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Sally Yazji

Partnerships at FasterCapital

Beirut, Lebanon

Sally is highly interested in startups and in building new businesses that will help change our world.
As someone who is especially interested in the Ed-tech area, Sally has always been enthusiastic about working with startups that make education more fun and accessible.

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Technology

Areas of Expertise

Business Continuity 37.82
Business Strategy
Lean Startup
Management 31.44
Startups 33.37
HR 30.88

Industry Experience

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2 Founders
Team member you need for your startup
Sally Yazji
June 29, 2021
It cannot be stressed enough how your team members - you being one of them - will make or break the business. This human side of the equation is sometimes overlooked and this is what makes it all the more important for you to focus on.

“How do I choose the right team members for my startup?” is a question that every founder should think about seriously enough and then work on continuously. Even if the idea you have is great, even if the market gap is huge, and even if you have the best business plan, it will always boil down to the people who will actually do the tasks that should be done. Not investing enough time, effort, and money into this aspect of the business when starting up is definitely a big mistake many people tend to make while focusing on other seemingly more important aspects.

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Tags: Startups, Management, HR

Approach Angel Invesotrs More Succesfully!
Sally Yazji
June 17, 2021
Finding the right way to approach an angel investor and getting the funding needed for a startup might be a big challenge. You need to first be prepared and second you need to put a lot of time and effort into starting conversations with angels and in making sure the conversation does not die out. This article provides some tips for approaching angel investors.

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Tags: Business Continuity



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