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Thinkers360 - Sandeep (Sandy) Muju
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Sandeep (Sandy) Muju

San Francisco, United States

Sandy brings a business growth-oriented techno-commercial background. Building on an advanced engineering technology foundation he has gained extensive senior business management and thought leadership experience, with large global organizations as well as smaller startup organizations driving strategic business architecture, value-chain innovation, and operational improvements while managing change transformation related to people, process, technology, and digitalization.

Technology leadership and business innovation thought leader, he is active in emerging and digital technologies and how they are shaping our future and the transformational impact on global business 4.0 digital models.

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COVID19 30.58
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6 Article/Blogs
The 5th Industrial Revolution – Age of Intelligent Machines
September 16, 2023
A lot of discussion on AI (Artificial Intelligence) lately, particularly Generative AI and its implications for business and society. Stepping back from the doomsday scenarios, let us look at things from the perspective of the 5th Industrial Revolution that we are witnessing.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Innovation, Leadership

DigiOpEx – Six Sigma Journey to Digital
July 24, 2021
The Formal history of the “Six Sigma” movement started with Motorola in the 1980s. While Motorola started by applying the principles to manufactured product defect management, the concept was soon adopted in all of their business management processes.

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Tags: Innovation, Management, Leadership

Third Digital Horizon - Purpose Led Ecosystems
May 16, 2021
The challenges unleashed by the COVID-19 crisis on the global social and business fabric are undeniable. One of the most severely hit sectors has been the commercial aviation industry. The resulting disruptions to the aerospace manufacturing value chain are profound and are being felt across extended supply chains as demand has dwindled. These disruptions are significant and protracted enough to make industry leaders re-evaluate the assumptions in their business plans and recalibrate the future, especially as cases go down, vaccines continue to be rolled out, and the world slowly returns to the new normal.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, Ecosystems

Life Lessons from COVID
May 02, 2021
It would be an understatement to say that the COVID pandemic has caused widespread disruptions to businesses and our personal lives! Whether we realize it or not, each one of us has a role to play individually in getting us all out of this pandemic in good shape collectively.

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Tags: Innovation, Leadership, COVID19

Not Invented Here
January 14, 2021
During the early stages of an organization, often the founders and a few others drive the vision and growth of the nascent and early growth organization. Once the organization has reached a certain critical mass, more people need to be brought into the “management” ranks, and so on. Not all carry with them the founder’s mentality or the experience. Soon, the organization starts to sputter. A lot of focus and energy is spent internally, all the while the external environment continues to evolve. Soon the organization finds itself falling behind newer and smaller organizations with far fewer resources. Does this sound familiar?

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Tags: Innovation, Management, Leadership

Increasing Pace of Innovation: The Innovation Cube Model
AKGEC International Journal of Technology
June 03, 2019

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Tags: Business Strategy, Emerging Technology, Innovation

1 Whitepaper
Neural Ecosystems Driving Next-Generation Aerospace Manufacturing
April 05, 2021

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Ecosystems, Innovation

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