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Nick Brestoff, M.S., J.D.

Executive Manager at Intraspexion LLC

Sequim, United States

I'm the founder and CEO of Intraspexion Inc. I'm also the sole or lead co-inventor on 8 "deep learning" patents for various uses, e.g., litigation risk prevention. We offer the first patented software system that uses classified text and deep learning algorithms to identify risks, e.g., employment discrimination, from yesterday's batch of emails. With an early warning, in-house counsel can investigation and then advise a control group executive. Thus, the risk may be addressed and nipped in the bud.

That's the game changer: risk avoidance instead of risk management.

The ROI for Intraspexion's system is, at a minimum, $350,000 per lawsuit that's avoided. See my book, Preventing Litigation: An Early Warning System to Get Big Value Out of Big Data, Chapter 4 (Business Expert Press 2015) (endorsed by Richard Susskind).

For my work with deep learning, I've relied on my B.S. and M.S. degrees in engineering from UCLA and Caltech, respectively, and on my J.D. from the USC Gould School of Law, where I was a member of the Law Review. Before Intraspexion and success at achieving eight (8) patents in 2017 and 2018, I was a California litigator (1975-2014).

I married Lois Montague in 1975, and began practicing law. Lois and I are proud to have brought Daniel and Jonathan into the world. Since 2014, when I resigned from the California Bar, Lois and I have lived in Sequim WA, which is in the greater Seattle area.

Family Notes:

My late father Philip was playing violin with an orchestra when he was 14. My late mother, as Dee Parker, sang with Jimmy Dorsey and Vaughn Monroe. She was a Detroit TV star as Auntie Dee on WXYZ from 1950-1956.

My brother Richard is a Professor of Drama at UC Irvine. My late uncle Oliver Crawford wrote three of the Star Trek TV episodes. See his Wikipedia entry.

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2 Article/Blogs
A Lucrative Micro-Niche: Deep Learning
Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute
July 10, 2019
Patrick J. McKenna (also a Thinkers360 member) and I explain that the clients of lawyers and law firms are starting to use deep learning (and blockchain) and that they should learn about these technology advances and think about the opportunities and problems that may arise.

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Tags: AI, Big Data, Predictive Analytics

The First Dot
Intraspexion LLC
March 03, 2019
In this blog, I explain why in-house counsel needs a “first dot” in order to identify a litigation, product or other form of risk. This blog turned out to be the basis for Chapter 10 in my book, AI Concepts for Business Applications, published by Business Expert Press on August 12, 2019.

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Tags: AI, Business Strategy, Risk Management

2 Books
AI Concepts for Business Applications
Business Expert Press
August 12, 2019
I'm a former California litigation attorney with engineering degrees (before law school) from UCLA and Caltech. When deep learning was only promising (in 2015), I thought it had great potential, which turned out to be the case. On July 1, 2016, I applied for my first patent, received it in less than 4 months, and filed for 7 additional patents, all of which were granted. In AI Concepts, I provide my readers with a no math explanation of the breakthrough form of AI known as deep learning.

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Tags: AI, Innovation, Risk Management

Preventing Litigation: An Early Warning System to Get Big Value Out of Big Data
Business Expert Press
August 20, 2015
I wrote the first ten chapters of this book as well as the last ten. All of my writing is still relevant. During the latter stages of the editing process, I saw an article describing renewed interest in neural networks and went up the curve regarding deep learning. Since then, I written eight patent applications for deep learning software systems and all of my applications have been granted (seven in 2017 and one in 2018). These patents have been assigned to my startup and are listed and described at

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Tags: Big Data, Innovation, Predictive Analytics

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Nick Brestoff, M.S., J.D.