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Lou Diamond, CSP

New York City Metropolitan Area, United States

Keynote Speaker | Growth Connector | Podcaster | Certified Virtual Presenter | Performance Mentor | Best-Selling Author | CEO of Thrive

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Speak Easy: Connect with Every Conversation
September 27, 2022
What if every conversation you had was a great one?

Sometimes, that promising lead turns out to be a bust. That first date doesn’t lead to a second. The sales pitch fails to land the client. But what if they could? What if you knew the steps to “set up” each conversation to increase the likelihood that you connect, engage and win?

Welcome to Speak Easy. Unlike prohibition-era speakeasies―underground bars with secret knocks, where people spoke quietly to avoid detection―there’s no bathtub gin here. But inside these covers you’ll find some of the best-kept secrets of elite interviewers and conversationalists.

Your host, Lou Diamond, is a storyteller, podcaster, and professional speaker who has studied how content can connect and engage audiences. He has analyzed, edited, and broken down thousands of interviews and great conversations. Through him, you now have exclusive access to proven strategies, tactics, and lessons to make more of your conversations lead to great connections.

Discover the mindset you should strive to be in before, during, and after you have a conversation, and how to maximize and continue a great one. Learn how to steer a conversation to connect with prospects; engage with partners, clients and colleagues; and win in business and in life. Find tips, techniques and best practices used by some of the world’s greatest communicators and leaders. Step inside, grab a sto

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Tags: Leadership, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Sales

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Lou Diamond, CSP