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Carrie Barclay

President at ASG

Westerville, Ohio, United States

Revolutionizing the way retailers think about real estate – from location to valuation to strategic positioning – I help retail leaders merge traditional methods of reaching customers with new technologies and partner with global retailers and investors to enable effective decision-making to identify strategic business opportunities and secure locations that contribute to long-term success, stability, and profitability.

Known for building strong, iconic brands, I provide the insight required to build a brand’s real estate positioning, strengthen strategic planning, and deliver the tools global retailers must have to leverage their unique strengths and capitalize on new opportunities. I quickly and effectively distill complex information into transformative solutions for retail strategy. With significant expertise in not only transforming companies, but creating impactful and motivated business teams, I encourage change that drives revenue, customer satisfaction, and assets.

• P&L Leadership
• Comprehensive retail strategy development
• Global Brand Marketing & Management
• Retail Innovation

About ASG

ASG is revolutionary in enhancing digital consumer engagement and omnichannel retail platforms, allowing consumers to achieve the desired experience that results in ultimate success for the organization. ASG is the leading provider of outsourced real estate services for retailers. From emerging brands to established retailers, we help our clients optimize their real estate investment through our practices in Analytics and Strategy, Tenant Representation, Store Design & Construction, Lease Administration / Rent Accounting / Audit and Real Estate Technology. ASG optimizes opportunities for growth and launches global powerhouse brands that are recognized worldwide.

Founded in 2002, we have worked with over 100 retailers including Primark, Ann Inc., Tory Burch, Sephora, Express, DSW, ASICS, J.Jill, Lucky Brand, and vineyard vines® among others.

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Speaking Topics: Real Estate Strategy, Real Estate Technology, Lease Administration

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16 Article/Blogs
How Many Brick-and-Mortar Locations Does a Retail Brand Need?
July 29, 2019
Laser-focused on the customer, agile, and capable of making data-driven strategic decisions every time; Ecom Real Estate Expansion

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Tags: Predictive Analytics, Retail, Business Strategy

Middle Retailers Lose to Economics
July 22, 2019
Adjusting to the New Reality in Retail; Economic influences; Fewer shoppers. Fewer households. Smaller families

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Tags: Culture, Retail, Business Strategy

Lessons from the Demise of Payless
May 22, 2019
Portfolio Management; Payless Example; reinvest in and reposition stores; disposing of enough underperforming stores; Payless is going through bankruptcy. Again

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Tags: Analytics, Business Strategy, Retail

Lease Administration: It’s Complicated
May 15, 2019
LADM to the highly technical engine of a car; it performs best when well-oiled and maintained, and as long as everything appears to be working fine, the condition of the engine is largely taken for granted

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Tags: Business Strategy, Management, Retail

Reimagining Retail Success: A Real-Life Portfolio
May 02, 2019
Portfolio Management; Reposition; Case Study; How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table? high payback portfolio strategy that is both measurable and consequential; Performance Analytics; Impact on Capital Investment/Reinvestment in Best Locations

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Tags: Analytics, FinTech, Retail, Business Strategy

Reinventing the Mall
April 29, 2019
New Lease Structures; Pop-ups; Alternative Uses

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Tags: Business Strategy, Culture

The Sky Isn’t Falling and Retail Store Closings Aren’t an Apocalypse
April 17, 2019
Like Blockbuster and Sears, Retailers Die for a Reason; Malls Are Surviving by Reinventing; It’s Not a Retail Apocalypse; It’s a Retail Revolution;

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Tags: Business Strategy, Leadership, Retail

How AI Can Save Retail
April 08, 2019
Shift towards optimization, efficiency, and sustainability places retail at an opportune point in time to benefit from the convergence of future-proofing tools like AI, machine learning, and big data

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Tags: AI, Big Data, Retail

How Mixed-Use Projects Are Benefiting Real Estate
April 04, 2019
Rather than a typical mall, usage is shifting to “live-work-play” design.

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Tags: Culture, Customer Experience, Retail

Retail Is More Exciting than Ever; Only Boring Retail Is Dying
February 28, 2019
Online ecommerce is part of the new retail landscape, but it’s not just because it’s online; Brick-and-mortar locations deliver; Technology creates convenience; Augmented reality enhances experiences

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Tags: Change Management, Leadership, Retail

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Retail
February 27, 2019
AI + machine learning = better experience for customers; AI can reduce costs; AI implementation is a journey; Retail is a quantifiable environment, and AI will play a crucial role in providing the most effective engagement with consumers when done right.

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Tags: AI, Predictive Analytics, Retail

6 Tips to Generate Customer Loyalty
February 20, 2019
Stand for something; Do more; Emotional connection; Create convenience; Encourage conversation; Loyalty Conversation

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Tags: Customer Experience, CRM, Customer Loyalty

Saving Retail with AI and Machine Learning…Or Killing It Softly?
February 19, 2019
Adoption of AI may come at a very high price for retailers without solving any problems – just replicating the ones we already have; we implement AI (and there’s no point in resisting – it is the future of retail) that we find ways to leverage the data to surprise and delight consumers through customized and personalized – but not homogenized – shopping experiences

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Tags: AI, Analytics, Retail

The Future of Retail – One Retail Ecosystem – Is Already Here
February 04, 2019
Physical stores must offer an interactive experience that caters to personalization and aligns with a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. Today’s consumer wants multichannel access points to physical and online goods.

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Tags: Future of Work, Retail, Ecosystems

Free Is the New Retail Crack
January 29, 2019
Free Competition; Amazon; To survive this addiction to free, retailers must understand the psychology of consumers in order to make it profitable to compete

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Tags: Culture, Customer Experience, Retail

The Connected Store Is the Future of Retail
December 11, 2018
What does a connected store look like? The primary component driving the connected store is personalization; Consumers are no longer merely shopping for a product

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Retail

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