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Lori Michele Leavitt

President & Founder at Abrige Corp. - Aligned Momentum

Seattle, WA, United States

Lori Michele Leavitt is "The Pivot Catalyst."

She catalyzes momentum for leaders and teams through keynotes, leadership sessions and peer groups, coaching, consulting and software to sustain alignment and momentum. She has a passion for bringing life to great ideas, and bringing "nimble practices to grown up companies."

She is the author of the "Orchestrating Extraordinary Momentum (The Pivot)" book series. Lori is a confidant to CEOs and speaks on aligned momentum, clarity and culture change. She is also a founder of companies that make life better, including a remote monitoring company bringing cashless vending of potable drinking water to our world and gap assessment that guided major healthcare orgs through HIPAA.

Results from an engagement with Lori is measured by increased unity, commitment, and productivity, healthier financials and valuation, a great place to work and momentum without stalls.

For three decades Lori has guided and supported hundreds of corporate executives and business owners across numerous industries, from start-ups to the Fortune 100. She understands the performance and risk challenges faced by leaders today. She guides leaders in brilliantly orchestrating change, even pivots.

Lori founded Abrige Corp. in 2001, which now operates these trademarked brands:
Aligned Momentum - program and software
10x! - business and leadership private peer advisory groups
The Pivot Catalyst - consulting and coaching services for organizational change

Leadership, Executive Development, Performance Measurement, ROI, Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Alliance Partners, Assessment, Consulting, Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Strategy, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Due Diligence, Information Systems, Innovation.

eMBA, CMA, CFM, CTM, Certified Vistage C-Level Chair, Chief Executive Network Facilitator, Scaling Up/Gazelles "Rockefeller Habits" Coach

Books - Pivot to Clarity: Get Clear, for You. Be Clear, for Others. (2022) & The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum (2017) Available in paperback, hardcover, kindle and audible.

Video clips and podcasts can be found -
- on the "Pivot Catalyst" YouTube channel (

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2 Books
Pivot to Clarity: Get Clear, for You. Be Clear, for Others. (Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum (The Pivot Series))
March 24, 2022
The newest book from The Pivot series (for Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum), offers the transformative power of Clarity -- to get what you envision and expect!

Success Increases with clarity.

Pivot to Clarity is your guide to getting clear and being clear, so that your bold vision and strategy can be brilliantly executed through others.

You are a leader. You are looked to for direction toward an inspiring vision. Are you clear about where you are headed, and why?

You influence and model the way for others. Are others receiving a clear message from you?

Successful people have an edge; they are clear about where they want to go.

Great leaders take clarity a step further; they ensure every person shares clarity on the journey to success, together.

Whether you seek greater personal clarity, or to be a more effective leader, this book will point the way.

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Tags: Leadership, Business Strategy

The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum (Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum (The Pivot Series))
‎ Abrige Corp.
July 25, 2017
You are a leader. You have what it takes to positively influence people. Yet you may find that your business isn't as nimble and good things don't happen continuously, or you fear you are going to lose your nimbleness as your business matures. Good leaders anticipate, poor leaders react. Great leaders orchestrate change to generate extraordinary momentum, and to never stall.

The Pivot introduces four stages of a well-orchestrated Pivot, and identifies six Key Indicators to track, starting now, as you position for a performance breakthrough:

Clarity: get clear and be clear (about strategy, including vision, purpose, values and direction)

Mastery Mindset: open, growing mind

Nimble Decision-making: best next step

Strategic Thinking: play the movie (think through to the likely end before a judgment call)

Talent Adaptability: roles fit strategy

Coaching: manager as coach

This book serves you, the leader, in better orchestrating change and achieving momentum for your business, while creating a great workplace.

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Tags: Leadership, Business Strategy



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