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Emilia D'Anzica

Founder at Growth Molecules

Santa Rosa, United States

Management consultant, board advisor, author, and educator, partnering with companies to create scalable growth & metrics-driven customer programs from onboarding to adoption, renewals, and advocacy. Our team also works with individuals who are seeking to take the next step in their careers. You can find out more at

*Member of the Forbes Council.
*Host of the CS Makeover Show,
Areas of Expertise:

• Company Growth: Building high-impact and measurable full-cycle customer programs across voice-of-customer, renewals, growth, operations, customer education, offshore BPO, support team management, CSAT, and NPS initiatives.

• Career Growth: I help individuals and teams reach new goals through emotional intelligence and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Catalyst Coaching Corner, Mentor.

• Board Advisor:, HeadsUp, Catalyst, Crowdvocate, Customer Success Leadership Network Governing Council, USF MBA customer success advisory Council.

• Speaker + Writer: SaaStr 2020, We are Omie 19, AASCIF19, Unleash19, RD Summit LATAM 2018 & 19, SaastrEuropa 2018, CS Summit 2018, Success Summit Canada 2018, Hiring Success 2018, SaaStr 2017, CS100 2016, Pulse2016 & 2015 & more.


• 2021 Intricately Top 75 Cloud Revenue Influencer | Smart Karrot Top 50 Customer Success Influencers | Global Trade Center Top 100
Successful Women in Business
• 2020 SuccessHacker Top 25 Customer Success Influencer | Survey Sensum Top 100 Global CX Thought Leader
• 2018 Gainsight Top Seven Influential Women in Customer Success
• 2018, 2017, 2016 Mindtouch Top CS influencers & strategists
• 2017 MBA, Honors Distinction, Global Strategy & Competition | PMP® & ScrumMaster® Certified
• 2016 Stevies Award for Customer Service | 2012 Jobvite Customers Award

Other places to find me online:

• Instagram:
• Twitter: |
• YouTube:

Available For: Consulting
Travels From: San Francisco Bay Area

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1 Advisory Board Membership
January 01, 2020
We're on a mission to help sales and revenue teams understand how customers use their products. Businesses have more data than ever about how customers are using their products, but that information rarely makes it to the teams that need it. We built HeadsUp because understanding users shouldn't be this hard. We're working towards a world where data analytics isn't a specialized function, but a resource that's available to every team.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management, Marketing, Business Strategy

1 Analyst Report
Evolving Sales Kick-Offs into Shared Kick-Offs with Marketing & Customer Success
September 19, 2019
When I started my career on the brink of the new millennium, Customer Success really didn’t exist - at least as a career path. Today, Customer Success is not only the 5th fastest growing profession according to LinkedIn, but also where company expansion revenue is being generated at a faster pace.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Customer Loyalty

8 Article/Blogs
Ready for your annual Customer Success Kickoff (CSKO)?
September 22, 2020
Protecting current customer revenue and expanding customer relations have been central for most companies this year after so many new opportunities in the pipeline were put on hold because of the pandemic.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Leadership

Customer Experience isn’t just Tech Jargon.
August 06, 2020
Last week, my partner, Jason, and I celebrated our third year of owning a vacation rental, Sonoma Creek Getaway. Little did we know the experience would be a lesson in customer experience, remodeling, city bureaucracy, and surviving fires, both the 2019 Sonoma fires and the most frightening one for me, the 2017’s Tubb’s fire that we managed to escape, barely. I will write about the escape after we get through the 2020 fire season...don’t want to jinx anything after COVID!

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management, Marketing

My Heart is Pounding in my Neck
July 28, 2020
"I feel like my heart is pounding in my neck. I am so stressed out." Words confessed by a woman I hired years ago and who is now a dear friend. The statement was so profound and suffocating, that I kept thinking back to what her words expressed. A debilitating feeling of losing control is common for women I coach and perhaps likely for men too.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management, Leadership

Surviving Covid-19: 7 books, 2 podcasts & 1 periodical later.
July 21, 2020
There’s no doubt Covid-19 has transformed how people are spending their time. From what I have heard, many are busy binging on Netflix, others have developed an obsession with the news; while many are busy taking up new and old hobbies or a combination of all of the above. Of course, for the suddenly unemployed, finding a job has been a nerve-racking focus. For me, it’s been more miles riding on my bike and feet hiking, more time with my children and partner...and more time to escape to my books.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Customer Loyalty

Why I’m leading a Customer Team at the CRM company shaping the way we work
March 18, 2020
Today, I’m excited to announce I’ve started a new role as Chief Customer Officer at Copper, the leading CRM for G Suite.

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Tags: Customer Experience, CRM, Marketing

Customer Experience: 3 Takeaways from Refresh19
September 06, 2019
It didn't feel like a big sales pitch. Often so many conferences do. The event was packed with great content but maintained a casual vibe. It was held at the Aria in Las Vegas and integrated elements of Indian and America cultures - Indian food at lunch, yoga to unwind, BollyX to embrace a big night of golfing and dancing, and Bollywood dancers at the Golf range created a memorable experience.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Customer Loyalty

Creating Career Paths in Customer Success
January 17, 2019
The Customer Success Association (CSA) continues to grow its resource library. I recently contributed a piece on 'Career Pathing in CS' - it doesn't have to be linear. In my 10+ years of on the ground CS experience and now as an executive coach, I know first hand there are so many opportunities to learn and grow in the profession. As a team leader, you need to enable CSMs to grow with the company or leave. Turnover is high - esp in the Bay Area. Mikael Blaisdell includes some stats on turnover in the profession from his research as well in this piece. How are you keeping your CS teams engaged?

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Customer Loyalty

3 Customer Success Strategy Frameworks to Consider
November 16, 2018
Last year, I created an online community for a company I was working with. After careful review of numerous platforms, we as a team and organization selected Vanilla Forums.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Business Strategy

1 Board Membership
Forbes Coaches Council
Forbes Coaches Council
June 01, 2021
Official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for successful business and career coaches. Members are selected based on their depth and diversity of experience.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, Business Strategy

1 Executive
Emilia D’Anzica: Helping companies build scalable customer success
June 30, 2021
Emilia D’Anzica is Founder of Growth Molecules. Starting her career in Silicon Valley, Emilia has developed a passion for technology, enabling women in tech, and building scalable customer success programs. After leading successful and fast-growth teams at global companies, including Jobvite, WalkMe, and BrightEdge, she obtained her MBA with a focus on Global Competition and Strategy. With her versatile work experience and deep knowledge, she brings vast possibilities for change and growth. An example of how a leader should be, Emilia for years has been helping individuals and teams reach new goals by harnessing the power of emotional intelligence and getting comfortable with getting out of their comfort zone. She has helped companies build customer success from scratch and transformed struggling teams into revenue teams. She has assisted companies to double their NPS and improved CSAT from Sub 50 to 98.5%.

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Tags: Leadership, Management

1 Founder
Growth Molecules
Growth Molecules
January 01, 2018
We help companies build scalable customer success and customer marketing programs. We help individuals grow their careers. Clients include Seeq, Modern Health, Brightmetrics, Talroo, Square, Gainsight, Mavenlink, Givelify, Chorus, and private executive clients reaching out for 1x1 coaching.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Management, Marketing

1 Influencer Award
75 Cloud Revenue Influencers to Follow in 2021
May 26, 2021
In this post, we highlight 75 thought leaders and influencers to follow for those in the cloud revenue space, from companies like AWS, Snowflake, Cloudflare, DigitalOcean, and many more. Check it out below, and be sure to follow their work on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Tags: Cloud, Customer Experience, Management, Marketing

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