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Chandan Trehan

Lead at Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Services

Bangalore, India

Business Strategy Consultant with experience in sales and marketing. I've worked with services as well as product-based companies and have led multiple product and service launches. I've expertise in design thinking and have conducted more than 15 design thinking workshops with government, semi-government and private sector companies.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Bangalore
Speaking Topics: Blockchain, Blockchain business models, Ecosystem economy, Design thinking, Organization change management

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Academic 5
Author 13
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Total 24

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Company Type: Enterprise
Business Unit: Business Consulting
Theatre: India

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AR/VR 31.75
Blockchain 31.13
Business Strategy 30.79
Design Thinking
Emerging Technology 30.05
IoT 32.52
Marketing 30.08
Supply Chain 30.15
Digital Transformation
Business Continuity 30.63
Analytics 30.08
Sustainability 30.17

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Consumer Products
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1 Academic Whitepaper
IoT beyond the obvious: Driving value differentiation for cities of the future
October 05, 2018
IoT has changed the way machines interact with humans or other machines. The information that is now available through sensors can mimic that gathered by the human senses to a large extent. This white paper looks beyond IoT and its inherent advantages. It explores how a confluence of new-age technologies can be leveraged to create use cases that go beyond the obvious ones.

The PwC-NASSCOM white paper explores technologies like augmented reality, image processing, speech synthesis, drones etc. and identifies innovative use cases that leverage these technologies along with IoT. These use cases solve some real-world issues and shall help drive value differentiation for the cities of the future.

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Tags: AR/VR, Business Strategy, IoT

7 Article/Blogs
Circular Economy-A revolution in the orbit of sustainability
Efficient Manufacturing
May 17, 2021
My thoughts were featured in a story titled 'Circular Economy-A revolution in the orbit of sustainability' in the May 2021 edition of Efficient Manufacturing Magazine.

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Tags: Blockchain, Business Strategy, Sustainability

Resilient Supply chains
Data Quest
July 23, 2020
Supply chain resilience is the capacity of the supply chains to resist disruption by safeguarding itself through avoidance or containment as well as to recover from such disruptions with minimum impact or even gain advantage from disruptions.
The blog talks about strategies to build highly resilient supply chains with well-defined risk mitigation strategy and recovery capability for both internal and external risks.

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Tags: Blockchain, IoT, Supply Chain

Blockchain: Looking beyond Proof of Concepts
June 29, 2020
t is not hidden, that the industry has seen way too many #blockchain PoCs that never go to production. Are we approaching a state of "PoC fatigue"? To realize real value from technology it is imperative to look beyond Proof of Concepts.
Sharing my thoughts to break the wall between PoC and production.

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Tags: Blockchain, Business Strategy, IoT

Ecosystem Growth Engine
Import from
January 10, 2020
There is a change in the way businesses operated a couple of decades ago to how they operate today. The shift is not just because of the changing business dynamics like globalization, internationalization, shift from product orientation to customer orientation etc. but the new wave of business model

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Tags: Blockchain, Emerging Technology, IoT

Creating aggregate demand, the logical next step to currency demonetization...
November 15, 2016
The 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes had begun to form slightly more than 86% of the total money flow in India; most of the black transactions were being carried out using these notes. As these currency notes cease to remain a legal tender, there shall be a sudden fall in the total money rotating in markets (velocity of money).

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Tags: Business Strategy

Psychological marketing, a goldmine for modern day marketing
July 20, 2016
The Blog covers:-

How the buyers rationalize a purchase (i.e. what they think, feel, reason out before they select your product).
How the buyer is affected by his/her environment while making a purchase (for example how do multiplexes manage to sell overpriced pop corns when everybody knows that it's a rip off).
How are consumers motivated to make a particular purchase and how can a marketing company impress a potential buyer.

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Tags: Marketing, Business Strategy

Keeping the Leak Bleak!
June 06, 2016
Water utilities often face a challenge in keeping the losses at the minimum. In fact keeping the losses confined to a particular ratio is not just a matter of regulatory compliance, it also leads to loss of valuable dollars for the firm. Non-revenue water (NRW), if not kept in close check may lead to massive erosion of the bottom line and slow but steady demise of the company.

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Tags: Analytics, Business Strategy, IoT

2 Speaking Engagements
Blockchain in supply chains
April 22, 2021
Key learnings and outcomes of leveraging the technology to solve pertinent supply chain problems. Technologies to bridge the gap between physical and digital world.

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Tags: Blockchain, Business Strategy, IoT

Impact of Blockchain in Food Sector
World Enterprise Blockchain Conclave
March 19, 2020
In the food sector, consumers today are more informed than ever. As more and more companies claim to be sustainable and organic, it becomes imperative to have a provenance platform to prove the same. Additionally, the boundaries for quality seize to exist only with product manufacturing, they go on to the final state the consumer receives the product in, thus food companies must have complete visibility for the product as it travels across the supply chain.
I'll explain how blockchain can help empower customer and solve the most critical problem in food secotr.

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Tags: Blockchain, Business Strategy, IoT

2 Whitepapers
Resilient Supply Chains-The "New-Normal" for Business Success
Robert Bosch Gmbh
July 01, 2020
Supply chain resilience has been a subject of keen interest for most organizations
today. As the global pandemic continues to manifest itself into its potential size,
it must be noted that the aftereffects of the same shall be seen for much longer
than anticipated. On one hand, it is forcing organizations to embrace digital
technologies and on the other, it has created severe cash-flow challenges.
The whitepaper presents a strategy that can help organizations plan for supply
chain resilience in the long term while solving immediate and most pressing cash
flow issues.

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Tags: Business Continuity, IoT, Supply Chain

IoT beyond the obvious- Driving value differentiation for cities of the future
July 18, 2018
IoT has changed the way machines interact with humans
or other machines. The information that is now available
through sensors can mimic that gathered by the human
senses to a large extent. This white paper, however, does not
talk about IoT and its advantages. Instead, it discusses how
create use cases that go beyond the obvious ones.

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Tags: AR/VR, Business Strategy, IoT



1 Speaker
Building resilient supply chains

Location: Bengaluru    Date Available: August 01st, 2020     Fees: 1

Submission Date: July 30th, 2020     Service Type: Service Offered

Taking steps in the right direction by creating short, medium and long term strategies for building resilience in the supply chain.

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