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Ahmad M. Salih

Cultural Transformation | Digital Transformation |...

Khatib & Alami PTE, Singapore / Heriot-Watt University

Sam Gupta

Principal Consultant

ElevatIQ Inc

Mark Lynd

Head of Digital Business


Antonio Santos

Social Media Business Evangelist


Alex Sharpe


Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

Antonio Grasso

Founder & CEO

Digital Business Innovation Srl

Amenallah Reghimi

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Perx Technologies

Ganes Kesari

Co-founder & Chief Decision Scientist

Gramener | Innovation Titan

Justin Goldston, PhD

Professor of Project and Supply Chain Management

Penn State University

Ralf Ladner

Editor in Chief, Managing Director

CES, Netzpalaver

João Bocas - The Wearables Expert ™

#1 Digital Health Influencer & CEO

Digital Salutem

Alex Goryachev

Chief Innovation Officer specializing in Strategy,...

Dr. Ritesh Jain

CEO/ Founder


Bill Wong, MBA

Principal Research Director - AI and Data Analytic...

Info-Tech Research Group

Dr Djamila Amimer

CEO and Founder

Mind Senses Global

Ricardo Saltz Gulko

Managing Director

Eglobalis - Information - Insight - Innovation - Human Experience Boutique Agency

Michael O'Farrell


The Mobile Institute

Roger Smith

SME's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (...

Care MIT

Pamela GUPTA


OutSecure Inc

Chris Luxford

Change Agent and Senior Consultant

The ASPIRE! Group, LLC