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Dr. Christine Sauer MD, ND, INHC, CBHC

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

We can help you to be more successful in your business and your life by using cutting-edge neuroscience techniques to optimize your brain health holistically - in all 5 Dimensions - with our Brain Power System.
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As a Brain and Mental Health Professional, I work with clients to achieve inner peace, optimal health, true joy, and lasting success in their personal and professional lives.
Most of them feel stressed out, anxious, sad, or blue, can't get stuff done, are close to burnout, and are secretly (or openly) struggling with their own mental and physical health.
Maybe they also want to get off some medications and don't know how to do it so they don't suffer awful withdrawal symptoms.
Maybe they are also struggling with memory issues, weight issues, hormonal issues, and other issues affecting their brain and mental health.
I help them to avoid the total breakdown, and then get back to their best life (or a new best life) and, in full alignment with their true passion and purpose, to work/serve their clients, their family, and themselves even better.
If that's you, connect with me over a friendly and informal "virtual cup of coffee or tea": click here:

Short Bio:
I am a German-trained and board-certified (Germany) physician and naturopath.
(family medicine, dermatology, allergology, naturopathy).
After major struggles with my own physical and mental health (including stays in a mental hospital) I made the decision for change.
I applied all I knew to myself and became healthy again.
I then furthered my education in nutrition, gastrointestinal health, orthomolecular medicine (supplements), neuroscience, coaching skills and more and became a Certified Brain and Mental Health Coach (Dr. Daniel Amen MD) as well as a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner (Drs. Ron Ruden MD and Steven Ruden DDS) and finally a Happiness and Success Coach.
As "The Doctor Who KNOWS How You Feel" my clients value the deep personal connection I form with them as well the practical strategies, vast knowledge, and experience I freely share with them.

I am the author of:
"Eating for Vibrant Health and Explosive Energy" (Amazon)
"The F-Word Diet" (Amazon)
Co-Author of:
"Raising the Bar" (Amazon)
"Local Business Mavericks" (Amazon)

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Vitamins for Immune System Support
November 21, 2021
We know that nutrition and immunity are related. Vitamins for Immune System Support have become a staple in many households.

During pandemic times it is more important than ever to use nutrition (food) and nutritional supplements (Vitamins, minerals, Enzymes, Fats and others) to support optimal functioning of our metabolism and our immune system.

This overview article will detail what to use at what stage in the infectious process. Feel free to use the table of content to navigate this extensive article.

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Dr. Christine Sauer MD, ND, INHC, CBHC