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Harry Severance

Hixson, United States

Actively practicing clinically plus research; both clinical trials and some basic science. Areas of current research focus include acute cardiovascular presentations and aspects of emerging infectious diseases and preparedness. Administratively, one of my chief current areas of focus is on our healthcare workforce and attempts to address and speak to the dissatisfaction and increasing burnout seen among our healthcare providers, especially frontline healthcare workers.

Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Hixson, TN
Speaking Topics: Workforce/workplace - career changes, pandemic preparedness, clinical CME

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1 Adjunct Professor
Isn't It a Seller's Market for Healthcare Professionals? — Competition for a scarce resource (providers) could improve the workplace
MedPage Today
October 12, 2022
Developing Pathways to address the current healthcare workplace/workforce crisis.

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Tags: Health and Safety, Health and Wellness, Mental Health

7 Article/Blogs
The escalating violence in health care workplaces: a critical problem facing the nation’s health care system
June 02, 2023
Our healthcare workplaces are now the most dangerous places to work in the U.S. with 7%% of all workplace assaults occurring in healthcare and Heathcare workers facing 5 times the likelihood of being assaulted while on the job as compared to other workplaces.

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Tags: Health and Safety, Risk Management, Health and Wellness

“Suits vs Scrubs: The Evolving Healthcare Workplace— The patient pays the ultimate price.”
MedPage Today
April 19, 2023
How the design of increasingly corporate-driven hospital management systems and the massive increase in hospital managers (3,200% in the last 25 years) creates an oppositional healthcare workplace and further contributes to healthcare workers dissatisfaction and burnout - leading to increased departures from the healthcare workplace.

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Tags: Health and Safety, HR, Health and Wellness

An unspoken truth about non-compete clauses in medicine
March 15, 2023
A little discussed but profoundly disruptive aspect of physician non-compete clauses that further contribute to the increasing numbers of physicians leaving heaklthcare.

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Tags: Sustainability, Legal and IP, Health and Wellness

Yet Another Issue Is Disrupting the Healthcare Workplace — Responding to portal messages in "real time" is just the latest assault.!
MedPage Today
January 10, 2023
Current disruptions in the healthcare workplace causing increasing numbers of healthcare workers to quit!

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Tags: Leadership, HR, Health and Wellness

The COVID-19 Vaccine and Reopening the World: What might it look like?
Chattanooga Trends
April 13, 2021

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Tags: COVID19, Culture, Health and Wellness

How the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Work, and Some Current Concerns
February 19, 2019

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Tags: COVID19, Health and Wellness

COVID-19 can offer some silver linings
EP Monthly
February 02, 2019
The current pandemic can prepare us for further downstream events if we learn from this event!

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Tags: COVID19, Health and Wellness, Risk Management

4 Journal Publications
Technology & Innovation
March 08, 2016

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, HealthTech

Feasibility of Combining Serial Smartphone Single-Lead Electrocardiograms for the Diagnosis of ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction.
American Heart Journal
December 31, 1969

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Health and Wellness, HealthTech

Changes in Medical Therapy and Lifestyle after Anatomical versus Functional Testing for Coronary Artery Disease
Am Heart J
December 31, 1969

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Tags: Health and Wellness, HealthTech, Innovation

Smartphone 12-lead ECG-Exciting but must be handled with care.’
Am Heart J.
December 31, 1969

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Tags: HealthTech, HR, Innovation

4 Media Interviews
Accelerating Violence - one of the biggest threats to physicians
Beckers Physicians Leadership
May 23, 2023
Interview with Beckers Healthcare - about my presentations to U.S. Congressional D.C. offices

75% of all workplace assaults now occur in healthcare/. Healthcare workers are 5 times more likely to suffer violence than any other workplace.

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Tags: Health and Safety, Health and Wellness, Mental Health

The less-discussed reason Noncompetes hurt physicians
Beckers Physicians Leadership
April 06, 2023
How Noncompete clauses disrupt families and frequently force physicians to remain in toxic workplaces for the sake of their family dynamics - a condition all to well understood and sought after by employers!

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Tags: Health and Safety, Health and Wellness, HR

"Here's where physicians are investing in 2023."
Becker's ASC Review:
April 03, 2023

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness, HealthTech

7 reasons Doctors are leaving medicine.
September 20, 2021

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Tags: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness

1 Miscellaneous
Burned Out and Hating Your ER Job? Try Something New (Dr. Harry Severance)
Emergency Medicine Workforce on Apple Podcasts
May 03, 2023
Podcast on alternatives for restarting/adjusting one's career and income within healthcare.

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Tags: Health and Safety, Health and Wellness, HealthTech

1 Presentation
Should You Stay or Should You Go? Strategies for stabilizing your current job or migrating to a new career if it’s time to leave.
EP Monthly
June 21, 2022
Recommendations for navigating your current workplace situation, addressing workplace dissatisfaction and burnout as well as making a determination and initial steps for migrating to a new workplace or career.

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Tags: Future of Work, Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness

2 Speaking Engagements
"Long-COVID" Disease - Healthcare and Economic Impacts of this Debilitating Disease
March 14, 2023

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Tags: Sustainability, Business Continuity, Health and Wellness

Should You Stay or Should You Go
Northwest Seminars
May 22, 2022
Adjusting your healthcare career pathway and deciding if/when is the right time to transition or develop a new career or 'side gig'!
Exploring Options for Satisfaction and/or Financial Longevity!

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Tags: Entrepreneurship, Health and Wellness, Startups

1 Video
Heart in Hand
The Learning Channel
June 19, 2019
UNtold Stories of the ER - season 13

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Tags: Health and Wellness

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