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Scott Steinberg

Futurist and Trends Expert

FutureProof Strategies - The Futurist Trends Consulting Firm

Bill Wong, MBA

Principal Research Director - AI and Data Analytic...

Info-Tech Research Group

Thorsten Heller


Greenbird Integration Technology

Samiran Ghosh


unblox Solutions

Muhammad Khurram Khan

Founder & CEO

Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research

Luis Bravo Martins

Chief Marketing Officer


Enrico Molinari

Innovation Manager & Digital Transformation Leader...

CMO GovTech Innovation Manager | University Professor | Top 5 Global Fintech Influencer

Adj. Professor Jason Lau

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Randyl Tabajonda

Founder- R&J Learning Hub

R&J Learning Hub

yvonne Padmos

Motivational LOA speaker


Dr. Ken Ip

Chairman/Board of Director

Asia MarTech Society

Hessie Jones

Co- Founder

MyData Canada

Kai Grunwitz

CEO - Country Manging Director

NTT Germany

Fabio De Pasquale

Group Manager, Digital Business Development & Inno...


Y Lakshmi Prasad (AI,ML,NLP, Deep Learning)

Senior- Director(AI,ML, IoT,Blockchain)

Brane Enterprises Ltd