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Emilia D'Anzica

Partner at Winning By Design

San Francisco, United States

Along with the team at Winning By Design, we help companies create growth and metrics-driven sales, customer success and advocacy programs; building distributed and multi-functional teams and customer relationships, that ultimately, combined, lead to expansion opportunities, reduced churn, and referrals. Let's create strategic programs, then operationalize processes that scale. From there, we will apply technology to accelerate growth.

Contact me at to get started on your company's expansion plan.

Areas of Expertise:

• Company Growth: Strategic management coaching & facilitation. Former Board advisor at and
• Customer Success: From sales alignment to customer journeys to creating expansion opportunities.
• Customer Marketing: Advocacy, communities, NPS, & VoC.
• Technology Implementation: CRM, ATS, customer success, support, training, & digital adoption.
• Speaker, Writer: RD Summit LATAM 2018, SaastrEuropa 2018, CS Summit 2018, Success Summit Canada 2018, Hiring Success 2018, SaaStr 2017, CS100 2016, SaaStr 2016, Pulse2016 & 2015 to name a few.


• Named one of the 2018 ‘7 Influential Women in Customer Success’ by Gainsight.
• Named one of the top 2018, 2017 & 2016 CS influencers & strategists by Mindtouch.
• MBA, 2017 Honors Distinction, with a focus on Global Strategy & Competition. PMP® & ScrumMaster® certified.
• Jolt Top 15, Teaching Conflict Resolution, How to Build Successful Customer Channel Success Programs, & Building Customer Success Teams.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: San Francisco

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Marketing 30.09
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COVID19 30.58

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5 Article/Blogs
Surviving Covid-19: 7 books, 2 podcasts & 1 periodical later.
July 21, 2020
There’s no doubt Covid-19 has transformed how people are spending their time. From what I have heard, many are busy binging on Netflix, others have developed an obsession with the news; while many are busy taking up new and old hobbies or a combination of all of the above. Of course, for the suddenly unemployed, finding a job has been a nerve-racking focus. For me, it’s been more miles riding on my bike and feet hiking, more time with my children and partner...and more time to escape to my books.

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Tags: Management, Leadership, COVID19

Creating Career Paths in Customer Success
January 17, 2019
The Customer Success Association (CSA) continues to grow its resource library. I recently contributed a piece on 'Career Pathing in CS' - it doesn't have to be linear. In my 10+ years of on the ground CS experience and now as an executive coach, I know first hand there are so many opportunities to learn and grow in the profession. As a team leader, you need to enable CSMs to grow with the company or leave. Turnover is high - esp in the Bay Area. Mikael Blaisdell includes some stats on turnover in the profession from his research as well in this piece. How are you keeping your CS teams engaged?

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Tags: Customer Experience

3 Customer Success Strategy Frameworks to Consider
November 16, 2018
Last year, I created an online community for a company I was working with. After careful review of numerous platforms, we as a team and organization selected Vanilla Forums.

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Tags: Customer Experience

California is about to require female 'quotas'? for board positions. Ready?
September 08, 2018
I recently learned that California will be the first US state to require women on company boards. After joining two boards in the past year, I felt inclined to share my personal story in seeking board positions and why having women, and people who represent the different buyer personas matter.

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Tags: Customer Experience

Customer Success Matters in Business - MBA Schools are Taking Notice.
August 17, 2018
Business schools today are recognizing the importance of customer success and customer marketing as part of a bigger business strategy. USF recently started offering an MBA program with a concentration on customer success and insights, further confirming the need for schools to put an emphasis on growth through customer relationships. When I went through an MBA program recently, I told the Director of the Program and the Head of Marketing that while the education I received was invaluable, the piece that was missing for me was a lens on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the metrics around success in this business model. We live in Silicon Valley, after all, and SaaS is a massive economic driver here.

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Tags: Customer Experience, Marketing, Business Strategy

1 Entrepreneur in Residence
How to Coach Your Customer Success
Winning By Design
January 15, 2019
There are 10 secrets to being a great leader when it comes to Customer Success. It includes rolling up your sleeves and being a coach and mentor for your team. This four-page overview explains how to be a coach for your team - hint: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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Tags: HR, Leadership, Management



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