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Andreas Welsch

Chief AI Strategist

Intelligence Briefing

Roger Smith

SME's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (...

Care MIT

Ingo Hilgefort

Global Product Evangelist


Chris Luxford

Change Agent and Senior Consultant

The ASPIRE! Group, LLC

Noelle Russell


AI Leadership Institute

Lisa Thee (Polvi)

Non Executive Board Member


Shawn Rogers

Vice President Analytic Strategy

TIBCO Software

Gaurav Agarwaal

Senior Vice President | Cybersecurity and Digital ...


Fawad Khan

Cloud & Digital Transformation Leader


Susanne Tedrick

Cloud Infrastructure Specialist


Michael Jennett

Director, CloudBlue Global Platform Strategy

Ingram Micro Cloud

Gary Lynch

CEO, Founder, Management Consultant, Author

The Risk Project, LLC

Fay Arjomandi

Founder & CEO

mimik Technology Inc.

Oscar O'Connor

Founder & Chief Storyteller

Oscar O'Connor & Company Limited

John Martin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Plutus Consulting Group Limited