 years, she has founded a social enterprise, focused on preventative healthcare - The Preventative Healthcare Service and online training provision, The Online Digital Academy.

‘Sustainable Marketing - How to drive profits with purpose’ - is her latest book, published by Bloomsbury, 21st January 2021. Aligned with this, Michelle has developed The Sustainable Marketer course for CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) - to ensure that sustainability is firmly on the marketing education agenda. She has embarked on a Sustainable Leadership course with Nottingham Business School and certified in Carbon Literacy with the Carbon Literacy Trust. She also co-hosts the podcast 'Can Marketing Save the Planet' where she continues the conversation around sustainable marketing. And has developed The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto - calling marketers to commit to taking climate action and to get on board with responsible marketing practice, providing resources and services to support marketers and organisations.

Two of her previous books have been short-listed for The Business Book Awards. Myths of Social Media - Dismiss the Misconceptions and Use Social Media Effectively for Business, published by Kogan Page, March 2020 is short-listed for Best Book in the Marketing category for 2021. Awards realised in May 2021.

Her third book ‘#GetSocial – Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Leaders’, helping leaders to understand social media from a strategic perspective and gain confidence with social technologies and digital transformation was shortlisted for The Business Book Awards 2019 - Leadership Category.

Whilst social and digital technologies continue to pervade our lives and social media is fast becoming a leadership core competence, the need to focus on sustainability has never been more urgent for businesses and marketers. Michelle is focused on both digital education and helping organisations to focus on the sustainable agenda to drive profits with purpose.

In January 2021 Michelle was recognised as one of the UK’s 100 inspirational female business leaders by F:Entrepreneur and Small Business Britain. And in March 2021, she was shortlisted for Digital Woman of the Year by Digital Women and also cited by Business Insider as one of the Top 10 UK Experts in Social Media.

For almost two decades Michelle has championed digital connectivity, educating, implementing, managing, coaching and consulting literally thousands of people across a range of events and organisations, including the BBC, PWC, LinkedIn, ACC, Air Products, West Fraser, WABCO, Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Oxford Farming Conference, PR Week, ICAEW, CIM, IDM, Allbright, Professional Marketing Forum and leading agencies, charities, universities and colleges. Her insights, models, frameworks and know-how are based on years of applied experience, learning, testing, adapting, tuning in and understanding what really works.

Recognised as a genuine thought-leader, she is a regular contributor to BBC Radio, the Institute of Directors, CIM and numerous magazines and trade journals as an expert in the field of social media and digital.

Michelle’s had a career in strategic marketing for over 25 years. And whilst in Michelle’s view, there’s nothing like hands-on experience to truly understand how things work, real-world challenges and how to overcome them, she is a fully qualified strategic marketer, with a MA in Marketing Strategy, a CIM Diploma and a Fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She’s also a Course Director for The Sustainable Marketer course, Social Media Strategy Masterclass and Influencer Strategy.

Her style, whilst no-nonsense, combines provocation, challenge and fun. A communicator with the insight to read an audience and pitch things accordingly to meet specific needs, Michelle has worked with clients around the world both face to face and digitally - across a range of sizes and sectors, professional services, creative, finance, retail, public sector and manufacturing.

To stay sane, grounded and focused amongst all this ‘plate spinning’, Michelle is a yogi. She’s been practising yoga for 28 years - and qualified as a yoga teacher in 2014.

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Speaking Topics: Future of Leadership, Sustainable Marketing, Social Technologies, Cost of Disconnected Leader, How Leaders 'Show Up' in a Digital Age

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6 Books
Sustainable Marketing - How to Drive Profits with Purpose
Bloomsbury Business
March 23, 2021
In the modern age of authenticity and transparency, consumers are no longer content with brands that are dismissive of, or even apathetic to, sustainability. Brands are now expected to convey understanding and concern when it comes to matters such as climate change, carbon footprints and employee welfare. Most importantly of all, they must be genuinely committed to these standpoints – remaining consistent and proactive in their principles. With the rise of more conscious consumers and the belief-driven buyer, organizations ignore sustainability and the spirit of 'doing good' at their own peril.

From three marketing experts with decades of experience between them, Sustainable Marketing delivers the new benchmark for modern marketing. This book clarifies the importance of the sustainable approach before providing a comprehensive guide to implementing, driving and maintaining these practices in any organization. A must-read for any business leader or marketing executive, this is a unique and fascinating blend of academic research and practical case studies that will kick-start and inspire sustainable initiatives.

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Tags: Sustainability, Leadership, Marketing

The Myths of Social Media - Dismiss the misconceptions and use social media effectively in business
Kogan Page
March 05, 2020
Everyone knows that social media is free, millennials are all adept social media experts, that businesses always have to be available 24/7 and ultimately none of it really matters, as the digital space is full of fake news and online messaging is seen as inauthentic. Don't they?

The use of social media as a business tool is dominated by falsehoods, fictions and fabrications. In Myths of Social Media, digital consultant Michelle Carvill and workplace psychologist Ian MacRae dismiss many of the most keenly-held misconceptions and instead, present the reality of social media best practice. Using helpful and instructive, sometimes entertaining and occasionally eye-watering examples of what you should and should not do, Myths of Social Media debunks the most commonly held myths and shows you how to use social media effectively for work and at work.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Marketing, Social

Get Social - Social Media Strategy and Tactics for Leaders
Kogan Page
May 03, 2018
FINALIST: Business Book Awards 2019 - Leadership Category

Business leaders' audiences - their customers, competitors and employees alike - live and breathe social media. In our hyperconnected culture, social media is the glue that allows us to stay connected to communities, products and brands. If your customers are on social media, along with your competition, then shouldn't you be there too? Get Social untangles the social media folklore and gets to the point of how business leaders and aspiring leaders can personally use social media to get real business results. Leaders who use social media platforms right have been shown to be more connected to their customers and employees, they gather major market research advantage by being part of the social conversation and they embody their brand message thus connecting with people on an authentic level.

Get Social guides you through what you need to know about social media, and how it connects to your wider business strategy and the bottom line. Michelle Carvill helps you to identify how you can find your voice through all the different platforms and consistently be the leader you want to be.
Along with a social CEO health check, Get Social offers invaluable templates, content plans and profiles of successful social media savvy CEOs. This book will give you all the tools you need to successfully launch yourself in the social conversation and see immediate results for your career and business.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Leadership, Social

The Business of Being Social
Crimson Publishing
September 04, 2015
A practical guide to harnessing the benefits of the major social media platforms for busy professionals. This fully updated second edition builds on the success of the first to show readers how to create powerful, integrated social media strategies for their businesses, build communities, and communicate effectively and profitably with customers.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Digital Disruption, Marketing

The Business of Being Social
Crimson Publishing
May 24, 2013
A step-by-step guide to using social media to grow both your business and your brand. Full of international examples, it covers every aspect of social media with practical advice on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, plus driving traffic to your web site, engaging with customers and building a community.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Marketing, Social

The Business of Being Social - 1st Edition
Crimson Publishing
May 24, 2013
A step-by-step guide to using social media to grow both your business and your brand. Full of international examples, it covers every aspect of social media with practical advice on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, plus driving traffic to your web site, engaging with customers and building a community.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Marketing, Social



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