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Greg Githens

Executive & Leadership Coach at Catalyst & Cadre

Lakewood Ranch, United States

Greg Githens is an executive and leadership coach who delivers impact to organizations of all sizes and careers. He advances the idea of excellence and wants to banish mediocrity.

His new book, How to Think Strategically is is nearing best seller status. Reviewers have said, "Without question one of the most useful books I have read." "Highly recommended!"

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14 Article/Blogs
Strategic thinking as a skill with Greg Githens
March 18, 2021
The ability to think strategically is something that makes you more promotable and is something you need in order to lead a company. I think most of us would agree on that.

But how do you improve your ability to think strategically?

The short answer is...there’s no shortcut to developing your strategic thinking skills. It takes time, commitment, and, according to Greg Githens, working on specific microskills like curiosity, courage, and dealing with ambiguity. The good news is that strategic thinking is a skill that we can all work on and not just some mystical thing that some people have.

Give this episode a listen to get some ideas on how to improve your strategic thinking starting today.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Leadership

Five tips for speaking truth to power
December 21, 2019
Leadership involves exposing people to new facets of reality and sometimes the facts are presented bluntly. Unsurprisingly, hearing the words “you’re wrong” provokes a defensive reaction.

Speaking truth to power can be dangerous, and many people have experienced the truth of the cliché shooting the messenger. Those in power can and do retaliate with anger when they’re surprised or embarrassed or contradicted.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Leadership

Better Conversations Generate Better Strategy
November 28, 2019
There is strong evidence that conversation is ofttimes a turning point for strategy. Billy Beane’s conversation with Sandy Alderman pointed towards an unorthodox logic that evolved into the underpinnings of the Moneyball strategy. Lou Gerstner’s meeting with Dennie Welsh led to a “mind afire” realization that IBM’s future was a service-centric business model. It’s possible that a conversation between Christopher Columbus and his brother sparked the insight that a voyager could exploit the prevailing winds to sail west and the westerly winds to return.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Leadership

Shumaker Chamber U: Strategic Thinking: A Rare and Valuable Competency
October 29, 2019
Strategic thinking is rare and valuable. Yet, anyone can upskill and competently practice it.

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Tags: Leadership, Business Strategy

Unlearning, learning, and a culture of strategic thinking
July 27, 2019
Organizational culture is relevant to both strategy and operations. Most agree that culture includes a set of shared values (about what is good and bad), beliefs (about the relationships of cause and effect), and assumptions (about the things that can be taken for granted).

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Tags: Design Thinking, Culture

How Map Making and Reading Can Improve Your Strategic Thinking
July 04, 2019
It’s an inconvenient truth that many executives are lost, unable to grasp the essential concepts of strategy, crafting it, or conveying it to others.[i] In addition to orientation, maps help you frame and answer questions like these:

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Tags: Design Thinking

Adjectives tell you something important about strategy
June 04, 2019
Is your strategy good or bad? Clever or stupid? Powerful or weak? Nuanced or generic?

A short excerpt from my book, How to Think Strategically.

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Tags: Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

Are you strategic?
May 24, 2019
What to do when someone tells you that you need to "be more strategic." (It is a short excerpt from my book, How to Think Strategically."

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Tags: Leadership, Management

How to measure business acumen
October 18, 2018
Explains business acumen as L.A.I.D. Literacy, Analysis, Insight, Design

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Tags: Design Thinking, HR, Management

Five Must Know Patterns of Disruption
Catalyst & Cadre
April 22, 2015
Be alert to these five thing

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Future of Work, Innovation

Agile Thinking Habits and Strategic Initiative Leadership
Catalyst & Cadre
January 22, 2014
Transcending the buzz for useful insights.

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Tags: Agile

Achieve, Preserve, Avoid: Another Nifty Technique for Gaining Strategic Perspective
Catalyst & Cadre
July 19, 2013
What do you want to achieve? What do you want to preserve? What do you want to avoid? Three excellent questions and an example.

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Tags: Leadership, Management, Risk Management

Five Ways to Add Smart New Voices to the Conversation
Catalyst & Cadre
January 22, 2008
Tips for next generation leaders

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Tags: Future of Work, Innovation, Leadership

Manage Innovation Programs With a Rolling Wave
Project Management Institute
May 05, 2001
An explanation of an excellent innovation management technique.

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Tags: Agile, Innovation, Management

1 Book
How to think strategically
Maven house press
July 09, 2019

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Tags: Agile, Design Thinking, Leadership

2 Book Chapters
Rolling Wave
John Wiley
January 22, 2008
Explanation of the rolling wave project planning technique.

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Tags: Agile, Change Management, Innovation

Managing New Product Development Risk
John Wiley
January 22, 2008
Risk identification and management for innovation and new product development projects.

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Tags: Agile, Change Management, Innovation

6 Media Interviews
Book Review of How to Think Strategically
Readers Favorite
July 14, 2019
A reviewer highly recommends Greg Githens book.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Leadership, Business Strategy

Summer Productivity Tips to Jumpstart Your Motivation!
Digital Examiner
July 12, 2019
Provided strategic thinking tips: “One of the opportunities of summer is walking in nature. This activity is found to increase the frequency of strategic thinking as the mind relaxes and lets insights to arise. This walk in nature isn’t an idle distraction but rather an investment. If you are avoiding a low-priority project, why is it low priority? Maybe this is an opportunity to kill it off and focus on those projects that support your strategy. Or if it is important but not urgent, maybe it is time to think strategically.”

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Leadership

Why Implementing an Agile Business Model Is More Evolution Than Revolution
CMS Wire
June 25, 2019
As many companies are beginning to move from traditional management to agile management to address business challenges, they should be aware, the process is a slow evolution. There are two principle benefits in implementing an agile business model both of which are equally important in encouraging business leaders to make the jump: speed and flexibility.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Future of Work, Agile

Use the Ladder of Inference to Make Better Decisions
June 18, 2019
Understanding the ladder of inference helps you make informed decisions—rather than relying on your own assumptions and interpretations.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Management, Marketing, Change Management

26 supply chain pros reveal the single most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy
6 Rivers
June 10, 2019
“The single and most effective way to create a winning supply chain strategy is to…Connect it to a winning business strategy. The goal should be for the business to win, not some functional strategy (marketing, operations or supply chain, for example).

The question, then, for managers of the supply chain function is this: What insights can we provide to the business strategy that gives our business a powerful competitive advantage? A good insight can lead to a winning business strategy. Otherwise, you’re left with parity with competition.

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Tags: Supply Chain, Procurement, Management

Ask These 6 Questions Before Collaborating With Another Business
Fast Company
June 08, 2019
Greg Githens was interviewed about the importance of understanding your strategy before collaborating with another business.

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Tags: Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy

1 Speaking Engagement
How Storytelling Can Improve Your Strategic Thinking
PMI Minnesota Professional Development Days
September 27, 2018
A heroic quest is where the hero leaves the ordinary comfortable world and travels to a special world. In this presentation, I explain operations (and operational thinking) as the ordinary world and strategy (and strategic thinking) as the special world.

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Tags: Culture, Innovation, Leadership

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