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David Goodman

Palm Beach Gardens, Fl, United States

Doing the Right Thing can lead to a Good Thing!

If 9 out of 10 prospective customers want you to do is the right thing to do....and you make more money by doing might be worth checking out!

If your company cares about the environment and future generations; and wants to be part of the solution; there is nothing that will have a bigger impact on the performance, growth and future success of your company than the Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification program; designed to help organizations benefit from doing good by helping them differentiate and prosper.

Our program, designed and priced for small to mid-sized business (SMEs), uniquely delivers the following values:
• Differentiation from competition, positively impacting sales
• Improved employee health, wellness, attitude and performance
• Improved financial performance (lower costs / higher revenues)
• Improved valuation
• Improved brand image / public image / market influence
• Attract/retain staff
• Energy savings pay for certification cost

How we are different:
• Quality of certification – We certify clients with the world's premier sustainability program. No other program offers the level of benefits to your company. We can certify any organization, be it a for profit or not for profit; be it a tenant or building owner.
• Competitive Differentiation - We promote your pursuit and attainment of the certification, generating Good-Corporate-Citizen goodwill for your business. Certified sustainable organizations are growing faster than their non-certified competitors. The world wants to purchase from certified sustainable organizations.
• Improved Employee Wellness and Performance – For most companies, their biggest cost and struggle is their employees. Our program uniquely addresses this and improves productivity, health and happiness.
• Price / SME Cost Structure – Our program was exclusively built to be priced for small to mid-sized businesses (SMEs).

To discuss our program and its benefits, contact us at 844-722-3937 or

SPECIALTIES: Competitive Edge, Competitive Advantage, Lower Cost / Higher Revenues, Increase Sales, Increase Market Share, Employee Health & Wellness, Employee Performance & Wellness, Stress Management, Staff Retention, Customized Sustainability Certification, Energy Savings

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David Goodman