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Chris J Snook

Managing Partner at Launch Haus

Phoenix, United States

Book me at I am driven by opportunity and grounded in experience. We drive innovation and economic futures through a coordinated investment, incubation, and economic development platform that includes our Catalyst Opportunity Zone Impact Fund, and our Sandcastle Fo...

Available For: Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Phoenix, Arizona
Speaking Topics: customer experience, tokenomics, opportunity zones, blockchain, startups, venture capital

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Media Experience: 15 years
Last Media Interview: 06/05/2019

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5 Article/Blogs
In Retail, DevOps is to Experience Like Carbon is to Steel
December 17, 2018
Every retail business that will survive and thrive in the next economy competes firmly and firstly in the realm of 'customer experience'. Rebooting your retail operation begins with understanding that the engine of your profitability is no longer being product-centric, but being customer-centric. This last thirty year shift has not been about e-tailers vs retailers, but rather product-centric vs customer-centric business design. For example, with two clicks any Amazon customer can see the first thing that they ever bought from Amazon, but neither you or Walmart can efficiently tell you the last thing you bought from there. Both operations have tremendous online infrastructure, logistics operations, and physical footprints, but their business processes and organization were built on different paradigms with the latter seeking to catch up.

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Tags: Retail, DevOps

Staying Relevant Means Getting Personal With Your Customers At Scale
October 04, 2017
Getting personal at scale seems like today’s most pressing oxymoron. Historically, the idea of getting personal took an extreme amount of effort and investment in gaining knowledge and understanding of your desired target’s thoughts, feelings, movements, and habits. With the advent of machine learning, AI, data transactions, and science and unprecedented processing speeds, personalization at scale is not only possible but a mandatory initiative for organizational leaders to create and execute a strategy around.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Retail

The Supply Chain Is Becoming A Supply Web Of Blockchains
October 02, 2017
There are virtually no institutions or industries that aren’t facing a mounting risk of major disruption because of digital transformation, blockchain, and infrastructure.

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Tags: Blockchain, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain

#CustomerExperience Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
October 02, 2017
Traditionally our technology stack has served us in connecting our business to a siloed and then shared reality. As customer journeys online and offline have become increasingly more connected at the customer levels, our organizations have had to rapidly adjust and find ways to transform our legacy technology to a more integrated, nimble, cloud-centric, and transparent solution to keep up.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Emerging Technology

The C-Suite's Cheat Sheet to Optimizing Customer Experience
November 18, 2016
This week a client emailed the request below asking for some information on how we think about CX governance and organizational design. I created the content below in response to that and decided it would serve well to repurpose it into a blog for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation

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