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David Henkin

Philadelphia Area, United States

David Henkin is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with a proven record of success in prominent global companies as well as start-ups. An expert in architecting and implementing innovative business strategies and solutions improving performance, profitable possibilities, and developing organizational capabilities through a collaborative-growth approach. He is the author of several books, which include Conversation Innovation, Who Am I? Individual Innovation, and Fixing Work.

David has taught in a top-rated university business school program while also serving as an innovator, consultant, and coach for corporate and nonprofit leaders in the areas of innovation, work design, business and technology, teams, and leadership among others.

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3 Books
Fixing Work: A Tale about Designing Jobs Employees Love
Greenleaf Book Group
September 12, 2023
Most employees are not engaged in their work. Turnover rates are increasing. Productivity is stagnating. Why? Because when designing work, we rarely consider the deep-seated human need for meaningfulness, autonomy, and feedback. Drawing from decades of research, executive and entrepreneur David Henkin and management consultant Thomas Bertels take us on an investigative journey to solve this problem and make work more productive, satisfying, and meaningful.

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Tags: Future of Work, Innovation, Leadership

Who Am I? Individual Innovation
Leading Solutions Group
June 12, 2014
We go through many transitions in life. People, organizations, businesses, and even society itself experiences transitions. Each transition can be perceived on a range of levels through different filters and experienced in different ways. Our ability to advance and achieve through transitions is vital to our growth and well-being. Einstein and countless others have shed light on the path of the individual person - sharing and making the path lighter and brighter for all others. Henkin and Barnes have crafted a tale of transitions relevant to those 10 to 100 including: Students /Parents/ Employees / Counselors / Leaders / With practical, accessible takeaways and an easy-flowing style, Henkin and Barnes invite you into the innovative space/readily set to learn and grow, adapt and evolve. It is a peek into worlds with and without possibilities, missing conversations, real lives, choices and consequences.

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Tags: Health and Wellness, Innovation, Leadership

Conversation Innovation
Leading Solutions Group
November 06, 2006
Organizations are networks of conversations. In this groundbreaking book for executives, managers, coaches and educators, follow a new manager in a large organization, as she transforms her conversational capabilities with the help of an executive coach into an effective, visionary leader. Conversational capability is one of, if not the most important capabilities an individual or organization can possess. It is also the most challenging to measure and improve. From spouses and children in morning routines to bosses, employees and coworkers at the workplace to clients, customers, suppliers, and so on, conversations either rule our days completely or simply serve as clear boundaries to their success or failure. Conversational competency is at the heart of leadership, coaching, mentoring and creating sustainable value. Conversation Innovation is a compelling and engaging text at the forefront of this critically important subject matter. It is suited for corporate, academic and executive coaching audiences.

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Tags: Future of Work, Innovation, Leadership

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