Greg Githens

Executive & Leadership Coach at Catalyst & Cadre

Lakewood Ranch, Florida, United States


Greg Githens' book, How to Think Strategically is now available for pre-order. Reviewers have said, "How to Think Strategically is without question one of the most useful books I have read. Greg talks you through the big skills and microskills of strategic thinking. He guides you toward sharpness of thought, ...

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Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: Catalyst Cadre LLC
Theatre: United States

Areas of Expertise

Agile 95.69
Culture 30.45
Design Thinking 65
Future of Work 30.14
Innovation 33.58
Leadership 36.40
Management 30.19
Change Management 36.76

Industry Experience

Engineering & Construction
High Tech & Electronics
Professional Services


3 Article/Blogs
Are you strategic?
May 24, 2019
What to do when someone tells you that you need to "be more strategic." (It is a short excerpt from my book, How to Think Strategically."

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Tags: Leadership, Management

Agile Thinking Habits and Strategic Initiative Leadership
Catalyst & Cadre
January 22, 2014
Transcending the buzz for useful insights.

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Tags: Agile

Five Ways to Add Smart New Voices to the Conversation
Catalyst & Cadre
January 22, 2008
Tips for next generation leaders

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Tags: Future of Work, Innovation, Leadership

1 Book
How to think strategically
Maven house press
July 09, 2019

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Tags: Agile, Design Thinking, Leadership

2 Book Chapters
Rolling Wave
John Wiley
January 22, 2008
Explanation of the rolling wave project planning technique.

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Tags: Agile, Change Management, Innovation

Managing New Product Development Risk
John Wiley
January 22, 2008
Risk identification and management for innovation and new product development projects.

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Tags: Agile, Change Management, Innovation

1 Speaking Engagement
How Storytelling Can Improve Your Strategic Thinking
PMI Minnesota Professional Development Days
September 27, 2018
A heroic quest is where the hero leaves the ordinary comfortable world and travels to a special world. In this presentation, I explain operations (and operational thinking) as the ordinary world and strategy (and strategic thinking) as the special world.

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Tags: Culture, Innovation, Leadership



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Executive & Leadership Coach

Location: Lakewood Ranch, FL    Date Available: May 21st, 2019    Fees: Negotiable depending on durati

Submission Date: May 21st, 2019    Service Type: Service Offered

I work with individuals and groups to help them develop their competencies and apply to real-world issues.

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Greg Githens