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Lee Atchison

Owner at Lee Atchison

Renton, United States

Lee Atchison has 32 years of experience and committed his career to architecting and building high scale, cloud-based, service oriented, SaaS applications. He has a specific expertise in building highly available systems.

Lee Atchison is the Senior Director, Cloud Architecture at New Relic, where for the last seven years he has helped design and build a solid service-based product architecture that scaled from startup to high traffic public enterprise.

Lee's industry experience includes seven years as a Senior Manager at At Amazon, he led the creation of the company’s first software download store, created AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and lead the team that managed the migration of Amazon’s retail platform to a service-based architecture.

Lee has consulted with leading organizations on how to modernize their application architectures and transform their organizations at scale; including optimizing for cloud platforms, utilize service based architectures, implement DevOps practices, and design for high availability. This experience lead him to write his book “Architecting for Scale”, published in 2016 by O’Reilly Media.

Lee has become an industry expert and has been widely quoted in publications such as Diginomica, IT Brief, Programmable Web, CIO Review, and DZone. He has been a featured speaker at events across the globe from London to Sydney, Tokyo to Paris, and all over North America.

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Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Seattle, WA
Speaking Topics: Cloud Computing, Application Scaling & Availability, Modern Application Architectures

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4 Article/Blogs
How to Deal with Service Failures, So Your Customer Never Notices
The New Stack
September 05, 2019
It’s simple, really — services call other services and they take actions based on the responses from those services. Sometimes, that action is a success, sometimes it’s a failure. But whether it is a success or a failure depends on if the interaction meets certain requirements. In particular, the response must be predictable, understandable and reasonable for the given situation. This is important so that the service reading the response can make appropriate decisions and not propagate garbage results. When a service gets a response it does not understand, it can take actions based on the garbage response and those actions can have dangerous side effects to your service and your application.

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Agile

5 pain points of modern software development—and how to overcome them
July 31, 2019
Today’s digital savvy customers demand high quality software and websites, and they assume vendors will keep them updated with new features and capabilities. But keeping your customers engaged and satisfied requires agile application development processes and techniques, not to mention software engineers with the skills to leverage the latest development tools, technologies, and methodologies.

As a result, the world of the software developer has become exponentially more challenging. Let’s take a look at five critical pain points for modern software developers and how you can overcome them.

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Agile

5 tips to choose a serverless vendor
July 22, 2019
he global serverless architecture market shows no signs of slowing down with multiple vendors offering their services in a fast-growing arena. AWS, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Rackspace, IBM, Oracle, and CA Technologies are just a few industry names investing heavily in the serverless space.

It’s no wonder that vendors are scrambling for a big slice of the pie: According to KBV Research, the global serverless architecture market is expected to hit US$14 billion by 2024, increasing at a growth rate of 23.4 per cent CAGR during the forecast period.

In Australia, “serverless” is all the rage at the moment with multiple vendors rushing to claim pole position where functions-as-a-service, or FaaS, is fast gaining traction.

It’s critical to note that while developing applications using the FaaS model is a way of achieving a serverless environment, there is confusion over how to choose the right vendor.

Here are five considerations on how to choose a FaaS-serverless vendor to meet your organisational needs.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation

How Service Tiers Can Help to Avoid Microservices Disasters
April 22, 2019
Bringing down an entire application is easy. All it takes is the failure of a single service and the entire set of services that make up the application can come crashing down like a house of cards. Just one minor error from a non-critical service can be disastrous to the entire application.

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Tags: Cloud, IoT

1 Book
Architecting for Scale
O'Reilly Media
July 01, 2016
As web applications grow, two things begin to happen. They become significantly more complicated and hence brittle, and they handle significantly larger traffic volume requiring more novel and complicated mechanisms to handle this traffic. This can lead to a death spiral for an application that can lead to brownouts, blackouts, and other quality of service and availability problems.

This book helps you avoid this death spiral by teaching you basic techniques for building applications that can reliably handle huge quantities of traffic, as well as huge variability in traffic without impacting the quality your customers expect.

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Tags: Cloud, Culture, Digital Transformation

1 Media Interview
Expect serverless to become more mainstream
July 15, 2019
Serverless is a hotly discussed topic right now, and it seems to mean different things to different people. We caught up with Lee Atchison, Senior Director, Cloud Architecture at New Relic to discuss what serverless means to him, how it’s changing the way applications are developed and what implications serverless could have for infrastructure in the future.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation

2 Speaking Engagements
GeekWire Cloud Summit
June 05, 2019
Now in its third year, the GeekWire Cloud Summit will bring together more than 600 engineers, developers, technical leaders and business decision-makers for a deep dive on the future of cloud technologies.

Lee will be speaking at this summit on “Service Tiers”. Service Tiers are a method of handling services that improves availability and manageability of large service-based applications. This topic is straight from his book “Architecting for Scale” as well as from his recent article in The New Stack.

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Tags: Agile, Culture, Digital Transformation

AWS re:Invent
AWS re:Invent
November 26, 2018
Lee is speaking and available for customer meetings and get-togethers at the 7th annual AWS re:Invent conference.

AWS re:Invent is the largest global cloud computing conference. Join us for deeper technical content, more hands-on learning opportunities, keynote announcements, a bigger and better Partner Expo, exciting after-hours events, and the best party in technology—re:Play

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation



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