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David Pickeral

Head Of Strategy at Sheeva.AI

Washington DC, United States

I am dedicated to realizing the potential of information and communications technology to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, sustainability, intermodality and safety of and between all modes of mobility from the local to the global level. But technology itself is only a start. There must be a solid business model, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, clear governance and the ability to monetize. This is where I excel.

EXPERIENCE: 30 years of industry leadership from Global 500 companies to pre-angel startups, government at all levels, public-private partnerships (PPP / P3), joint ventures and strategic alliances. Deep technical understanding, enterprise management and business execution capabilities combined with 1:1 people skills. Internationally recognized expert on mobility as-a-service (MaaS), smart city, autonomous connected electric & shared vehicles (ACES), mass transit innovation, and radiofrequency spectrum management. Experience with corporate, VC and PE investors. Significant sales, capture, marketing and business development (P&L) responsibility. Worldwide network of C-level and other contacts to engage decisionmakers and stakeholders. Exceptional communicator with academic, publication and public speaking credentials. Politically neutral and committed to diversity in all forms

EXPERTISE: Multimodal / Intermodal Transport Operations, Management, Regulation, Strategy & Planning (Automotive, Highway, Rail, Airport, Maritime) combined with Telecom / IT / ICT / Wireless infrastructure. Financial / Resource Optimization; Leadership & Change Management; Coaching & Mentoring; Marketing & Communications; Teambuilding & Facilitation; Negotiation, Partnerships, P3 / PPP, VC, PE, Privatization, M&A. Parking, CAD, AVL. CAV, Carsharing, EV, Telematics, V2V-V2I-V2x, Big Data, Cloud, PTC, Analytics, AFC, ETC, RUC, ADAS, VMT, AI, M2M, ITS, SDC, Jitney, ODT, ATMS, microtransit, IoT

SITUATION: Open to FT, Fractional, Board or Advisory roles


Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Washington DC (IAD, DCA or Union Station)

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5 Article/Blogs
P3: The Importance of Autonomy
April 13, 2017
I had started out to write yet another Article about public-private-partnerships (aka PPP or P3). In aid thereof, I put together the infographic above which lays out in the most generic way possible the P3 ecosystem. In trying to draft the article itself, however, I became challenged as to what new and / or critical idea I could convey that I had not already done during the now more than two decades of conference presentations, industry publications, white papers, blog posts, grad school theses (yes, that long ago!) wherein I have been discussing this topic. In the end, I decided that my key message here really needed to come down to one specific concept: Autonomy.

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Tags: Mobility

'Tis the Season - for MetroBus Cruising
December 22, 2016
When I returned to Washington after leaving the Navy in the spring of 1993 to attend law school, I owned a 1987 Mazda RX-7 S4 GXL that I had purchased while living in San Diego. While this, my last 'bachelor' car, was perfect for the Southern California environment of twisting coastal drives, long desert straightaways and winding mountain roads—usually at temperatures substantially above freezing—it was decidedly not very suitable for winters inside the Beltway. I recall the first snow in December when I put it in gear to back it out of the driveway, nudged the accelerator and . . . nothing happened, save the spinning of the rear tires. Needing to get to my Torts exam, I quickly trudged a few blocks and was just in time to catch a very weather-resistant looking 13-ton MetroBus on its way downtown.

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Tags: Mobility

Avoiding P4
December 15, 2016
As the the United States of America prepares to Inaugurate its 45th President on 20 January 2017, with the 115th Congress convening for the first time on 03 January 2017, there has, not surprisingly, been a flurry of activity here in Washington and of course all over the world—and perhaps a bit more than usual given the significant change of people and parties this time around. Accompanying this has also been a torrent of words, much of it as might be expected directed at criticism of the incoming Administration's policies.

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Tags: Mobility

SDC - Target Fixation
December 11, 2016
The current debate around self-driving cars (SDC) is analogous to what those of us who have spent time in military aviation refer to as "Target Fixation." Simply put this means being so focused on the ultimate objective that one disregards all other priorities including not getting shot down, hitting the side of a mountain or other immovable object, or even flying right into the target itself.

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Tags: Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles

EVs: Second Time's The Charm
July 23, 2016
Electric vehicles once credibly competed against the internal combustion engine. Now they are ready to face off again thanks to changes in technology, global politics and attitudes

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Tags: Mobility

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